Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review

24 August 2021

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Andre , 25 Aug 2021If we do the math? Really? :).. If you do the math, you... moreoh sorry i didn't know people here are not rich. Ooops don't get mad, i'm just kidding. I just love new tech and Im a nerd so i dont spend my money on anything else cause im single and i dont have a social life.

I only mentioned where Im at because from what i understand, freebies and offers vary based on locations and carriers, and I only said S21ultra just as an example - samsung website and other retailers here accept phones from huawei, apple, oppo, and xiaomi for swapping - you can even swap upto 3 old mobiles (devices, really, cause they accept tabs and watches too) if you have a lot of old phones sleeping at your house. So if you really want the new fold, then it can be get for a lot less than the announced retail price.

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"while also technically cheaper and with that, still the best foldable around. "

Says it all in 1 sentence

Only 5 cameras this time, first fold had 6!

Still form factor of outfolding Huawei mate X is far better than this.

Under display camera is worst of two worlds - easily visible, and bad photo quality.

  • Andre

AresinUAE, 24 Aug 2021I bought the Fold 2 is because I was curious and i am tired... moreIf we do the math? Really? :).. If you do the math, you'll realize almost none of the commentators here live in dubai and own a s21 ultra :).. How's that for a math..

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pralea, 24 Aug 2021This is way too overhyped and overpriced. Honestly gsmarena... moreRead it, it is the best foldable. Not a smartphone overall. You got confused.

  • Raj SB

How the 2nd photo is possible (the page where the camera review starts). The phone is rested on a desk in laptop style where I see a self preview of the reviewer and the camera man shows up. I thought there is only one (hidden) camera inside the phone which is in the middle of the right side screen. Am I seeing a camera live view or a photo taken already and it shows it. I can see the camera interface in the second screen.

  • Foldable fun

@GSMA, Can you please publish an article on rumoured brands working on foldables and their ETAs ? Thanks!

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beep bop boop, 25 Aug 2021Dude its only 3rd gen, they are still investing in R&D ... moreYeah, it still looks far from refined at the moment although I think they're doing a great job.

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Personally speaking its not worth it Flip is fine but fold is horrible but even flip is not worth 800 dollars

Fold3 is the better phone than the Flip3 but the Flip3 is more for masses with its price tag. It's the phone more people want. Fold3 is still niche and not many want to carry a phone that big or have no interest in tablets. But it's a better device that's better with productivity and better all-around. Just not worth $800 better.

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IpsDisplay, 24 Aug 2021Ahh just as expected the so called new battery saving OLED... moreYou do realize that the screens are 30% brighter overall right? So much of that savings is likely negated by the screen brightness. I would bet that if you set the screen of the Fold2 and Fold3 to the same brightness and do a battery drain test, the Fold 3 will likely have better battery life.

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with this battery life the device belongs in the trash, a big disappointment.

pralea, 24 Aug 2021This is way too overhyped and overpriced. Honestly gsmarena... moreDude its only 3rd gen, they are still investing in R&D to find ways to address the current issues, its obv that it is going to take some time for it to be completely refined

  • kek

Honestly, these foldable tablets are nonsense. Z flip is where is at if you really want to take advantage of foldable tech.

  • pralea

This is way too overhyped and overpriced. Honestly gsmarena, I dont know how you came up with that rating. It may be the best foldable right now, but let's face, it's on its third generation and price is still too high. And important features are missing, battery life is still horrible and it;s still fragile.

I bought the Fold 2 is because I was curious and i am tired of the normal phone from factor but to my surprise, even with the average camera, i found it to be by far, the most useful portable device ive ever had in a long time. Almost everything i wanted on a phone was there, and it even survived my 3-week trip to Phuket. It was more durable than i expected.

Now, with the added features and durability, id say, if you can afford it, then go get it! Swap your older phone and get those freebies, and that will cut the price down to almost your normal slab. Here in Dubai, the S21ultra and note 20 ultra can be swapped for about 500 to 550 dollars and theyre giving about 425 dollars worth of freebies - so if you do the math, the new fold 3 is about $900. (I can further cut the price if i resell my tabS7 cause i dont need the note-taking tablet anymore).

To the GSMA team, this is by far one of the most hardest to read articles you've posted, there were so many redundant points.

Ahh just as expected the so called new battery saving OLED screen technology

Has virtually no impact on battery life

Same like the overhyped LTPO people were gushing over previously

Gone are they days when the display was the power eating champ.. the chipset is now king of absorption...

Savings compared to a previous screen technology might just be 1% for the OVERALL battery consumption pie chart

But it sure looks good in marketing when they say something like 20% more efficient.. COMPARED to another screen alone..

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Cameras do not work if bootloader is unlocked according to xda

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