Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G review

20 August 2021

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billy zane, 30 Aug 2021No dust certification. I have a bad feeling that dog hair w... moreCan’t tell if you are serious. You swimming in dog hair at your house? I don’t have a pet but I can’t see this being an issue for most people (even those who won a dog)

  • Impressed

I have a 13Pro Max. Best phone ever. But this is the first phone that has excites me about tech since the iPhone 5S or the S8. Just a beautiful design. My major concerns with this are the battery and camera. Everything else is beyond impressive (to me).
Seeing this review the camera is more than adequate and the battery will be fine, I mean I lived with a iPhone 7 for 2 years without issue and Samsungs low power mode will be fine for a weekend. Phones these days also charge quicker than the old 5w days.
I’ve ordered mine and can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

Wolfe2118, 01 Nov 2021I love this phone! But after 2 months the screen split at ... moreGood move on the appliances. Samsung has been having a ton of issues with them.

  • memyselfandi

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2021My opinion is based on my usage, not any "vision"... moreKudos..........................

I love this phone! But after 2 months the screen split at the fold. I called Samsung today to ask about a warranty repair and was told that it's not covered. I made it clear that the phone was not damaged but I simply opened it up after sitting on the counter for a couple hours and the split was there. Come to find out that I'm not the only one that has had this problem. In other news I'm remodeling my house and using new appliances, since Samsung will not honor it's warranty for defects I will certainly not be buying their appliances.

  • AnonD-1014095

Too tall when opened
Rubbish camera, should had the S21ultra camera.
No 16gb Ram
No s888+

  • Anonymous

69 hours of battery endurance rating is really disappointing tbh since the first-gen model from 2019 can do 85 hours. Since Samsung doesn't include DeX support in the first place, I may as well just save my money and buy the original Z Flip instead. After all, it was shipped with Android 10 out of the box and eligible for three major OS update, so it can definitely enjoy Android 13 with OneUI 5.0 update.

  • Anonymous

Usman.555, 19 Sep 2021I regret to buy this phone. It’s getting very hot during no... moreSnapdragon 888 is prone to overheating under intensive use. It feels like Snapdragon 810 all over again.

  • Art

horrible battery life/charging time. 2 times per day must charge it, charge time from 0 to 100 takes 2 hrs

I regret to buy this phone. It’s getting very hot during normal usage and battery timing is horrible.

  • Shariff

Wow the beautiful phone

  • Anonymous

typing this from my flip 3 and the review is mostly on point. the phone is kinda long which is nice but not for videos.

the folding works pretty great but it doesnt make the phone more pocketable.

basically its a bit of a gimmick. it is cool, it works well, but thats about it.

  • Anonymous

wow! 22:9! just wow! the best aspect ratio in the market... and it flips! just wow samsung.

  • Anonymous

No zoom? Then it's not for me.

If I ever give up my S9+ (which still runs pretty well) for this, I would do the same mainly for two things : Portability and The Tall Screen 🔥🔥

techmad, 26 Aug 2021I am for one, just traded my S20+ for this. Could care 2 ho... moreWhat a downgrade.

  • billy zane

No dust certification. I have a bad feeling that dog hair would creep into the innards of this phone at my house. Somehow my labrador's hair gets into the case of my Galaxy S10

  • Anonymous

i0S.- Never.- Again, 22 Aug 2021Foldables are here to stay... Haters of the Galaxy Note ser... moreThe Note series was good from the get go though. Foldables are STILL mediocre, compromised devices. You either get a Flip phone with an unnecessary gimmick and worse specs, or a phablet with a rather poor display format and a fairly easy to damage display. Both foldables still aren't worth it, as much as some want to argue 😅

  • Constant X

At what temperature can it be used in winter or do I have to buy another phone for the winter?

  • techmad

joe nodden, 25 Aug 2021Who is the targeted consumer? The folding display does abso... moreI am for one, just traded my S20+ for this. Could care 2 hoots about what you think. To me, the innovation, though still not fully matured, is stable enough to give this a go. Besides, I for one do not like carrying giant tall slabs in my sport shorts that are ridiculously inconvenient!