Sony Xperia 10 III review

4 June 2021

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  • Anonymous

Respect Sony, especially for still maintaining a complete screen

Flo, 04 Jun 2021Sony should stop to product smartphone like LG. the competi... moreYou should stop giving opinions. Other opinions are offering way better insight.

  • Anonymous

Let the comments war begin.

DrakeX, 04 Jun 2021Aside from the bigger battery that is overwhelming in video... moreFor a midrange phone, I don't really think the camera is the top priority. I'd buy a flagship phone if I care about the camera hardware. I would like to see the stereo speakers though, that would be a neat touch.

  • cyber

unimpressive and heavily overpriced just like previous model

Flo, 04 Jun 2021Sony should stop to product smartphone like LG. the competi... moreLol please, not even the competitors can give similar spec like this Sony. No one except Sony ever put IP rating and telephoto camera on a midrange phone, not even LG. Also, Sony phones are legendarily reliable. A friend of mine owned his Xperia Z2 for six years before replacing it with a 2019 Xperia 10 Plus and his new Xperia phone is still doing solidly well despite accidentally dropping it multiple times. The competitors only care about the chipset and benchmark performance. Also, they always replace the existing model every six months with some models doesn't even have a proper software support.

  • Anonymous

If it had stereo speakers I would buy it.

  • Anonymous

They should just make flagships like Asus and Meizu do now.
Sub-$700 is not worth to Sony.
1ii and 5ii sold more than 10ii.

Sales of 1iii in China are more than predicted.
One of the stores has run out of stock.
On the first day of sales, 1iii made top10 phones sold in entire China.

  • Flo

Sony should stop to product smartphone like LG. the competitors are much more interesting

Aside from the bigger battery that is overwhelming in video playback than the usual 4500 mAh phones, it really doesn't stand out. For the price, they should've offered a lot more. Sony is too stubborn to put in stereo speakers on non-flagships and still use an old camera sensor. The new Nokia phones have a similar story and the only reason anyone would pick these is the software.

YUKI93, 04 Jun 2021I personally do look forward to the 5 Mk3, but I'm sti... moreI think Sony will get the thermals right but I'm more afraid of the battery life. Since you're interested in the 5, you should be fine but I'm afraid for the bigger flagship...

  • Anonymous

Thank you SONY for bring another gourgeous device and beeing faithfull to your core values.

So yes, if you want trends go look elsewhere. If you want solid, pocket size and great battery life, this is the one to go for

Yet , the price is too high , just too high and very hard to find, you can´t go more niche than Sony. Man it´s even harder to get than a Oneplus!!!!

Dometalican, 04 Jun 202190Hz refresh rate and stereo speakers would have solidified... moreI personally do look forward to the 5 Mk3, but I'm still worried about the SD 888's thermal issue. So I'll wait for the full review to come in and see whether the 2021 flagship Xperia is worth buying or I should buy the 2020 flagship Xperia instead.

  • Bobby

Sony should be the next LG ! Who buys Sony phone

90Hz refresh rate and stereo speakers would have solidified this phone; even for the price tag (so long as the software updates do well for it). That camera looks nice, the battery is PHENOMENAL, and the IP rating is a great touch.

I'm still waiting for the 1 MK III though.

Very good review🍒

Whoa, 137 hours of battery endurance rating despite the 5G network support? Now that is super impressive. Not many 5G phones can go this far. In fact, just about the only 5G phone reviewed by GSMArena that has a longer battery endurance rating than this Xperia as of June 2021 is the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. But that Samsung phone has a bigger 5,000mAh battery and a lower HD+ screen resolution, so no surprise right there.