Huawei Mate X2 review

05 April 2021

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Dometalican, 06 Apr 2021But Lexar also makes them. Huawei was even willing to give ... moreYep, and so does HP.

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    • 07 Apr 2021

    This does look more functional and better than the Z Fold 2. The outer screen is usable as it’s large enough. I really hope Huawei can do more about its software, but this does have a Widevine L1 cert at least. And unlike what GsmA said, the Mate X2 may actually have HDR10. I have seen a review of the X2 playing Amazon Prime in FullHD resolution.

      I would say it's easily one of the best foldable you can buy IF you don't mind the absence of GMS and an outrageous price tag. No wireless charging, shorter battery life and inferiour display quality compared to Z Fold 2 are definite cons, but personally much more elegant design, lack of crease, consistent refresh rate across the outer and the inner displays, and faster recharge time easily make up for it. The cameras are obviously better in Huawei's usual fashion, and so is performance due to a newer chipset (though there seems to be some compatibility issues with benchmarks used).

      Overall, Fold 2 is better in areas where high end Galaxy phones usually excel, but Mate X2 is surprisingly competitive despite being Huawei's first attempt for in-fold foldable tablet. Great job.

        kek, 06 Apr 2021not really when you consider that they are propietary forma... moreNo matter how you try to spin it, having an expandable storage is factually better than none. End of story.

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          • 07 Apr 2021

          I don't understand why people keep hysterically criticizing Huawei of using proprietary NM card, while they have no complaints about SM card, which is also proprietary. Those people are talking as if it were "good SD card versus evil greedy *proprietary* NM card". The SD card format that other smartphone manufacturers use IS a proprietary format.

            Dometalican, 06 Apr 2021But Lexar also makes them. Huawei was even willing to give ... moreYeah, I suppose it's a con if you compare to micro SD but it's definitely better to have it than have no memory expansion option so compared to other flagship phones I guess it is kind of a pro

              orgasmic, 06 Apr 2021Compare with Fold2, Mate X2 has no sence. Worse display, b... moreYou're completely mistaken. Mate X2 is far better than Z Fold2. Better display (decent 413ppi vs pathetic 373ppi), better chipset (Kirin 9000 vs SD865), better cameras (not even up for debate), better hinge (again, not up for debate), etc.

              Huawei has one-upped their competitor's product in essentially every way. Mate X2 is a solid product!

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                • 06 Apr 2021

                huawei comes with free charger, iphone NOT. i will buy Huawei

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                  • 06 Apr 2021

                  The first *good* foldable. Everything else has notable issues.

                  This one is usable when closed, high end photography for once and when opened doesn't look like two halves.

                  IMO the first mature fordable product.

                  Still has issues (a bit too thick when closed, when compared to a true phone, awkward aspect ratio when opened), but I trust will be solved moving forwards.

                  If every other over foldable was v0.x , this one is truly foldable v1. Can't wait for the foldables v2 that actually both become a smashing phone and a smashing tablet...

                    kek, 06 Apr 2021not really when you consider that they are propietary forma... moreBut Lexar also makes them. Huawei was even willing to give that second SIM/NM sensor to everyone else because they wanted that format to be the new thing (which makes sense considering how much smaller NM is compared to microSD).

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                      • 06 Apr 2021

                      Dometalican, 06 Apr 2021"Con: Huawei insists on using Nano Memory format"... morenot really when you consider that they are propietary format and a expensive one, too.

                      NM was just Huawei's attempt at being greedy back when they launched the P20 and saw success in sales. Luckily, they were shot down.

                        "Con: Huawei insists on using Nano Memory format"

                        At this point, that's better than every Chinese phone, Samsung (now with their flagships anyway...), Google AND Apple. None of those guys offer expandable memory. Chinese phones have dual SIM and ZERO excuse not to offer that option for consumers.

                        This is a solid foldable device whose battery actually is not too bad for what you're getting.

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                          • 06 Apr 2021

                          Compare with Fold2, Mate X2 has no sence.
                          Worse display, battery life, no Google service, more expensive.
                          It looks like a joke Huawei!

                            By far the best booklet style foldable phone made to date. The only one that's actually worth considering a purchase (if it's within your budget of course).

                            This phone has a lot going for it. Excellent design & hardware all around (including cameras). Capable software (lack of GMS doesn't matter to everyone). Out of all the cons mentioned, only the lack of wireless charging is disappointing. All the other things are not moaning material. I certainly like it overall.

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                              • 06 Apr 2021

                              Why do you guys not review 4K at 60fps? When the Mate 40 Pro came out I was happy to see that the Kirin 9000 was the first Kirin to do 4K 60 and wanted to see the results but you guys didn't review it there, nor here with the X2.