Samsung U900 Soul review: That's the spirit

14 March 2008
One of the first things we saw landing in Barcelona for the MWC last month was a huge Samsung U900 Soul billboard. The South Korea-based company has ever since been doing everything within their powers to keep the handset in the public eye. Now...

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  • Anonymous

Hi, Can you say anything about the LEDs strength? Is it similar to Samsung G600? To me, the Samsung U900 seems to be a good handset but not a big step forward compared to Samsung G600, or am I wrong here?


Samsung is the one on the right and nokia n95 8gb on the left

  • razec

Nice review by gsmarena. and the phone camera is great. although the revamped interface now looks similar to motorola.

  • kirt

Good review, but a little vid demo here and there would have been welcomed.
The phone is very very nice. Great for photos and the design is one of the best ever. However it fell short with the video recording, simple joypad and no DIVX player. But wow what a design and its very slim, but 105 isnt short. Well with such a slim phone u cant have it all, it simply cant fit, but this will b a hit i think. Good job "Mr. Designer" and samsung :)
Beers on me, hehehe!

  • andy burgin

Loooks a promising phone until you try it out yourself,Samsung have never been able to get the software matching Nokia,i bet the ringtones will be not be allowed to pick a track you want an the message tones as well i got the G600 for my mate but he keeps missing calls an texts an theres only 3 tones for messages an not loud,i wish Samsung would have learnt from this mistake but never seem to do anything about it,an the screens or ribbons always seem to broken easily on Samsung mobiles

  • Anonymous

Wow!!! This reviews was quick... I didn't expected it so early...

  • Anonymous

so slim and nice looking with fantastic camera
good job samsung

  • rony

heh heh that what Im talking about a good looking samsung that takes as good if not better pictures than a n95....only thing lacking is vga video i guess....800 not as good as 1200 battery of the n95 8gb but then the samsung is waay slimmer and better looking. keep it up samsung!!

  • Huo

what a coincidence, first place...