nubia Red Magic 6R review

21 June 2021

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  • Nuv
  • 21 Jun 2021

Woah!! A gaming phone that can take "outstanding" photos
🤣 i'm surprised..

    MagicMonkeyBoy, 21 Jun 2021Very good review. An outstanding gaming centric hybrid phon... moreI would assume you are a fan of redmagic phones. I'd like to know your take on the comments saying that software support is bad for devices outside of China. Is this true? Would appreciate the response.

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      • T the Tinkerer
      • 4P%
      • 21 Jun 2021

      I'm convinced now that the SD888 phones will not have competitive battery life compared to the previous generation ARM cores. I don't have high hopes for the Xperia 5 mk III anymore. Hopefully the SD778 and its lower clocks can avoid this drop off in battery endurance.

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        • Rick
        • 8vS
        • 21 Jun 2021

        You can run Pubg 90 fps, by inserting config manually

          Very good review. An outstanding gaming centric hybrid phone.

          I am really glad that gaming phone companies also produce a gaming centric handset combined with exceptional photography. It really is an excellent phone.

          But for me personally. I have a red magic myself. And I am very impressed for gaming especially.

          When I have to replace my gaming phone... I will be replacing it with another hardcore gaming phone big time.

          This red magic gaming phone has done absolute wonders for me. Without it. I wouldn't have such exceptional scores...

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            • Anonymous
            • JT5
            • 21 Jun 2021

            "Gaming" phone that lacks micro sd slot and earphone jack.

            Also, better having single rear camera than having macro/depth.
            They just waste space and R&D money.

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              • babak
              • a34
              • 21 Jun 2021

              batterylife is terrible for a gaming phone