Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review

27 April 2021

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Andres, 28 Apr 2021People are still complaining about no headphone jack in 202... moreWhoever said it's a money decision not to buy wireless headphones or not? BT tech sucks. Drops out because of interference all the time.

Shui8, 28 Apr 2021Nah...Mi11 U image processing are way way superior, near to... moreYes, and if you compare it with the Iphone 12 pro, the difference on the gap would be too obvious on the S21 ultra. Im not sure what Samsung is trying to achieve with this series, but it seems that they are just trying to release it, just for the heck of it,. You could literally watch every youtube review /comparison and see the S21 ultra make a clown of itself, even a Mi 10T pro has few points over the S21 ultra, which is half of its price.

  • Anonymous

Andres, 28 Apr 2021People are still complaining about no headphone jack in 202... moreThat's not a fair comment, some people will only use a wired connection to speak on phones due personal/health reasons. Some others like for the FM radio

Xperia 5 II can get with some manual interventions (tested by me) same great camera quality (this MI have Sony's IMX) and regarding it's such big, heavy and expensive compared to latest Xperia (that it's like a feather) the Mi is quite obsolete in this regard. If Xperia does better with latest 1 and 5 III still being even cheaper (with all its alpha tech processing) than this Mi not to mention it's clean Android, Xperia still much superior (the only downside theoretically is the front cam, but as long as it has eye tracking stil Xperia can handle rear camera amazing selfies). Not an amazing bargain, not for any point and shoot. Xperia still much user-friendly (cheaper mostly)!

  • Bork

Whilst I understand the very positive feedback in this review for the camera setup, it's strange that a rather big elephant in the room wasn't mentioned, in that the Mi11U doesn't match the Mi10U in this regard, it has gone backwards.

Whilst the Mi11U is comparable to other flagships, the Mi10U resolved detail in the main sensor that I haven't seen beaten by any other smartphone in a gsmarena review.

Take a look at the 5 dollar note, SpongeBob, the donkey etc. in the low light video and good light video samples:



The Samsung GN2, whilst having physics on it's side, is clearly sadly inferior to the OmniVIsion OV48C in the Mi10U. Software updates aren't going to fix that. Xiaomi would have done well to take a leaf out of Google's book and stick with a known entity for a generation here and further optimise on what was already the best.

  • Andres

People are still complaining about no headphone jack in 2021? If someone can afford $1200 for this phone, they can surely afford a good pair or wireless headphones as well... If you want a phone with a jack then just buy a $400 phone.

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Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021It has a 3.5mm adapter. So not a con. Missing a micro sd... moreAdapter? Adapters sound like utter garbage, every single one of them unless you go out and buy the box for about $90

"when you stand to pocket €200+"
When spending $1000+ on a phone, you're more likely looking for "the best thing money can buy" as opposed to "throw away one of the best cameras and save a few bucks!" (because you can save a lot more if you go with, for example, A52 5G, even more if you go with Mi10T Lite 5G).

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Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021I am wondering. Lets sayvyhis phone is the best phone. How ... moreUltra phones are the last installment in the manufacturers "war" for customers. No one needs Ultra phones as much as no one (besides you are working or crypto-farming with it) needs 3000$ graphic cards in their home computer or for example sports-cars for everyday usage.
As for Tech-Enthusiasts, these phones are concept phones, showing off what companies are capable of achieving, not really menat to be bought by many people, simply because they are expensive, bold, heavy, hard to repair, etc.

Yet, there are people rich enough to buy a new ultra phone every year though they could easily live with 200$ phones, just because they can. Knowing they "could" do most with their phone is satisfying to them. It's also showing off wealth to some simple minded people that never understood what wealth really means.
It's also not uncommon in the "tech-world" that companies got uberflagships that sell bad, but are concepts for upcoming, cheaper phones. Look at how many phones xiaomi pumps out every month. Most use recycled parts of phones that were once more expensive.

  • Shailendra

For Indians like me, this looks value for money. Costing same as X60 pro+ and OP9 pro while being better phone and cheaper by INR 35K than S21 Ultra.

  • Anonymous

That's a very high score.

Gazbraz, 28 Apr 2021Wow use the camera comparison tool on GSM arena and you wil... moreIt's pretty clear that you don't know what you're talking about. Look at the wooden frame on the coloured beads. Look at the tips of the pencils. Look at the coloured sticks ( idk what it is ) near the dollar. Samsung had overprocessed and oversharpened a lot in lot of areas

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I am wondering. Lets sayvyhis phone is the best phone. How do I noticed that in normal use? I own a samsung m51 now and really happy. I can buy an other phone but what are the plusses? So I really notice faster processors? I use my phone just for internet and daling. Whatsapp abd that kind of stuff. Really happy with the batterylife of my phone. Can do 1.5 days. So in general whatbis the use of buying an expensive phone?? Concerning the camera of my phone. Nothing left to be desired.

Asphalt-nation, 27 Apr 2021Y'all need to stop whining about no 3.5mm Jack and no ... more"Today's very high quality Bluetooth headsets"
Nah, Bluetooth still isn't anywhere close to wired in terms of quality. Some of them have got tonality right, but technicality is nowhere near.
Again if you haven't heard actual high quality headphones you wouldn't know that, but stop thinking that everyone has your (lowish) standards.

Gazbraz, 28 Apr 2021Wow use the camera comparison tool on GSM arena and you wil... moreNah...Mi11 U image processing are way way superior, near to what real camera will produce, thats why Gsm call them as 'photographic look'. Those fake details u've seen on S21U are created by oversharpen plasticky mess processing. Bleargh.

I'm glad that both DxO & GSMarena have a lot lot more photography knowledge than you.

Aww man, the barrel distortion in ultrawide is a big bummer.

Thomas, 27 Apr 2021Wow! Compare yellow colors in photos taken by this phone wi... moreUse the camera comparison tool on this site and compare the cameras the mi 11 ultra is a joke compared to the galaxy s21 ultra

Wow use the camera comparison tool on GSM arena and you will see the Mi 11 ultra looks like a 2010 camera phone, compared to the Galaxy s21 Ultra, unless your blind, or work for DXO mark

  • Anonymous

1200 EUR for phone with USB C 2.0? Ridiculous. DxOMark photos showed really impresive result comparing to S21 Ultra, but GSMArena showed the other :) S21 Ultra photos form GSMArena are much better.

  • p1key

Any ideas when the European release date is?