Samsung U900 Soul review: That's the spirit

14 March 2008
One of the first things we saw landing in Barcelona for the MWC last month was a huge Samsung U900 Soul billboard. The South Korea-based company has ever since been doing everything within their powers to keep the handset in the public eye. Now...

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  • Anonymous

can u fast forward and rewind on U900's mp3 player?

  • Anonymous

nice phone overall, but contact seems to be able to store 2 pieces of info per contact. After adding HP and hus tel, add detail option no longer allow me to add other info like email, home add etc.

  • V-Nie

hello... any one can tell tis phone can store maximum how many sms? and can it be saved in memory card?

  • Anonymous

u900 soul got wifi or not??

  • Victoria

I have a K850i, i tell you the camera on the G600 and the U900 are just as bad as each other, they claim to be 5mpxl cameras and they do not take 5 mpxl pictures, i have had a U900, G600, K850i and N95 8GB out and looked at the picture quality. In order they go
1. K850i
2. N95 8GB
3. U900
4. G600

they are all 5 mpxl cameras yet the G600 and U900 look like 2 mpxls to me.

besides that, if i could take my K850i back and get the U900, i quite possibly would. It is a very sophisticated looking phone and very slim line, with myh K850i, i have gotten used to the touch screen so i do not think the U900 menu touch screen will really bother me.

overall ratings:

Looks: U900
Camera: K850i/ N95 8GB
Keypad: K850i
Ease of texting: U900
Size: U900/G600
Loudness/MP3: K850i
Weight: U900/G600

My choice is between Sony Ericsson K850i and Samsung U900.

  • emvee

ive had a quick play with the soul and i quite like it,theres been lots of time spent on its looks and "feel" which doesnt really bother me,although its a good all round phone and is comparable to the g600 which would be an obvious still not keen on the size of the lens,it seems too small to take full advantage of the 5mp abilities but im the video software will try to make up for this.i definately prefer it in silver.

  • felix

why gsmarena still compete all camera phones to n95,i tested approx.10 5mpx phones and results were the worst for nokias.soul is good looking phone with futuristic design,bravo samsung.just vga video is needed on nowadays that's biggiest fault

  • kotoko

Ok, I'm looking at the review and was wondering how did they get that Red Color Theme? It's probably customized but I can't get the design like theirs and I want that design1!!@!4

  • Serkan

Same as Samsung E950

  • ash

wonder if it will take forever to shoot a photo like previous releases, it's the only thing that stands between me and Samsung.

  • nicole

does anyone know messaging features??
wiil SMSs auto save at sent item folder?
cos i currently using samsung and my phone has no auto save feature.


  • Swaroop

Fantastic phone

  • Anonymous

The camera's white balance is totally off the mark. Unless Samsung fixes this serious drawback, I wouldn't even consider its pic quality acceptable.

  • Anonymous

Weight is 3.4oz (96g) accoring to cnet.

  • Anonymous

Seriously amazing camera quality, brilliant looking phone, lots of features...just a shame about the UI and bad video recording.

  • MobileSlider

Does anybody know how much this handset weighs???

  • Edwawa

The picture on the left easily has better quality than the photo on the right. I would be suprised if this was the Samsung.

  • ed

to andy burgin.... goin back to the comment on how the g600 with low volumes on message tones and ringtones and also the limited versatility on choosing tones for ringtones on the sam g600 i believe is somethin samsung can fix...its jus in my opinion with all the other gimicks goin on that phone particularly the camera and the size of the lense its hard to fit all fortifying features in to one compact device. If u check out the samsung d600 which in my opinion was one of the best devices samsung had to offer back in the 2mp era had everything that u were talkin about except for maybe choosing mp3 msg tones which i admit is one draw back. But in terms of selective choices for the msg tone and also ringtones was probably the best i've experienced, u could even use mp3 tones as your ringtones without converting them first unlike the sam t809 in which u had to convert them into 3gp in order to use them as ringtones.. in fact one of the cool features that was probably somethin i'd overlook to the drawback of not using mp3's as msg tone was using mp3s as your alarm tone and on top of that the d600 had dual stereo speakers which had great sound quality.

  • oliver

I love u Samsung! I love u GSMarena! SO much..
Im most likely gonna get this phone thnks to ur review.. N it was out so fast..! Ur the only site that has a review on it.. U truly are the best mobile site.. Thanks!

  • spes

800mA is enough, the phone is cool... probably my next phone? ;)