Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review

24 August 2021

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No information about mi mix fold as an alternative. The only other foldable on 888.
And no, mate x2 was not a paper device, you can still buy it on the official site for the announced price. There are tens of thousands reviews there, people are actively buying it.
Very poor comparison

  • Anonymous

Josh V, 25 Aug 2021That large black bar when watching videos is a big No for me. Agreed, the square aspect ratio makes NO sense

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021But that tiny front do you live with it?It's for Facebook, Twitter, notifications, etc.
Main big tasks are done on the inner screen

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 25 Aug 2021Yikes, 75 hours of battery endurance rating? That is six ho... moreIt's great when you take into consideration two 120hz displays especially inner screen.
Bigger the screen size, bigger the battery consumption.
Snapdragon 888 is also power hungry.
Overall battery endurance rating is good, only let down in numbers due to poor standby time

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug moreMost people buying this won't be bothering with bootloader unlock.
Besides the phone has just launched, issues like these will be fixed by xda membership soon

  • Anonymous

Samsung yet again cheapening out on cooling on their flagships

FarFan, 25 Aug 2021Only 5 cameras this time, first fold had 6! Still form f... moreOne of the first Fold's six cameras is a useless depth sensor. So it's still the same five cameras in my book. I'd rather see Samsung utilizing a much more useful front ultrawide camera instead of a much more useless front depth sensor.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021Snapdragon 888 is a curse just like 810 was. It would be... moreCouple that to two 120Hz screens, and you have a deadly combination as a battery killer.

Yikes, 75 hours of battery endurance rating? That is six hours less than last year's Z Fold2.

Coming from Z fold 2, i call this a huge disappointment!
My secondary phone is Poco F3 which costs just 25% of its price tag, also has 120hz and tops it with MEMC
I expected at least a 1B color panel from Sammy, but they sacrifice it and touch sample+sensitivity for the pen support.
So they srapped us and prefered Note users.
If Fold 2 only had one problem that was battery performance. Since it has the same screen i was hoping the 5nm chip would help it achieve better results, but it didn't and what's worse is that folded the endurance dropped from 115hours to 85h, which is a massive downgrade. Also they force us to pay more for a charger. speaking abour chargers, i have the 50w samsung and the phone charges way faster, i am sure that fold 3 with the smaller battery will do marginally better!
And the last nail to its coffin, the camera, i am not a photographer or Instagram model, but since they ask from us 2000euros, they ought at least to use their best cameras, at least the hardware, they used the same Fold 2 had.
Paying 2000 for the underscreen selfie is way too much!

So much money for such a bad product. 75 hours battery... Rip off! And you never know when that inner screen will break. Knowing how their warranty suck, I will recommend everybody to avoids this. Samsung is on the way down; it is clear now…

  • Josh V

That large black bar when watching videos is a big No for me.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 888 is a curse just like 810 was.

It would be better if smartphone manufacturers would skip it and got 1 tier below.

Really the next SD must solve this thermal issue, it's starting to get ridiculous, not to mention that above the thermal issues the battery life of phones is sustainably worse with this gen because of it.

I'd like to think manufacturers will realize from sales of what the market will bear.
I currently have no use for a folding smartphone or the just sub $2000 they cost.
I do appreciate the innovation, it's just not for me. Good Job Samsung! Really!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021OG Fold user here. I like the OG WAY more than the Fold2 or... moreBut that tiny front do you live with it?

  • Osiris

2000 euro phone doesn't come with a charger or headphones lol, smaller battery, same cameras, etc. Fold 2 looks better and better

Mate X2 are still the best when it comes to clean folding technique & near to none crease when open. Along with its high quality camera.

The rest are better on the Z Fold3. No two words about it lol 😂

  • Anonymous

OG Fold user here. I like the OG WAY more than the Fold2 or Fold3. The newer versions are just too awkward to use compared to the more compact form factor of the OG.

Raj SB, 25 Aug 2021How the 2nd photo is possible (the page where the camera re... moreHi,
You are seeing a live preview from the under-display camera. The phone is just rotated, so that it sits on its "left" half. This is kind of the default setup for things like conference calls.

  • raed

I guess the battery is Small, with such a big screen, I think we have to charge it 3 times a day