Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Eve. Eve. Eve. The most beautiful, important, fantastic, fu... moreYes that is very very true

  • William

How about software they just destroy application make they name is there have all necessary basic application like music album and movie or we need to use some one else application?!

Xperia 1iii official price has been reveal in my country. Its a whopping $1410. Maybe bundled with their earphone.

Can get just at official Sony store. Its been 4 years now that Sony not included in local telco offers (which where 99% people bought from because less price + internet data), as no local telco here offering Sony products anymore because of bad sales previously.

I for one, a happy P40 user with way way better camera, bought brand new last January only at $500. Pheww.

Tann Hauser, 13 Jul 2021Give yourself a break nicker. Vanity is a burden. Im not d... moreThe more you speak, the more you reveal your ignorance and embarrass yourself. Honestly quit it already ffs. If you can't even see an obvious trace of sharpening (note that I never said it was an awfully unpleasant "over"sharpening - I only implied that it was much more noticeable than the likes of Pixel, Xiaomi. Me saying this apparently triggered you though for some reason) and much more smoothened out texture in higher ISO which I've already described a few times with a clear evidence, I really have no idea how I'm supposed to explain anything to you. I do think Xiaomi has an edge in noise reduction as well as texture and tonality preservations, because of what I see on the comparison chart and the fact that the night mode is activated automatically on the main camera (and according to the other comments here, on the UWA after new updates as well), both of which you tried your hardest to avoid talking about by making up some BS reasonings.

I will no longer reply to your comments unless there's some specific stuff I'd like to point out or you spew out another nonsense on other pages, like that abhorrent " iToF sensor used to achieve achieve miniscule multiple bokeh blur effects" crap, so you can stop replying to me here too. Cheers.

  • mimo

Good specification, but till have to improve battery & less the price in this market....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Sony Xperia the best phone ever Eve. Eve. Eve. The most beautiful, important, fantastic, futuristic, practical, popular...

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Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Sony Xperia the best phone ever Dream on like Nokia and LG did.

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Sony Xperia the best phone ever

  • Anonymous

533 post in 6 days.


No other brands can generate this amount off posts.

The Sony 1ii, generated 900 posts in 7 days.

Nick Tegrataker, 13 Jul 2021Oh give me a break. It's not my fault that you began t... moreGive yourself a break nicker. Vanity is a burden.
Im not discussing further cause I see no further point. Tried to conclude it third time already. But seems you cant help yourself.

I debated you not to show Sony is better, but that it is not worse than your beloved Xiaomi, yet you fboyishly counterdebate by imaginary claims that Xiaomi is better without exception, just in spite.

No you didnt just make an observational criticism, faulty at that, about Sonys photo quality, you added a fboyish last line.

Read your post I first replied again:
"While Xperia's colour reproduction is commendable indeed, their detail rendering leaves a lot to be desired. Sharpening is still fairly strong if not over the top, diagonal lines show a weird pixelation artifacts (maybe anti-aliasing processing not working as intended? Who knows), noise reduction goes quite overboard in higher ISO settings and low contrast details tend to get quite soft. Google and Xiaomi clearly have an edge in this regard."
You nagged nonsense about processing (sharpening?!, overthetop noise reduction?!) and ended with the claim Xiaomi is better. You actualy said that Xiaomi has an edge in noise reduction there...!?

If you dont recognize selfprojection in your reply, get yourself a break nicker.

And again "yes, you are right."

  • Anonymous

Event Horizon, 12 Jul 2021I prefer high contrasty photos to 2D looking flat ones. It ... moreWhat a nightmare, a night so "daymare" alike

  • Anonymous

Please ban this Tann Hauser guy. Repeatedly trolling for Sony and hatred for Gsmarena

  • Tiro

I have OPPO Find X2 which is just a beast.... Zero issues a 2020 phone that is still better than 2021 phones

Tann Hauser, 13 Jul 2021It's enticing to see you getting into "xiaomi goo... moreOh give me a break. It's not my fault that you began to act up and got super defensive after seeing my comment simply stating that Sony can do better than how they are doing right now with the image processing in comparison to other companies. The amount of BS and mental gymnastics you employed during this discussion was utterly unbelievable and I'm glad that I can finally stop teaching you how wrong you are.

The moral of the story for you was "don't get easily triggered by a valid criticism and fight back with emotionally charged arguments".
Next time you can have some self control and try not to make up loads of crap just for the sake of arguing back, eh.

  • Anik

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  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 13 Jul 2021It's enticing to see you getting into "xiaomi goo... moreOf course. You have been talking nonsense. It's good that you finally stop.

Nick Tegrataker, 13 Jul 2021Didn't you see the part where Mi11U was still ahead of... moreIt's enticing to see you getting into "xiaomi good sony bad" mode, from the start.

You could go on and on with this forever I guess. I dont.

So, to conclude this neverending story... " yes, you are right".

Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021I wouldnt. You have one already, right here. Ultra 95, 1 II... moreDidn't you see the part where Mi11U was still ahead of Xperia until the end where all devices reach the second round of GFXBench loop? Also notice how the back display on Mi 11 Ultra was turned on all the time during the test, which basically nullifies the results for the said device. It's enticing to see you getting into "xiaomi bad sony gud" mode only because I said Xiaomi's post-processing is ahead of Xperia lmao.

Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021I mean you are coming really thick here now, with "how... moreHow does GSMArena's comment hold any relevance here? Why makes you think that their opinion on image processing matters here especially when they are the same people who saw Exynos S21's awful noise reduction s***fest and somehow had an impression that "the resolved detail is plenty, the grass looks good, the dynamic range is outstanding most of the time, and the noise is pretty much non-existent"? They are clearly talking from average smartphone users' point of view and not actually reviewing the smartphones from pure image quality standpoint.

"iToF depth sensor working on multiple focal points processing, to achieve miniscule multiple bokeh blur effects"
You know that not everyone can actually understand all the bullcrap you pulled out of nowhere at first glance, right? ToF sensor is there for more accurate AF since it can sense its exact distance from the object using laser, and depth mapping in portrait mode. If you actually think that it's used to apply faux bokeh in real time at extreme precision for every single shot taken in auto mode (that is, assuming that I'm guessing your thoughts correctly) then you don't understand how computationally infeasible it is and are simply misunderstanding its true purpose.

"Well, Xperias ones seem even better than those best they have ever seen. Better DR, detail, noise control"
Xperia has much coarser noise but less of it, there's more noise in Xiaomi's shot albeit it's finer luminance grains. The former exposes for highlights while the latter reveals more information in shadows hence comparable in dynamic range. Details are sharper on Xperia but Xiaomi covers nearly 80% wider field of view, but with night mode Xiaomi wins hands down.
I get that you're trying to disprove my points by bringing up a bunch of low light shots taken by Xiaomi without night mode (despite that not being a fair comparison at all as I've stated multiple times already). However all of the problems I brought up show up in the studio comparison tool, as well as in some parts of GSMArena's real life samples during daylight and I can easily point them out if you really want me to.

  • Anonymous

Alpha, 13 Jul 2021Im still buying the phone i don't care lolIf you don't care, why are you going to buy it?