Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G review

12 April 2021

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AnonD-131754, 13 Apr 2021This might be my next phone IF the 4G model is around the s... moreIt can't be around 20k, that would kill the sales of Mi 10i and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.
This will be priced at above Rs. 25k

IpsDisplay, 12 Apr 2021Honestly this excellent battery life makes me even angrier ... moreIt's supposed to be thin and Lite as opposed to their bulky flagships offerings from the MI 11 series

A phone that lives up to the "Lite" Tag.

Xiaomi does it once again by providing an actual "Lite" version of their flagship without compromising on looks, performance and other things that usually get cut in the "Lite" versions.

  • Mi 9T Pro User

Been using a Mi 9T Pro

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021What is "OIS"??? OIS - Optical Image Stabilization.

It helps for both taking photos and videos. The shutter speed during photography can be longer and hence the sensors captures more light and you get a better photo. For video it makes it more stable without the same need for cropping with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization).

It's not the end of the world to be without OIS if you primarily use your phone with a tripod, or other stand, or gimbal for photo/video.

Rick Eastley, 13 Apr 2021Great phone for watching forced ads from xiaomi all day, ye... moreAd free Xiaomi phone here. Not that it stops you from trolling about it. Such a sad life you must have.

  • Lulfie

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2021I found that weird too for some reason. The G100 is equal i... moretwo punch holes lmao so ugly XD

  • Lulfie

Rick Eastley, 13 Apr 2021Great phone for watching forced ads from xiaomi all day, ye... moreJust take 20 mins and you won't have any problems at all. Never ads again.

  • Message from above

Snapdragon 780G makes a lot of sense and fair balance between performance and efficiency. Apart from the missing IP rating, this phone is just so perfect. Well done Xiaomi! If given a choice, would still prefer IP and OIS of A52 but, this one is better. My preference for OIS and IP rating is personal and based on past experiences.

  • Anonymous

I wish the back was plastic. It could have looked the same, but be much more durable. The frosted finish could render minor scratches virtually invisible.

  • Rick Eastley

Great phone for watching forced ads from xiaomi all day, yeah nah.

  • Vince Varghese

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021What is "OIS"??? Optical Image Stabilization

  • Mario

Info, 13 Apr 2021The default time for AOD is 10 seconds. To set permanent, y... moreBut thay wrote like it normal Alway on display without need for developer permission.
I know that solution but the phone will have nad battery and etc.

These 8mp ultrawides are making me mad, especially considering even the poco x3 has better one.

  • AnonD-131754

This might be my next phone IF the 4G model is around the same price as redmi note 10 pro. This is seriously a better proposition. Note 10 series users are already facing display problems with no proper response/solution from redmi.
IF 5G is around 20k with discounts in india, it ll sell like hot cakes.

  • AnonD-131754

beep bop boop, 12 Apr 20214.2 stars? did they remove the 0.8 because of no splash res... moreEspecially if you compare their "4 stars" of realme 8 pro..! 🤣

  • Info

Mario, 12 Apr 2021I confused, it write that alway on display can set permanen... moreThe default time for AOD is 10 seconds. To set permanent, you need to enable it in the developer settings.

  • Lmao

k8C, 12 Apr 2021I'll buy a samsung phone with snapdragon 780 and use i... moreYeah, coming to you in 2022 because Samsung likes to use older chipset. So better be patient and wait, fanboy.

  • mr x

does any body knows how much brightness they put on the devices while making this battery test

thanks in advance

Big thumbs up to Xiaomi for making a slimmer, lighter, slightly more compact footprint in the midrange.

Performance of the SD780G looks phenomenal - on a par with my SD855 Mi MIX 3 5G in Geekbench, slightly ahead in Antutu. What's more the Mi 11 Lite is almost 3mm thinner and 65gm lighter! 10bit display not to be sniffed at either.

Don't really have budget constraints, but the fact that I'd consider this in the same breath as the new Realme GT (also relatively compact) reflects well on Xiaomi's achievement here.

Great review guys, very helpful.