OnePlus Nord 2 5G review

22 July 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Stay away from cheap Xiaomi phones , thank me later.Is better but more expensive. Redmi note 10 pro is the best phone in his price range.

BrendonF, 22 Jul 2021Will miss the 3.5mm jack but this phone ticks all my checkb... moreIt's not just that we'll miss it, it's that they remove it from more and more phones every year, and only a few people complain. Eventually it will be extinct from midrangers too and then the same will happen to budget phones. That is why this trend needs to stop,before the headphone jack goes completely extinct.

Anonymous 2.0, 22 Jul 2021Everyone nowadays: Gimme Headphone Jack or get Doomed! Yes, we don't blindly accept rubbish trends by these manufacturers, who are motivated by greed and remove more and more features every year.

Take the S21
After they removed the headphone jack and heart sensor in the s20 and everyone blindly bought it, they realised they could get away with more, and removed the SD slot, QHD display and glass back from the s21. And what happened? Nothing - they got away with it again.

  • Anonymous

Take a look at those over sharpened photo samples before buying. They look like crap when just zoomed in a little bit..

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 23 Jul 2021Ok bois. Here is why u should buy poco f3 or realme gt or x... moreYou choose a couple of FPS and 120hz...
I prefer by far IMX766 and OIS.

Nord 2 is in my opinion more equilibrate.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 23 Jul 2021"Downscaling a 50MP photo to 12.5MP may yield slightly... moreI'm agree with you.
As a Redmi Note 8 Pro user, I nearly never used the numeric zoom.
Most of time, I get a full 64MP picture and crop it. Much better for x2 or x4.

As Nord 2 has OIS, result should even be better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021Is the Nord 2 better than the Redmi note 10 pro?Stay away from cheap Xiaomi phones , thank me later.

  • Anonymous

captain fokou, 23 Jul 2021I hope you are joking. MIUI and EMUI are better in my opini... moreMui is a disaster, it is an absolute train wreck.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 23 Jul 2021Ok bois. Here is why u should buy poco f3 or realme gt or x... moreStop looking at paper specs and look at the whole experience. Mui on Poco is very unreliable and updates are random at best. I would go with the Nord for the OS.

"Downscaling a 50MP photo to 12.5MP may yield slightly better results in more complex scenes - like better-defined foliage and more developed grass, bricks, building textures, but nothing that will be worth this manual and lengthy process."

Really, GSMArena? The downscaled photo has much better detail and no oversharpening effect at all! I would easily do the manual downscaling all the way.

The day shots are dreadful. It's been a while since I last saw so horrendous results, there is no single detail, all the samples are like watercolor paintings.

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Nexus were quite different than this phone. I used a nexus ... moreThe Nexus 6 looked nothing like it's predecessors and it's successors looked nothing like it. There was a Nexus design language for a few years between 2011 and 2013, that's where it stopped. Even if we had Nexus phones today, I am sure they would look nothing like any of the phones from that era.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Design looks unironically worse than the Nord 1.It looks like a lot of other cheap brands.

It looks like they slapped a one plus logo on it and called it a day.

  • Adi

pc joseph, 23 Jul 2021What is the price for 12/256 GB varient???₹34999

In 'customization options' the similarity to color os 11/realme ui 2 is clearly visible.

  • Zellax

Honestly i think the 50mp camera looks like goop. Everything has lines around it... Human people look like jelly?...

  • Anonymous

pc joseph, 23 Jul 2021What is the price for 12/256 GB varient???500 euro's in europe

  • Anonymous

Richard, 23 Jul 2021There's a lot of lag in EMUI and MUI I think Oxygen os... moreBut they do have more features and that something to.

  • Anonymous

Design looks unironically worse than the Nord 1.

Ok bois. Here is why u should buy poco f3 or realme gt or x7 max. Poco f3 has a slightly better sd 870. Better 120hz amoled display. Better battery. Op has faster charging but poco f3 is no slouch either. Yes it has worse cameras but the overproccecing of nord ruined it. Plus poco has a better macro camera and same ultrawide. Plus it is 100 euro cheaper which is noice. Also realme gt has a better display even faster chip and cost like 50 euro more while legit it matches the nord 2 cameras cuz of the overproccecing of nord 2. And software it boils down to ur own preference if its deal breaker than do nord. Otherwise yea if the nord was like 50 euro cheaper it would have been chsllegener to poco. And there is coming newly realme x9 Pro which will have same cameras as nord better perfomance and better display.