Realme 8 Pro review

29 March 2021

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AnonD-131754, 30 Mar 2021I think a phone has to be literally useless for it to have ... moreDo you by any chance happen to have a Redmi Phone n a Redmi fan ?? Before you or anyone asks I have a Samsung S21 Plus but yes I am planning to buy Realme 8 Pro as mySecondary/ Back up phone.

  • AnonD-131754

I think a phone has to be literally useless for it to have a less than 3 star rating on gsmarena. This one is 3 star. Or even less. Gsmarena cleverly starts the review by saying, incremental updates in different models, incremental differences in different generations, bs! Its a bad phone compared to the competition, period!
Androidauthority had a better review than this.
Gsmarena up your game!

Jayaesh, 30 Mar 2021Have the GSM got the price right , itvis about 279 £ but h... moreTypo :South It is, South I.e South Asia

Have the GSM got the price right , itvis about 279 £ but here in South it is priced at 180 £ for the 6 GB RAM n 128 GB storage version. Consensus here in South n South East Asia is that atleast Camerawise it is one of the better phones under 280£. Also a few credible n famous YouTubers have pegged the phone brightness as 870 nits in Auto/ Sunlight boost mode n in maybe 2% window in HDR it can get as high as 1100 nits.

  • Anonymous

This phone is a scam !!! Their competitors move to less chin while upgrading the display and speakers ..

Meanwhile Realme : lets go backwards.. and bet on camera alone... Lol..

Idk what they want to archive with that price ..

Realme will again use Oppo and Vivo's strategy of getting someone famous to endorse this, therefore inflating the price even further. This strategy has been hurting them since the release of the Realme 6 and 7 series. Now, they are just like its sister companies.

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021Realme is the king of charging technologyCorrection is oppo

OnLyPOCOcAnBeaTaPOCO, 29 Mar 2021Here's the funniest passage from the review: "... morethat first passage made me laugh. they are saying we should not spend a little more on a phone that double or triple the value haha

Here's the funniest passage from the review:

"Then there is the Poco F3 - it is €50 more expensive than the Realme 8 Pro, though the early birds should be able to get it at €300 for a limited time. The F3 impresses with a sleek glass body and a metal frame, a 120Hz AMOLED screen, the second most powerful Qualcomm chip to date - the Snapdragon 870 5G, there are stereo speakers, an equally large battery, and the same RAM and storage. The F3 omits a 3.5mm jack and a microSD slot, and these are the only concerns we have and things that won't stop us from recommending it over the Realme 8 Pro."

This one is good too 🤣:

"So, the Realme 8 Pro is a good and dependable phone, but it's priced a bit too high for its own good. Hopefully, if it gets a price cut, we may consider recommending it before the Realme 9 Pro. But right now, you can and should get one of the better phones for your hard-earned cash."

Haha, so true...

  • Ignatius

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021Since the article refers to the Redmi Note 10 Pro 6 / 128GB... moreWorse in the US. Can't buy any version of the Note 10 Pro on any reputable sites. Though if I'm using a VPN, it's available everywhere. Gave up today and just got the Realme while it was $230.

Flo, 29 Mar 20211000 nits promised in the specs..😂😂😂😂in a $250 phone

  • Flo

Finally, no differences with realme 7 pro. Only the zoom is quiet good but it's the same phone. Realme 7 pro cost around 250 e, so goo for the realme 7 pro. It's a very good phone.

  • Anonymous

Since the article refers to the Redmi Note 10 Pro 6 / 128GB as a possible replacement for the Realme 8 Pro. One question: Why do I only see the Redmi Note 10 Pro 6 / 64GB on sale in Europe. Is the 128GB version it´s only for example for India?

  • Flo

1000 nits promised in the specs..😂😂😂😂

indlvarn, 29 Mar 2021You can see how software is important. Those 3x digital zoo... more*to make photos better

  • NoSense108MP

I have tried to believe GSMArena about the excellent zoom x3 and the later zoom 5 over that and I disagree. Most Youtubers seem to have been strangely favourable to this phone especially in the photography term, when a few have spotted the flaws in the camera. Perhaps GSMArena should take a better look at the photos. If we compare the 12MP photo of the snail with the 108MP one, we should see that brown plant on the top left, to the left of the building: The 108MP one has the same definition, the branches are not well defined, it are blurred. Now look at the bottom right of the snail, you will see some tiny light green plants. Take a good look. You will see the oil-painting effect it has. Yes, I know GSM write about this effect and compare with a Iphone... BUT, again:What does this phone do? It creates photos with the same definition but bigger. Same blurry photos of things at distance but bigger. That's all it does. Not at all comparable to an optical zoom as GSMArena says. Why do I want a 108 megapixel photo if it is exactly the same sharpness as a 12 megapixel photo but in large?

You can see how software is important. Those 3x digital zoom is the best I have ever seen. Sadly phone makers don't make more efforts to make photos by software except of Google.

beep bop boop, 29 Mar 2021im not a fanboy of Realme or any company for that matter. b... moreit is good in-fact very good but it's not that better than something like the note 10 pro, it's VERY close and it doesn't justify buying the phone whatsoever, its like buying a car just because it's cousy in the inside but crap at everything else compared to its other direct alternatives, it doesn't make sense, does it? that's what I'm tryna tell you....

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021Realme is the king of charging technologyYes of course, but the king reduced it from 65W to 50W when it was supposed to at least stay the same

  • Robert

Why there always is battery size and how fast chages itself? IRRELEVANT!
I need to know how log it lasts. If, e.g. S21 ultra in real life is 20% at 14:00 then, for me is not usable...