nubia Red Magic 6R review

21 June 2021

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  • 22 Jun 2021

IpsDisplay, 22 Jun 2021Snap 888 and horrible battery life as usualYup, just like A 14.

    Pleh, 22 Jun 2021No headphone jack = not a gaming phone. By the time you hea... moreIsn't a USB-C adaptor still a possible, wired choice for gaming? (Although, I'm in agreement with you, I'd never change my LG G8x for something that doesn't have audio jack.)

    And as usual for 888, horrible battery life for the capacity.
    I think 6000 mah is the new normal for any phone having Snapdragon 888, for 110+ hours. Just call it side effects of progress, no other way to describe it, remember how Nokia smartphones used to come with 1200 mah batteries... we've come a long way, right?

    Back in Snapdragon 855 days, it used to be 4000 mah to get around 110 hours of life.

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      • 22 Jun 2021

      Better score than Iphone 12. congrats redmagic

        Snap 888 and horrible battery life as usual

          It is just a regular phone with gaming triggers nothing else

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            • 22 Jun 2021

            YUKI93, 22 Jun 2021The lack of the headphone jack in this phone suddenly makes... moreThe only thing that makes this phone a gaming phone is just the shoulder triggers. Otherwise, it has nothing over other budget flagship phones. Plus, the fact that it gets unbearably hot totally contradicts the gaming function.

            Get the red magic 6 for a true to budget gaming phone, or get a poco or realme instead. At least the realme gt has a headphone jack and both that and the poco f3 has stereo speakers.

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              • 22 Jun 2021

              wongwatt, 22 Jun 2021ZenFone 8 user here, my battery life has consistently impro... morewhy you ditch your p40p+ for zenfone????!!!!

                T the Tinkerer, 21 Jun 2021I'm convinced now that the SD888 phones will not have ... moreZenFone 8 user here, my battery life has consistently improved with every update from ASUS to the point where it's as good as my previous P40 Pro+.
                I think there are optimisation problems with the SD888 but some OEMs seem to be getting the hang of it now.
                It's no longer an issue in my usage.

                  The lack of the headphone jack in this phone suddenly makes the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 (BS4) a worthy buy. The vanilla BS4 may have a Snapdragon 870 chipset, but TSMC fabrication makes it a better choice when it comes to thermal management.

                    Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021"Gaming" phone that lacks micro sd slot and earph... moreTo this day, there has never been a single gaming-centric smartphone that has microSD card support. I do think that they use a lot of space inside the phone for cooling and the triggers. But the lack of a headphone jack on a gaming-centric smartphone is like a racing car without the wheels, it just doesn't work. The very last thing any gamers want to experience is the latency lag during a gaming session. That is why wireless Bluetooth audio never catches on within the gaming community to this day, it's impractical and doesn't work in long use.

                      prikitiw, 22 Jun 2021I hope GSMArena will use real world app for benchmarking li... moreThose aren't real world apps. Who plays that kind of game anyway.

                        ZTE is the most underrated company.

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                          • 22 Jun 2021

                          another sh*tty camera setup with fake macro and useless depth camera.use one proper 2x or 3x tele or none of the two!

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                            • 22 Jun 2021

                            No headphone jack = not a gaming phone. By the time you heard the menu sounds in game the menus/pages will have changed, or by the time u heard a bullet in PUBGm or warzone mobile you prob would have died already. Bluetooth is not suitable for gaming.

                              gringo, 22 Jun 2021gorilla glass 3 for flagship ??? wtfIt's not a flagship, and GG3 is ok.

                                I hope GSMArena will use real world app for benchmarking like PUGM,Fortnite or other popular app/games

                                  Please use antutu version 9

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                                    • 22 Jun 2021

                                    gorilla glass 3 for flagship ??? wtf

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                                      • 22 Jun 2021

                                      The day light photos are during cloudy days. Of course it's going look better. Surely there may dt have been a sunny day?

                                      If you look at the indoor shoot,. You see a burnt out looking window, presumably on a cloudy day. That should not be.

                                      Samsung or 7 imx series, is what to use.

                                      Why don't all the secondary and smaller sensor makers get together to group buy patent licences, out bidding Sony etc. Forcing the top two to pay a lot more more sensor technologies, forcing up the costs and prices, or face the competition from the smaller players. The current system, the big players just control the market by using big money to buy up competitive technologies. It doesn't work.

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                                        • 22 Jun 2021

                                        Stalwart, 21 Jun 2021I would assume you are a fan of redmagic phones. I'd l... moreIt is, and Nubia's software is trash.