Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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  • Anonymous

Holy moly, just 4 stars!

Welp. That is quite dissapointing.

No improvement in Auto image processing, yet got the great camera-grade manual mode. I can just appreciate its details processing, nothing more. I thought 1iii screen brighter than 1ii? Sigh. Battery are just so-so. To be honest, the downside of it are over its advantage, especially for the price.

I really wanna go back to Sony, but things like this makes me held back.

  • Anonymous

"We certainly can't recommend it to anyone who isn't a brand loyalist, and maybe even those folks could be better off exploring alternative paths."

Yeah, never ever become a brand loyalist, that's just stupid behavior. But alright, this phone - the battery life and the very slow charging speed both are big "no thanks" personally. Definitely not buying one. Bad battery life could be somewhat okay, IF it could be topped up quickly.

I really really really hoped Sony would even the scores with this phone. I guess I have to accept that the Xperia is not something I should choose if I have the means for it as clearly the competition offers much more value for money.

  • mobileman

bah....nithing Bug,except Price.
just junk phone...very low screen Bright,so useless for daylight..for Direct sunlight...junk.
battery ,sound ,charge speed and cams..just junk.
why Sony build phones?