Realme 8 Pro review

29 March 2021

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MobileMann, 31 Mar 2021@Jayeash - Yes , spend some time comparing & also seen ... moreYes! Amen to that!

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MobileMann, 31 Mar 2021@Suraj - Yes you opened Pandoras Box - Take my word - Realm... moreAbsolutely right! You said what i felt all along!
I am glad i bought this early on, not realizing it ll be one off from realme.
I agree with you 100%, they deliberately suppressed 6 pro. Even though they are available in some quantity on flipkart, you are again bang on correct that it wont be available in the future.

@Suraj - Yes you opened Pandoras Box - Take my word - Realme 6 Pro will be absent for next one Month to not cannibalize sale of 7 pro & 8 Pro. ( 2k more for stereo speaker & 65W. Charging for 7Pro BTW. )

Realme 6 Pro is rarely visible since last 8 Months , only once in 1 or 2 sales it was available for 2 - 3 days max and then it again disappears. Whereas Realme X3SZ is ever available with similar config. so you know its "Deliberate" by Realme , they feel the Telephoto will Finish 7 Pro & 8 Pro off. Realme x3sz while have 5x zoom , has a disappointing 64Mp Primary ( With 2x More Noise then 6 Pro & lets forget about night mode on X3SZ ) , so you know why they dont sell 6 Pro as Camera is important selling Point.

You will not get 6 Pro even in Retail Offline Stores , Unless you are lucky.

Yes , Jayeash - Redmi K20 i have heard quite some compaints of screen quality , battery life afterall it was unique phone for xiaomi with pop out cams. But Apart from K20 & K20 Pro other models are good. ( But with case ).

@Jayeash - Yes , spend some time comparing & also seen reviews.
Final Thoughts - The Only thing that Trumps Realme 8Pro over Note 10ProMax is 3x Looseless "Digital" Zoom improved by stacking ( Marginally better photos at 3x & 5x then n10PM ) , & marginally better 108mp ( Which Redmi can improve in updates ) rest all goes on Note10PM side.

But yes Redmi - Xiaomi UI is buggy thanks to heavy customisation (Apple like in MIUI12 ) , whereas Realme has lesser ads & near stock android experience ( If you disable all animations etc. ) , hence you might feel Realme more stable , maybe components are also superior.

Realme 6 Pro is unique as it has a good night mode , proper telephoto ,good 30W Charging etc.

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Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021Hey Suraj since I could not find 128 GB storage version of ... moreHahahaha.. Go for it! Let me know how SD720G holds up with 108MP sensor. Good luck mate!

AnonD-131754, 31 Mar 2021Realme downplayed 6 pro. When released and up until now, h... moreHey Suraj since I could not find 128 GB storage version of 6 Pro I am going with 8Pro , thought about 7pro with its Sony 681 Camera Sensor, Stereo but some of the few credible YouTubers n other mainstream reviews who panned the 8 Pro mentioned concedes the Camera is better than 7pro. Redmi K20 has left a scar on me that I am willing to forgo the very appealing Redmi Note Pro Max. A52 again is 5 K too expensive for its merits.

All this would be so much easier if our E Commerce companies like they do in the USA , UK allowed us to return the product i.e Phones, TV , Gadgets if you don't happen to like them ...

I don't know why, buy when I get to Aliexpress the Realme 8 Pro 8gb/128gb is $250 USD
The Xiaomi note 10 Pro 6Gb/128gb is $309 USD
So at least for my country iam kinda paying more for less ram and slower charging speed which are things that really make a difference.
The difference from the 732G and 720G is virtually nothing, there's is nothing new about this chip, if the 720G is aging, the 732G is on the same boat.
As the poco x3 showed us, 120hz displays don't really go well with mid range chips, the screen is capable but the chips is not, lots of stutter and UI lag.
Also where people gonna use this 120hz ? Gaming on poorly optimized games that the 732G can't get above 28fps? The high refresh screen useless for me
The only thing that iam sad about the Realme 8 Pro is the downgraded fast charging, stereo speakers and selfie camera, otherwise is an excellent phone. Probably gonna wait for an REALME 9 Pro

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Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021Hey I forgot to ask how is your experience with Realme 6 Pr... moreRealme downplayed 6 pro.
When released and up until now, how many phones in the range of 6 pro actually have a telephoto? When it was released phones didn't even had HRR that common, even 720g (i think it was the first one) Then the pandemic hit and so forth.
Flipkart ll start pushing 8 series now over everything. Like they did when 7 came through.
Marketing they say. Hahaha.

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Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021Hey I forgot to ask how is your experience with Realme 6 Pr... moreI am very very satisfied! Used a lotta phones before, but this one is a complete package. The only thing is sunlight brightness is not upto the mark. You ll find that in gsmarena review too. Apart from that it has everything i ever wanted in a phone. Telephoto, HRR etc.. GO FOR IT!

AnonD-131754, 31 Mar 2021Display? Amoled 60hz for 18k??? Redmi note 10 is priced at... moreHey I forgot to ask how is your experience with Realme 6 Pro, r u happy n satisfied, I was so sick n tired of all these OLED screens surroundings me that just like my wishlist Samsung Mini Led I decided to consider 6 Pro but on Flipkart n Realme Website there is sadly no 128 GB version available.

