OnePlus Nord 2 5G review

22 July 2021

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Huawei Fan Man, 25 Jul 2021can't delete baked in systemNo need to remove the app. Just uninstall the latest update .. not the entire application. Another way to fix the battery drain is to join the beta progam on the Google Playstore Messages application page and then update the app to the latest beta version dt 20 July 2021. They have fixed the battery problem in the latest beta version.

avsroy, 25 Jul 2021Uninstall the latest update to Google Messages (SMS) App fr... morecan't delete baked in system

Vathsala, 24 Jul 2021OnePlus Nord 5g I bought from last 20days back battery back... moreUninstall the latest update to Google Messages (SMS) App from Playstore. This app is draining the battery and not allowing the phone to go to Deep Sleep mode. Do no update this app for the next couple of weeks as the latest version is buggy.

  • Anonymous

MediaSnap, 23 Jul 2021Oh really? Check the non hdr photos. Hdr is broken in color... moreNo the photos are way over sharpened.. they look terrible when just zoomed in a little bit

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021The CE beats this and I'll list how: 1. Cheaper- obvi... moreWhat??? Okay, in that case:
The Poco M3 can also beat this and I'll list how:
1. Ultra cheap
2. 3.5mm
3. 1500mAh larger battery that means better backup (unless you go dinosaur with manufacturing process)
4. Plastic construction with faux leather like pattern = better durability & grip
5. A bit heavier, but pros are way more (according to your logic)
6. Amazing color options.

I hope you make a better choice now

  • Anonymous

The CE beats this and I'll list how:
1. Cheaper- obvious
2. 3.5mm
3. Same size battery w/ weaker chip = better sot (given you don't go back to the dinosaurs w/ nm)
4. Plastic construction = better durability & grip
5. Lighter at 170g for the same size
6. Better blue, even the charcoal is blue

but with colorOS being the thing now... why

  • Vathsala

OnePlus Nord 5g I bought from last 20days back battery backup is not good any solution for this

  • Anonymous

I noticed that the two icons for the notification drawer from ColorOS 11 are gone

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Apple leads in browser related benchmarks yet lags behind o... morewhat you say has nothing to do with JavaScript,

-A14 throttle its true but that is because of GPU,
-also cpu can throttle when all core are used

case of javascript only one core is used, and it doesnt sustain, when you enter heavy website with javascript your cpu will burst 1 second and return to normal clock. so cpu with better single core and burst speed will perform better than smaller cores.

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 24 Jul 2021Lakefield and upcoming aldarlake cpu have same structure as... moreApple leads in browser related benchmarks yet lags behind other Android flagships in real world.

Apple leads in Wildfire gpu benchmark yet gives lowest fps in games as the A14 is a thermal throttling nightmare. 60hz screen is adding to the misery.

Apple A14 leads in GeekBench single core tests yet gets outperformed in real world speed tests against the likes of ROG 3 with Snapdragon 865.

  • Nikish

Why is no one talking about the display brightness on the OnePlus Nord 2...

If you check the auto maximum brightness figure in the display chart you will be surprised to see that the OnePlus Nord display brightness is higher than the OnePlus Nord 2.

I would like to re confirm the claims made by GSM arena with regards to the peak display brightness on auto mode in OnePlus Nord 2

Nigil Abraham, 24 Jul 2021Dear folks @ gsmarena, I have been an avid follower of your... moreThey sai sit in the review bro. Can't u read like did u even read the whole review of software section and camera interface? Not ot be rude but just pointing iut

  • Nigil Abraham

Dear folks @ gsmarena, I have been an avid follower of your site and most of my purchase decisions were influenced by your reviews and I am happy about that. But today as I read through this review it’s sickening to note that you have ignored to comment on or report that Oxygen Os in nord 2 is akin to colour os in many ways like the settings menu or the camera interface. The sub menus in system settings and the camera ui in nord 2 exactly resemble that of realms x7 Max a colour os device than the oxygen os in oneplus 9/9 pro

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021The thing is that cortex a55 clocked at the speed it is, wi... moreWrong even if you clock A55 5Ghz it will never reach perfomance of bigger cores cortex X1/A78/A77 etc.

As you can see previous Benchmarks Chrome with Cortex A55 did score 16 in speedometer while Vivaldi scored 104. So changing from bigger core to Smaller core you lose almost 4/5 of phone power, no way Cortex A55 will perform same as A78.

And why did people start investigating this thing? Because oneplus started to lag even in simple YouTube videos, and here you said it didn't Affect real world perfomance?.

Check this from Official oneplus community

That was before Geekbench ban and Anandtech Article. People complain scrolling certain apps is laggy compare to op7 or op6. Someone even made a video comparing them.

And I don't randomly comment, someone Quoted me and I answered him, I use oneplus too, but this behaviour is Un acceptable unless you are blind fan boy.

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Lol your entire analogy is wrong. Core i7, i9, celeron? Yo... moreLakefield and upcoming aldarlake cpu have same structure as phone cpu, you will have Big little formation, maybe try to Google a bit? In Intel lineup there are Gold and silver cpu, silver cpu which base from Atom including Celeorn and pentium and Gold Cpu which base from Core series including pentium, celeron, core m, i3, i5, i7, i9, xeon etc.

And saying browsing don't need cpu you are either clueless or Blind fanboy, browsing is probably heaviest app when it come to single thread perfomance, especially when you run Javascript. For years it's recommended to choose fast Single core over many cores when you choose cpu for browsing.

And many Browsing related Benchmarks Apple leads by huge margin because of superiority in single thread perfomance. So when you give browser cortex A55 it will lag for sure.

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Curious why people want a glass back when it makes the phon... morePreach! That is why I never care about the plastic back panel of the Samsung Galaxy S21, I'm going to put a phone case to it anyway.

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960, 23 Jul 2021It's not just that we'll miss it, it's that ... moreBut why do you need 3.5 you can just use charging port I like it more when phone has less holes

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Hemedans, 24 Jul 2021So if it's cpu hog then you throttle it? Someone paid ... moreLol your entire analogy is wrong.
Core i7, i9, celeron? You can't have celeron and core i7 in the same laptop.
But you can have cortex a55 and cortex A78 in same phone.
OnePlus isn't running on cortex a55 alone, they just blocked some excessive power consuming apps like Chrome from accessing high performance cores. Browsing isn't a heavy task Junior.

The real world difference is hardly a few milliseconds in chrome, barely noticeable to the end user.You didn't answer his question.. What other apps show lower performance ?

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 24 Jul 2021So if it's cpu hog then you throttle it? Someone paid ... moreThe thing is that cortex a55 clocked at the speed it is, will run chrome as fast as cortex A78 but without the excessive power consumption.

Real world users didn't notice any difference.
The whole point of big little architecture is to balance the load between powerful and less powerful cores in order to consume less battery.
Web browsing isn't a heavy task like benchmarks or hardcore gaming where performance difference is noticeable if operating on cortex a55 cores.

Your questions were already answered in another comment section. Looks like you just hate OnePlus. Btw OnePlus already pushed an update giving the option to use powerful cores in those apps, enjoy your low battery life for basic task like web browsing.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 24 Jul 2021Which popular apps? Are you referring to the lopsided bias... moreSo if it's cpu hog then you throttle it? Someone paid close to thousand dollar to get cortex A55 perfomance?

Assume you are building pc for chrome or you buy laptop for chrome, and you know it eat lot of cpu, would you choose celeron or better core like i7 or i9?.