Tecno Phantom X review

02 July 2021

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  • Humble king

Hi friends.

Does this phantom X has an AOD ( ALWAYS ON DISPLAY) mode?

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 08 Jul 2021Wow who would've guessed that the cameras on this phon... moreAre u just guessing or you have used the device before.

Wow who would've guessed that the cameras on this phone (with a Helio G95) are disappointing? Oh wait, I did.

  • Anonymous

This is an overall great phone,but the pricing is unusual for tecno,but i high reccomend it to anyone who wants to get it .

Really needed a Dimensity SoC, then it might have been a decent phone.

great review, i think the pros to this phone are way more than the con, so its a good buy if you can afford it

the pricing might be on the high side but i think the specs are very much worth it

Tecno phantom could be better.
A 12nm chipset cannot be a flagship for me coupled With that crappey 4g.

  • Sk akib

Please post some photos of your device

The camera review was generally positive, which should make a lot of people excited as this technology would trickle down on their mid tier phones a year or 2.

  • Jericho Odero

The most annoying part of it is the phone has no compass while phantom series has

vijay, 05 Jul 2021In mid 2021, who buys mid range 4G only phones ?? with 5G r... more5g is not around the corner in like hundreds of areas so shut up. Europe and us aren't the whole world so shut uo

  • Anonymous

Then phone has some extreme feature that are amazing,but the phone has some shorting like the self that is 8mp and a battery of 4700mAh.it should have a self of atleast 13mp and a battery of not less than 5000mAh

  • Anonymous

SultanSakr, 05 Jul 2021Is it me or it looks like a mate 40 pro from wish.com?going by that logic the mate series is an s10 knockoff

Is it me or it looks like a mate 40 pro from wish.com?

  • vijay

In mid 2021, who buys mid range 4G only phones ?? with 5G riund the corner, just put dimensity 700 and u could sell 5 million.

Anis, 04 Jul 2021U always skip a very important question, whether the phones... moreMost people are into content consumption rather than content creation. Content creators eventually upgrade to proper filming tools.

  • Anonymous

G95 too bad chip at this price point... too expensive compared to realme and xiaomi which is cheaper and has similar chips....

In mid range is tough, I basically compare now my x30pro to any phone, it beats the hi end and thats what it takes to win.
For hi end I would take only foldables now, thats why its harder to compete where old format is in golden age and for reasonable price in these times.

It looks nice on the paper but i doubt in real life it'll live to it's expectations. I'd rather go for mid-range A Series or iPhone that's my opinion.