Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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Im still buying the phone i don't care lol

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Anonymous, 13 Jul 2021Again you are ignoring that Xperia 1 III automatically uses... moreMaybe he thought she invented it. Yes, it's a normal expression. People use it from time to time. Attacking people who use it is silly.

[deleted post]Not, 1III is less sharp overall, not some issue, its just that it got 12mp limit. With 48-108mp you get few times more information in image and thats at binned resolution, once you try hi res mode, it resolves more detail, though how much depends on brand.

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Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021I mean you are coming really thick here now, with "how... moreAgain you are ignoring that Xperia 1 III automatically uses night mode pretty much in all dark scenes. Plus, the recent MIUI updates changed the behavior of the camera regarding the auto night mode and now it is also activated automatically on the ultra-wide lens too, so it makes even more sense to compare the night mode samples from Mi 11 Ultra to the samples from Xperia.

If you're not very familiar with English, 'How dare you' is a regular English expression commonly used to express the feeling of anger towards somebody else who behaves arrogantly or shows no respect to anyone but oneself. You saw Greta using that phrase during the interview, I understand, just do not namecall others for using the same phrase please.

I'm still missing my broken Xperia XZ2 Compact. I hope Sony makes a new flagship compact with a form factor equal or smaller to my old XZ2 and without DRM in the operating system.

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Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021I mean you are coming really thick here now, with "how... moreLOL. "How dare you?" is a normal rhetorical question.

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[deleted post]How do you know that the Xperia 1 III seems to be better when you don't have it?

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This is available in India

  • Jboy

Sony smartphone are good. But service center is hard to find.

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Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021I wouldnt. You have one already, right here. Ultra 95, 1 II... moreSo Xperia 1 III goes to 1300 nits yeah

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2021They can sell a lot more phones if they started making $200... moreThats just because actually nobody gonna buy their entry levels and midrangers anymore anywhere except their home market

Nick Tegrataker, 12 Jul 2021I'd rather wait until Notebookcheck actually performs ... moreI wouldnt. You have one already, right here. Ultra 95, 1 III
And yet, in real life performance test Xperia battery lasts longer. Must be optimisations, ya?
Imagine that.

btw, I debated your other "how dare you" reply, waiting to pass mod I guess. Might be the Greta word, probably.

Nick Tegrataker, 12 Jul 2021I mean, you tried to make an argument then caught a flak fo... moreI mean you are coming really thick here now, with "how dare you..." stuff, Greta.

arenas own real case photo comment:
"Daylight photos from the Xperia 1 III's main camera are really good overall. Detail is on par with other 12MP cameras, but more importantly, it's rendered in a very natural and appealing way - Sony's grass and foliage are some of the best out there. Noise is virtually non-existent in these images."
What sensor/lens/processing problems are you reading out from that comment? And those obervations are on point with actual photo images provided.

I am certain you are seriously mistaking Xperias iToF depth sensor working on multiple focal points processing, to achieve miniscule multiple bokeh blur effects, with some inhead imaginary lens/sensor/processing problems on that studio shot you always go back to.
Its a studio board with multiple protruding objects attached to it, and Sony does its multiple out of/point in focus processing there, including eye AF.

See sample, how many bokeh blur and actual focused areas, even at almost same focal distances, Xperia processing makes in real photo sample:
(one heck of a photo there, mind you)

Now go back to that board and apply what you learned from the visible processing up there.

Xiaomi? Im done with that one. Said everything I have to say about main sensor and night modes.
Max zoom is better there I believe, but again counterpoints...
Observe for instance widecam night samples that are best they ve ever seen:

Well, Xperias ones seem even better than those best they have ever seen. Better DR, detail, noise control. Yes, the thing called processing.

So please, enough with the Xiaomi already.

And Greta, also enough with those "how dare you's"

I prefer high contrasty photos to 2D looking flat ones. It is realistic and breathes life into the photo. It helps the subject stand out.

Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021LOLs and LMAOs are the usual trll talk. I dont debate trll... moreI mean, you tried to make an argument then caught a flak for it because you were resorting on a bunch of sophistries and frequent subject changes to prove your point.

First of all, you attempted to sweep all the issues that I brought up regarding Xperia's post processing by claiming that it's due to different AF methods being used, which is seriously a terrible way of defence - if the chart was out of focus, how could the centre along with many other sections of the frame be perfectly crisp? How hard was it for you to admit that they are real issues and cease the discussion with something like "True, I wish they will improve those parts in future"?

Then you nagged about how Xiaomi's image processing is messing up details in the most challenging situation when it's literally caused by GSMArena disabling the night mode manually, while completely neglecting the fact that Xperia automatically activates a somewhat similar long exposure stacking in poor lighting conditions.. and now you have an audacity to call others a troll? Like how actually dare you? I really don't want to believe what I'm seeing.

Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021Even the batterylife is on Xperias side in that duel. Ultr... moreI'd rather wait until Notebookcheck actually performs their usual battery runtime test in a controlled environment.

Beauty lies in its simplicity.
Cameras, albeit not the best, are good, a talented photographer can create masterpieces with it using the Pro features it has and the camera setup covers what a photographer needs most. It doesn't have gimmicky macro and depth cameras and it does have variable optical zoom, which will be the future of smartphones in my opinion. The best is that it doesn't have an obnoxious camera bump, it just has a slim and stylish camera island.
Checking the comparison videos YouTuber Technick made this week, I saw that this phone is much faster than I thought, it can even rival to iPhone. I think it's because of Sony's smooth, simple UI, which is free from bloatwares. The speakers are also quite good, the voice is clear although not very loud. The assertion that it has world's first 4K 120 Hz display is just a bad marketing lie given that you can only use 120 Hz in 1080p resolution, that's why I wouldn't buy this over 5 III.
But overall, this phone has much more than the numbers that other brands (ehm, Samsung and Xiaomi) continuously brag about. Congrulations Sony!

  • Sviatoslav

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2021Nag complaints over minor, when there's more positive... moreIt's a very dumb "review" a whole lot is NAGGING about small staff, that other people find very useful. I've had all of the sony phones that there was, and i HATED when the fingerprint scanner was on the back, the side mounted is great, and when i put it in my pocket I've never unlocked it by accident. Also hating on the camera botton, didn't even mention the improvements in camera, the fact that phone is skinnier than majority of phones on the market, didn't mention the 4K 120hz display, the fact that it comes with 256gb of storage plus the expansion slot, something that samsung galaxy s21 ultra doesn't have for the same price. 3.5mm jack, the reason why there are still bezels on the phone for the STEREO speakers, and not a single down firing speaker. Looks like we've got an non objective sony hater as the person who writes "rewievs"

Tann Hauser, 12 Jul 2021LOLs and LMAOs are the usual trll talk. I dont debate trll... moreThats it? No comments anymore about Auto mode comparison?

For your info, I own bunch of Xperia flagship before, up to Z5. Even contribute some things about it in XDA. I love Xperia & Sony as a company, theres no doubt certain things in Xperia 1iii do got its advantage. Unlike you, I'm not blindly defends on their shortfalls on whatever they do.

Shui8, 12 Jul 2021Lol Mi 11 Ultra Auto mode when its get dark it will use Nig... moreLOLs and LMAOs are the usual trll talk.
I dont debate trlls.

I rest my case with you, most certainly.