MobileMann, 31 Mar 2021Regarding Night Mode i feel there is really minor differen... moreThanks a lot for the detailed post, well appreciated, on paper n on Account of what you say Redmi 10 Pro Max is superior phone, however I previously had Redmi K20 n that was a very underwhelming experience, on other my teenage nephew has Realme 7 Pro n compared to Redmi K 20 it was so much better in Camera n da display. So taking that into account plus the fact that it would be my secondary phone / mostly used by my 8 year old daughter I am sold on Realme 8 Pro, funnily enough 7 Pro is 2k more expensive.

Regarding Night Mode i feel there is really minor difference in both phones i feel Realme is more in punchy colors whereas Redmi goes for natural , honentsly i feel both 6 pro & 7 pro have better Night Mode as both Xiaomi & Realme have gone for true to life dimmer scenes. I feel Redmi has better contrast then Realme in night photos , so both are really close ( In Night Mode ) so even thought i said realme 8 pro is winner in night its barely just , you will not be far off in Note 10 Pro Max.

5. UWide Cam - Ok in one word - Redmi is killed / drowned Realme because you cant compare a Sony sensor with GalaxyCore sensor , its soft , no detail ( 8 Pro) infact 7 pro , 6 pro has better uWIde cameras. Note 10 promax hands down.

6. Macro - Here again Note 10 Pro max hands down , ok just look at macro specs 2mp vs 5mp , Galaxycore vs Omnivision , Fixed Focus vs Autofocus. It seems realme forgot other cameras.

@Jayaesh - The Point is Redmi Note 10 Pro Max has 1200 nits 120Hz Brighter Amoled display , in Auto Max Realme 8 Pro is around 600 nits , whereas Note10ProM. has 800 nits in AutoMax apart for Hz. Diff., so its definitely is a superior panel. Again its 6.67" vs 6.4" , its slightly bigger. 5 year Old Samung A series came with 650nits FullHD Amoleds.

To other viewers - I reviewed both cams ( Note10PMx. & Rm8Pro ) so they can decide and here -

1. The Basic 12Mp Daylight Photos from Note10PMax is Flagship Grade , the amount of details it captures , even the minutest details , no noise , just excellent 12MP photos which will remind people of Google Pixel camera. It Blows out 8 Pro completely & there is no comparision.

2. 108Mp Photos - Here Note 10ProMax has focussing issues ( Its Good in center ., blurred at corners ) , THe level of details is same on 8 pro & 10 PMx. But 8Pro does not have these focussing issues , therefore 108 Mode 8 Pro is superior , provided Redmi sorts out the focussing issue. ( Xiaomi has drastically improved cam. from Mi 10i ) , both Note10PM & 8 Pro have Poor 108mp shots with wierd oil painting effect at 100% zoom.

3. 3x Looseless Zoom - Here Realme has done a excellent job , and can easily / come close to 8Mp. 3x Zoom lens , the stacking resultings in losing details in complex areas & level of details is Slightly Below Par (Afterall its 108MP image zoom) , but using stacking & AI they have slightly improved the 3x 108mp (12mp) zoom images , but this makes images too soft also the oil painting effect is more prominent here . If you are shooting far of objects its benificial , but for close objects like Garder or Street Shoot , you will not benifit much & results are similar to 108Mp Shots.
In Redmi Note10ProMax , this mode is not properly developed , even 2x zoom is upscaled for 12Mp shots.So 3x zoom goes to RM8Pro. ( One reason why Realme is claiming no phone has our phone cabability in this price range - "Its all about zoom" ).

4. Night Mode - Redmi / Xiaomis night mode is not properly developed , for one it gets absurd ISOs like 7000 - 1100 for normal Night Shots ( Not night mode ) , this results in grainy & Details lost in photos , here Realme 8 pro shoots at 2500 - 4500 ISO provides more stable photos , in Night mode Realme 8 pro does crank up iso to 20000 , but it cleans up noise & image is more clear , whereas Xiaomis night mode is known to be conservative with barely few improvements , this round goes to Realme 8 Pro .

Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021Will I ever use this as my primary phone, no not a chance,... moreAfter your prompting I did a Quick Dekko of A52 n GSM is of the opinion that Redmi note 10 pro , Redmi Note 10 Pro Max ( What a mouthful) havevbetter image quality !!!

Jayaesh, 31 Mar 2021By Display I meant a vibrant n a Sunlight legible Display, ... moreWill I ever use this as my primary phone, no not a chance, once you hop on the flagship bandwagon you become obsessed with them n the peer pressure forces you into it sometimes.

Realme 6 ,7 owners have absolutely no reason to upgrade to 8 Pro, it is one of those seasonal gimmicky sideways number progression games they play, plus the sheer numbers of different phones Realme n Redmi launches is mindboggling, even Samsung has joined the fray with various assortment of S,A ,M etc Series.

AnonD-131754, 31 Mar 2021Display? Amoled 60hz for 18k??? Redmi note 10 is priced at... moreBy Display I meant a vibrant n a Sunlight legible Display, since I am not a gamer n I am someone who never ever noticed the goodness of 120 hertz on my 55 inch CX OLED TV, then what are the chances I will notice it on a 6.4 inch. A52 might have the the OIS but that does not equate to superior image quality, remember I have the S21 plus for flagship image chops.

Having spent Rs 75 k on S21 m Rs 150k on OLED TV every penny matters, what I forgot to tell you this phone mostly will be used by my 8 year old loves clicking random pics

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2021I'm glad I'm a Realme 7Pro owner ( although has n... moreMine has NFC !

AnonD-131754, 31 Mar 2021Display? Amoled 60hz for 18k??? Redmi note 10 is priced at... moreWhat are you talking about, AoD is workin perfectly fine in Realme 7 Pro..