Realme 8 Pro review

29 March 2021

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  • ubc
  • 31 Mar 2021

I'm glad I'm a Realme 7Pro owner ( although has no NFC , no FM radio )

I can see no feeling to buy Realme 8 Pro.

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    • sxr
    • 30 Mar 2021

    The only thing I like about this phone is the 108 MP camera and Android 11 built in.

      @Davidariyan - Its not alternative to 6 pro , 7 pro is allrounder , but 6 pro apart from LCD ( Its 90hz with 120Hz Touch samling ) it has 2x "Optical"zoom , 8 pro is totally dfferent category just to get 108MP sensor to buyers with some downgrades on 7 pro. Infact each 3 has its own adv. - disadv. & 6pro , 7 pro buyers dont need to upgrade looking at specs. ,

      but yes Redmi Note 10 Pro is better as it has 120Hz Amoled with superb 8mp UWide (Sony) , hence Realme 8 pro is opposed by viewers as its competition is somewhere else.

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        • rmx
        • 30 Mar 2021

        I know its worse value than xiaomi, but why no one complains about samsung phones, and everyone praise them if you compare the realme 8 pro to samsung phone for the same price its actually better, so its not crap, especially compared to samsung

          AnonD-131754, 30 Mar 2021Complain was for the "stars" Not for the review.... moreExcellent one😂😂

            Ramo333, 29 Mar 2021it is good in-fact very good but it's not that better ... moreYes the Dare To Leap is crap

              Absolutely right. This is just alternative of Realme 6 pro.
              The only decent realme mid-range is the 7 pro.

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                • Anurag
                • XNr
                • 30 Mar 2021

                GSMARENA team, please provide full review of Realme X7 Pro also. Thanks in advance.

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                  • GrahamD
                  • nxx
                  • 30 Mar 2021

                  The DARE TO LEAP text is as tacky as it is meaningless. I wish manufacturers didn't do this.

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                    • Sield alte
                    • tx0
                    • 30 Mar 2021

                    Hmm.. so actually this 108 3x zoom were better than Tele lens on realme 6 pro ?

                      No matter the potential, results from nona bayer...bad.
                      Though even with quad bayer a lot depends on processing - the best one so far for low res is from Huawei, as for hi res Vivo.
                      Just to compare, vivo got 2 tele cameras and all fov raw so even as older phone it still outperform likes of this thrice - natural jpeg details, hi res is being hi res, real tele.

                        Why were my comments deleted regarding this phone costing 180 £ in South Asia n the fact that a certain well followed n respected YouTuber Tech Tablets said for the price Phone had good cameras n he measured a max brightness of 890 Nits.

                        Now where did I go wrong, which rule did I violate, where did I transgress ?? I am curious.

                          AnonD-131754, 30 Mar 2021I HAVE A REALME 6 PRO! I AM NOT A "FAN" OF ANYTH... moreLook Mate it is an open forum so let's not dictate who should be posting comments where or who should not.Having got that out of the way it's funny that if not the rival company then it is the owners of previous years models who slag the latest version, when I was looking for S21 plus I was told by so many S20 owners that S21 is pointless upgrade. In the TV world LG C9 OLED owners mentioned that CX was pointless n now CX owners are saying the same about this years model C1. Sometimes they are right n sometimes not.

                          Since I have not yet bought the phone hence I want to know from you whether Realme 8 Pro is a good phone @18k for camera n display, I don't care about processor, stereo or refresh rates...

                          Since I previously had a Redmi K20 n it's display was dim n dull n Camera mediocre so I am bit wary of Redmi.

                          Apologies n thanks in advance.

                            By the comments it seems that some of you switch phones every week...

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                              • AnonD-131754
                              • Dk1
                              • 30 Mar 2021

                              Kaloyan, 30 Mar 2021I don't know, maybe read the conclusion and not the in... moreComplain was for the "stars"
                              Not for the review.
                              Thank you.

                                AnonD-131754, 30 Mar 2021I think a phone has to be literally useless for it to have ... moreI don't know, maybe read the conclusion and not the introductionary page, before comparing us to other sites? Thank you!

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                                  • 8uS
                                  • 30 Mar 2021

                                  "We see no reason why anyone should go for the Realme 8 Pro and not the Redmi Note 10 Pro in this match."


                                    another cr@py phone from realme 😐
                                    except realme , everybody consideres this thing as a downgrade.
                                    if you can't even upgrade chipset+ battery+ display unit how can we consider this phone as a successor/upgrade ?? 👎👎👎👎👎

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                                      • AnonD-131754
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                                      • 30 Mar 2021

                                      Davy Jones, 30 Mar 2021This phone is crap it doesn't have any upgrade over ev... moreThank you!! Happy to know there are people out there who actually speak their minds and don't just brand others as FAN BOYS!

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                                        • mht
                                        • 30 Mar 2021

                                        beep bop boop, 29 Mar 2021in a $250 phoneRead the specs on official website ;-)