Sony Xperia 10 III review

4 June 2021

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  • Psique

Hello, I would like to get an objective answer about the choice of this terminal. I had a xperia xz1 which with four years of life worked like the first day, the problem is that I have stolen it.
I have found that the Xperia xz1 (2017) itself seems to have better performance than the xperia 10iii (2021) In fact the processor of the xperia xz1 is much more powerful.
Is the xperia xz1 better terminal than this new xperia 10 iii?

On the other hand I am very hesitant between acquiring the xperia 10 iii or the Xiaomi Mi11 lite 5g. Looking at the performance of both the xiaomi exceeds the xperia in virtually all aspects and is cheaper than the latter. But on a practical level will it be like this? I would like to know your opinion on which one to buy and why?
Thank you very much

VectorR, 08 Jun 2021All people are different, you know. I do like waste money o... moreIt's not even wasting money if people sell their old flagship phones when buying a new flagship phone.
And yeah some users here might bark about lower resale value for Android flagships compared to Apple, which is not the case... As effective cost of using Android flagships is must cheaper.

Had the Galaxy Note 9. Bought it for Rs.68k.
Decided to buy IPhone 11 pro max after listening to glowing reviews.
Cost me around Rs.117k .
Kept the Galaxy Note 9 around as a spare phone.

Soon got tired of the hardware and software shortcomings on iOS.
Kept missing Android and going back to my Galaxy Note for certain things.
Upgraded myself to the OnePlus 8 pro.
Cost me around Rs.60k (half the value of the iPhone).
I didn't even have to pay that.
Sold my iPhone 11 pro Max at Rs. 55k (resale value for iPhone being good in my country) and added another Rs. 5k to buy 12gb/256gb model of OP8 pro.

[Effective cost of using the IPhone 11 pro max for around 9 months = Rs.62k (€700) ]

Later Sold my Galaxy Note 9 for around Rs.30k.

[Effective cost of using the Galaxy Note 9 for around 21 months = Rs.35k (€430) ]

Now waiting for the MI 11 Ultra. The OnePlus 8 pro should sell for around Rs.35k considering it is still priced Rs.60k for 12gb/256gb variant.

[Effective cost of using OnePlus 8 pro for around a year = Rs.25k (€280) ]

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 08 Jun 2021I don't know such people. All Android flagship smartph... moreBecause every year the new iPhone brings nothing new, so they stick to older iPhones as the newer one hardly offers a worthy enough upgrade

VectorR, 08 Jun 2021All people are different, you know. I do like waste money o... moreAlso, I want to point out that ALL but two, of your latest replies are hate towards Sony, and telling others that they are fanboys.
You do realize you are just a Sony hater for no reason yeah?

I never understand this childish behavior of people like you you know? If I don't like something, I don't buy it.
AND let those who buy it enjoy it. I happen to dislike Iphones and their seriously closed ecosystem for example. You don't see me on every apple new crying about it, yes?

Be nice sweety, be like Denis

  • Anonymous

PeraJ, 07 Jun 2021People, do all of you seriously have nothing better to do t... morebecause there are people that have nothing to do and believe that they know better than everyone else. But they most often know nothing of nothing.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 07 Jun 2021This is the internet bro. People HAVE to flex their keyboar... moretotally true. thats what it is. It is a competition of people that think they always know best. They r always the most educated, most experienced, and certainly the illuminated by the holy Spirit.

VectorR, 08 Jun 2021I don't know such people. All Android flagship smartph... moreReally? As ax Xperia XZ Premium user since 2018, let me correct you on this.
I want a phone who will be as fast as day one, even after 3+ years. Only Xperia and google phones can do that. So no, not everyone changes their phone every 2 years.

And to add something, there is no phone so far for me that can even come close to XZ Premiums luxury looks.
Only Galaxy note 10 was close with it's rainbow back, but even that wasn't enough. Again, for me.

  • Anonymous

Korin.D, 07 Jun 2021Not worth itthats your opinion. I wouldnt buy this phone but im sure others will disagree. it is not always about the highest spec.

Hildr, 07 Jun 2021Changing your phone every year to browse the same facebook ... moreAll people are different, you know. I do like waste money on flagship phones twice a year. Just because I like to run the same Facebook app on different phones and I can afford it :). I just do what I like, feed big companies etc etc. And I don't care about smartasses opinions.

SuuperBaka, 07 Jun 2021There are a lot of people who keep their phones for that lo... moreI don't know such people. All Android flagship smartphone users I know do replace their phone one or twice a year. iPhone users seems more keen to keep their devices.

  • John

I just realized something: The OnePlus 8 Pro also has 30W charging and about 4500mAh as well, and yet the OnePlus can be charged from 0% to 63% in half an hour. I actually do believe that Sony doesn't use the latest type of Quick Charge technology, hence why the charging time is slow even with a third-party PD charger.

blue.sun, 07 Jun 2021Sailfish? System with no support, no apps and no future? Wh... moreLol, jokes on you. Sailfish OS is now entering the fourth generation with built-in Android 9 or 10 API support now.

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2021Sony CEO also caught using iPhone... Lol Haha..... Really?

  • Anonymous

Better buy xioami.. or galaxy if you have more money to spend.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2021You better check numbers but for sure you are really not in... moreAre you saying Sony sold more? Are you saying 115, 114, 145, 180 million for vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei respectively conducted by independent organizations is false?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2021It made more than Sony... Lol check numbers. Why silentl... moreYou better check numbers but for sure you are really not into facts so go back to Redmi Note threads to spam overthere. I bet that Redmi 10 works wonders for you.

Pathetic charger that Sony should be ashamed of bundling with. They should have bundle it with at least a 25 Watt charger. Software gripes should be sorted with software updates.

Shiny Dave, 07 Jun 2021The standard UK carrier deal is 24 months (was 18). Some ha... moreExactly, there's nothing wrong with keeping phones for more than a year. Why spend money on a phone every year if it's still working properly? I still have my phone for 2 years now.

  • Shiny Dave

SuuperBaka, 07 Jun 2021There are a lot of people who keep their phones for that lo... moreThe standard UK carrier deal is 24 months (was 18). Some have 36, even.

Entirely normal for people to keep their phones for multiple years. I'm typing this on the A70 I got on a 24-month carrier deal in November 2019; my husband is still using the Honor 9 he got well before that, and I'll probably hand him this A70 after I get a replacement - which might be a used S20 FE 5G, depending on A52 5G carrier deals and what the Pixel 6/5a look like - *this* November.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2021You had to dig ancient outdated article to justify nonsense... moreNo need to give proof... Fast charging is a proven technology by the Chinese and tests have confirmed that the above without any of the Cons that these Sony Boyz mention. The grapes are sour for them.