nubia Red Magic 6R review

21 June 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2021See this is why gaming phones are not really gaming. Yes... moreAs an investors big money is in mobile though. Real gamers don't product that revenue.

  • Anonymous

Billy, 24 Jun 2021Does this phone even work in the US? Will it work after the... moreNo it will not work because it doesn't have any of the bands. I use a hotspot and Google Voice as the phone capability.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021No SD card No audio jack Battery life is for junk (harri... moreSomehow helps it appeal to the masses that actually benevolent removing those features are for their benefit because they are "old" and nobody uses them supposedly.

  • atallah company

i dont like it very wide the a71 very classy

  • Anonymous

No SD card
No audio jack
Battery life is for junk (harrible).
if this phone is a gaming. I am an astronaut at NASA

Again with the macro and depth combo, always with that stupid macro and depth combo!!!!! 🤦‍♂️

Seriously, anyone in the android space still falling for this BS????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2021It is not designed and build to play PC games. If you want... moreSee this is why gaming phones are not really gaming.

Yes you can use it for calls or photos and are more portable. But can you swap the UFS/SSD or RAM module? Upgrade the chipset? Is the performance gap between a standard flagship chipset phone that huge? No.

Best get a gaming laptop, maybe used. Besides gaming laptops these days are getting lighter and more portable with reasonable performance and you’re more futureproofed for the long run.

DrDisrespect: Mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.

  • Billy

Does this phone even work in the US? Will it work after the great 3g shutdown coming in 2022? Why do you guys review a phone that looks to be practically unusable as a phone?

  • Ed

Only that 4200 battery, good thing it has plug and play features

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2021Yes it is. Only slightly better performance with gaming fea... moreIt is not designed and build to play PC games.
If you want to play AAA PC games, get a PC

  • Anonymous

Davy Jones, 22 Jun 2021It is just a regular phone with gaming triggers nothing elseYes it is. Only slightly better performance with gaming features that’s all. Cannot even run any sort of current PC game. Can the Redmagic run Battlefield 2042? Forza 5? Not even lowest 720p. So what’s the point.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021Better score than Iphone 12. congrats redmagiciPhone 12: 4.1 stars
Redmagic 6R: 4.0 stars

Check GsmArena review carefully.

  • Anonymous

Just another guy, 22 Jun 2021Yup, just like A 14.A14 doesn’t have an overheating issue. Only A12 below.

  • Andres

Gaming phone that gets too hot if you try gaming...lmao!

T the Tinkerer, 21 Jun 2021I'm convinced now that the SD888 phones will not have ... moreThat is why I'm holding off my temptation to buy this year's flagship Xperia phones despite the new periscope telephoto camera because of the SD 888 chipset thermal performance. I'll wait until the full review to come in before I made my decision about it.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

wongwatt, 22 Jun 2021ZenFone 8 user here, my battery life has consistently impro... morethat's actually a very, VERY good thing to hear. I am planning on getting the ROG Phone 5 vanilla version and I am concern that in battery tests I've seen, it's significantly beaten by it's predecessor. perhaps by the time I purchase one, the optimization through updates will bring it back to it's battery king glory

  • Steve

TECH--BEAST , 21 Jun 2021Woah!! A gaming phone that can take "outstanding"... moreWell, there's has not been lot of improvements in the smartphone camera game. All photos from primary camera of every other phone from mid-range to flagships look the same. Even the 4 year old sensor of Pixel 5 holds up quite nicely with the S21 or the iPhone 12. In my opinion, the pixel 5 is still overall better at taking photos than any other phone on the market.

  • Just another guy

IpsDisplay, 22 Jun 2021Snap 888 and horrible battery life as usualYup, just like A 14.

Pleh, 22 Jun 2021No headphone jack = not a gaming phone. By the time you hea... moreIsn't a USB-C adaptor still a possible, wired choice for gaming? (Although, I'm in agreement with you, I'd never change my LG G8x for something that doesn't have audio jack.)

And as usual for 888, horrible battery life for the capacity.
I think 6000 mah is the new normal for any phone having Snapdragon 888, for 110+ hours. Just call it side effects of progress, no other way to describe it, remember how Nokia smartphones used to come with 1200 mah batteries... we've come a long way, right?

Back in Snapdragon 855 days, it used to be 4000 mah to get around 110 hours of life.

  • Anonymous

Better score than Iphone 12. congrats redmagic