vivo X60 Pro review

14 April 2021

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Here, 22 Aug 2021Very true about the parroting part. These people jumping on... moreFrom my experience with my friends most people who criticize have actually used a xiaomi phone, budget to midrange but still xiaomi. 4/6 of my friends said they would not buy again. 2 want huawei, 1 samsung and 1 apple (I stopped them from buying an iPhone 8 last week one day before they planned to order it).

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Acorns, 15 Apr 2021I was a stock Android fan but couldn't resist the abso... moreVery true about the parroting part. These people jumping on the Xiaomi hate bandwagon are usually the ones that never used a new Xiaomi phones. They got influenced by 'influencers and paid reviewers' that have ulterior motive. I do believe these paid reviewers are working for rival brands to discredit Xiaomi, as the higher Xiaomi goes more people will try to bring it down.

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Anonymous, 11 Jul 2021And now everyone one is facing bugs with miui.. Lol😂Found the someone who never use a Xiaomi phone, but only know to parrot the 'MIUI bugs' claim. Go back to your overpriced Vivo and see if they have bugs. Tips: Vivo totally have bugs and almost never get fixed too, so enjoy your Vivo while the rest use Xiaomi and Poco.

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Don't Expect Battery Rest all OK.

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That Virtual Ram is bad .
People used to do that in early days to increase 500MB rams sizes. Aka swap files.
You don't need that especially if you've anything above 6GB of Ram which is more than enough for android apps.
If device is reloading an app that the LMK issue aka bad software.
Increasing RAM and keeping LMK so low is just a gimmick for dumb folks.
Storage is nowhere near DDR4 random r/w speeds.

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Acorns, 15 Apr 2021I was a stock Android fan but couldn't resist the abso... moreAnd now everyone one is facing bugs with miui.. Lol😂

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Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021just try huawei p40 pro Lol without google its a shit.. And outputs dull images. Even if you compare the device.. Still x60 pro has better performace and more acceptable camera output.

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Anonymous, 15 Apr 2021You are right about "fans part " Because one of ... moreyou are kinda wrong, but not that way off.

I DID worked for a certain smartphone brand HQ which is quite well-known for 3 years, and I know for sure that most brands do working together with some research and survey companies to gather insights from the customers.

Most people are simply thinking from the consumer perspective which is very normal. Something about the phone which is actually a big deal for the users and they complained about it actually often times perceived as "a dust" within the company. It's rare for the well-known big brand to do flop decisions, because they predicted the pros and cons about the product positioning beforehand. What users think as a flop, doesnt necessarily mean a flop for the company. Even a short-supply in the market could be done on purpose and the company still could benefit from it, believe or not.

Also most users don't know that some phones are being sold for different purposes for: the company. Yes, in the end it's not about the user, but the company. Not a single one of them produced a phone to please the user, they only care about the business process and how they benefit from it.

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Bought x60 pro by pre order and get gift like luggage, extra year warranty & 1 year screen cracks protection. After few days used, the phone felt down and the screen cracked. 😪So sad. Its because the phone is lightweight, no casing and tempered glass. There is no stocks due to new launched model. Until now, unable to find in physical stores. Just bought from China (shopee) and still not received. Now I know why they give cracks protection warranty. 😅Its because the screen is so sensitive and easy to broke. And now I already redeemed the screen cracks warranty. Haha. 😂Other than that, the camera is superb and battery quite lasting.

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farhan, 18 Apr 2021The best phone for me now.. From huawei mate 10 pro to poco... moreAgreed great phone at this moment

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farhan, 18 Apr 2021The best phone for me now.. From huawei mate 10 pro to poco... morejust try huawei
p40 pro

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farhan, 18 Apr 2021The best phone for me now.. From huawei mate 10 pro to poco... moreWho bothers what you think?

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The best phone for me now.. From huawei mate 10 pro to poco f3 then this..
1. Superb Camera
2. Great Battery Life
3. Great Processor and 15 gb of Ram..
4. Great Display

5. cannot find the case

Image processing on old x30pro is so much better, hi res is another world, wonder what happened.

Vinod Kumar bhasin, 16 Apr 2021I purchased vivo x60 pro.but it was hanged yesterday and to... morehanged? what sort of crimes were performed by your smartphone?

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I purchased vivo x60 pro.but it was hanged yesterday and today I got heated my phone,while receiving call.These two problems I faced in my phone.

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Pro+ = 91h

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021Disappointment over no 3.5mm jack and create inconvenience ... moreYou probably should be complaining about almost every single phone (except don't obv)

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mediocre battery life... just get out from smartphone realm vivo... lol

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I stopped reading. No wonder an x70 is coming. This is sort of like between flagship and mid range, depending how the camera does still processing. It's using an old sensor series, it has no 4kp120 or 8k, only 50mb/s, h264?, 4k. Enough for hood fullhd. Let's get real, and call out these piddling little datarates not suitable for the video mode they are in. The 888 only now gets suitable 4k datarate in the one plus review, and good ifunless it can get that in h265.

The processor is last year tech. I'd rather Qualcomm make a cheap version of the 888 with one or two less cores, or less GPU, and a whacking great big video encoding unit instead, then put that in a phone like this.

The video function having less dynamic range then the stills, might indicate extra processing. The sensor can burst a reasonable framerate which can be stacked, or interpolated together at different timings, to give more HDR, a version of the old multiple exposure scheme. The video mode first have enough extra frame rate left to do this as well. The most you can hope at 4k is dual exposure, which is not as good. But, maybe it's just not using the chips functions completely.

Fir the price, you could go elsewhere. At $400 it would be a better buy, but I would be wanting a better sensor myself, and maybe something with as much video codec datarate as a 888.

A lot of the industry is selling rubbish video at two high prices. $200 old action cam (YI 4k+) can have better datarate then most top end phones, maybe cheaper ones do you now. Yes, that is what a $200 phone should be able to do. That model was hacked to be in the high 100's low 200's. They want probably Ces similar to actual professional cinema cams, which are much much higher quality. The real value of the extra bits in the phone that the cameras don't have an equivalent for, is not much.

Hopefully the x70 can fill the gap.