Samsung U900 Soul review: That's the spirit

14 March 2008
One of the first things we saw landing in Barcelona for the MWC last month was a huge Samsung U900 Soul billboard. The South Korea-based company has ever since been doing everything within their powers to keep the handset in the public eye. Now...

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  • splitzman2000

does anyone know how to TURN ON the 3G settings on my samsung soul U900

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone a couple of weeks before.

My only problem is that there's strong background hiss from the amplifier when using it with headphones. The hiss is even heard from the phone speaker.

Otherwise audio quality is good - not perfect as the review states - just acceptable. (Although the phone can't use the full potential of my Philips SHE9700 earphones at all - I suggest that GSMArena makes some real life testing not only lab ones, so that users are not misgyuided by bare numbers)

My question is is this hiss normal for the phone? Should I take it to service?

  • Erick

Even now one year after its launch this device is one of the great all round feature mobiles. Its build quality equals or is better than many recent devices launched this year.

  • Anonymous

hello. Excuse my poor english.
My U900 has six months. I take photos at max quality, and when i try to see those photos in the phone, the browser is extremely slow.
Anyone knows how to update the firmware or see which is installed yin my phone? thanks

  • samsung lover lanka

I have used samsung phones for the past 8 years. This is the worst phone I have come across where durability is concerned. All you folks are only talking its functions. The software failed twice within the year. The phone is just an year old. The housing looks about 10 years old. Huge wear and tare on the housing. The manufacturer expects the user to wear surgical gloves while using the phone.Where does a user touch the phone the most? Its the exterior, Samsung doesnt pay enough detail to body durability. My phone housing is peeled and discolored all over. The screen is not scratch resistant at all. Even though the phone housing is metal and heavy, it is not durable at all. Battery life is awful. No Proper cover was available for almost 6 months since the phone was lanched. Samsung is only interested in launching new phones one after the other. They dont care about accessories at all. Car chargers,covers,screen protectors are not available immediately. Worst still are the wide range of bluetooth headsets, none of them can be charged on the move. So, it has to be a Samsung phone with a different brand bluetooth.
Hope Samsung will look into these shortcomings and become #1 soon.

  • asiphile

I luv this to tiny bits it really rocks i dicover new things about it every time its quite thing i would like to know is can you change the cover of the phone? because i saw what it looks like when it is pink and I want it it in pink,,,

  • Mexicano

I got it last week and am very upset by the fact it uses a different viewer for pics and videos in de memory card and those in the phone the one for the memory card is the worst nightmare of any user, it cannot zoom in the pictures and when you are viewing one you have to go back to the list to view another pic, a process that takes minutes not seconds. Scrolling through that list is painfully slow and makes me like to throw away the little piece. Please Samsung tell me who had this idea.

  • Maxx

Samsung Rockz , beautiful desgin , specially u can create your own theme with any colour , its like using Photoshop , one would never get bored , but they forget T V Output why?????? and hows Gaming experince on this ? has anyone tried putting Fifa and other games ? msg me , if some of u guys have tried , till than cheers to Samsung.

  • b

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2008anyone having probs sending messages?? got a signal and try... more1 settings,
2 network settings
3 network mode
you should have 3-4 options one is automatic, this pics up whether your in a 3G area or not.
change it to a simpler setting like GSM 900/1800 or GSM 1900.. preferably the first.
see if this helps.
apparently its a network fault and certain areas dont have 3G cover properly. so meaasages will push when they are in your outbox, so when you send again it send twice coz the first message was still pushing.

  • Anonymous

I purchased my samsung soul a month ago and my problem with it is that it's battery life only lasts from 8 hours to 10 hours. the longest battery life i experienced from using the phone was 2 days tops and that was when i first bought it. i tried closing all the applications that would affect the energy consumption like bluetooth, vibration, etc. I also tuned networks setting to gsm mode and i mostly use my phone for text and limited calls. Any one has any idea how long the battery life should be. This phone is not really working as a mobile phone for me because i have to charge it every single day and it would still die out on me even before reaching home. I even have to bring the charger with me everyday just not not to miss important messages or calls. Any comment would be nice.

  • danny

how to reset the setting i forgot my password

  • Malcolm

Hi does anyone know how to block messages from certain users on this phone, as I did not manage to find the black list?


  • Enforcer

joey, 25 Jun 2008does anybody know how much external memory can be added to ... moreI just put a Scandisc 8GB in mine and works fine.

  • BREO

I have a 4gig mem card in mine , and for the life of me do not know how to save to it , there is no option to ???? its been formatted.everytime a message comes thru i have to delete another HELP?

  • Anonymous

Cliff, 20 Jul 2008Very nice phone, however I have forgotten my password for t... morejust ask for ur puk code

  • Dorian

You can fast forward and rewind on videos, I'm pretty sure you also can with mp3. What I would like to know is if this phone has any games? Surprisingly, no mention of them in the review, probably because there's so many better things to talk about with this phone. But seriously, Samsung usually pack a heap of games, I'd like to know, if anyone owns the Samsung U900, does it have any games and if so, how many and are they any good? Lol, I'd just like to know. Thanks

  • Anonymous

anyone having probs sending messages?? got a signal and try to send a message but puts it straight in outbox, the message looks like it has not sent but people get the massage twice when i resend. how do i know if the message has gone any ideas??

  • Anonymous

How does the camera performance against the Samsung G810 compare? Does any know?

  • Cliff

Very nice phone, however I have forgotten my password for the phone lock. Can anyone help me with a reset password, I know the default is 0000 however I changed this to my own password and forgotten it. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

kind regards

  • joey

does anybody know how much external memory can be added to the samsung soul thanks