Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review

24 August 2021

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Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Good review, but obviously not written by an S-pen user. Th... moreTo quote the review:

"Samsung's latest and greatest S21 Ultra 5G can be had for just under EUR 1000 and unquestionably delivers a better traditional smartphone experience than the Z Fold3 in every conceivable way. The same is also true of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Granted, its tech is a generation older since Samsung decided to neglect the Note line this year, but the point still stands, and you also get an S Pen in the fully-featured familiar manner - Bluetooth and all, with a place inside the phone's body."

There are definitely compromises, but I wouldn't say they are with the actual experience of using the S Pen. Writing on the display feels surprisingly consistent with what I am already used to, coming from a regular Galaxy Note. The compromises in terms of storing and charging the S Pen Pro and the lack of Bluetooth on the S Pen Fold edition are pretty self-evident. It is, indeed, not a true S Pen experience in that sense.

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Good review, but obviously not written by an S-pen user. The Fold S-pen experience is severely compromised and it shouldn't be claimed that it's as full featured as a Note

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I think the Z Fold 3 does stand out as the single truest flagship phone, capable of more and doing things other phones can't. The S-pen support and tablet like screen with the best support for general media use and app use makes it the real entertainment powerhouse. It may be a sting for some tech nerd types that they can't wax lyrical about the tech specs of the camera being better than others but we're long passed the point where a camera on a phone is usable and producing good results, same with performance as well. If you want to enjoy this for being the best phone for reading, comics, videos, entertainment, web surfing and any other form of entertainment then that trumps having a slightly better camera I would rarely use in my mind.

If I could get my hands on this then no other phone would tempt me at all, it just does media better and even the battery can be worked around with a big wireless charger pack or (in my case) when working from home it can simply be kept on charge anyway.

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Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021It's great when you take into consideration two 120hz ... moreLast year's Z Fold2 also has 120Hz inner screen. It was in this Z Fold3 that Samsung decided to add another 120Hz screen at the front.

Moi, 26 Aug 2021I preordered the fold 3. It’s interesting how a top notch c... moreLooking at the pics and video samples, it isn't as bad as People are trying to make it be. Looking only at the comments, they make it seem Like the cameras are 2010 quality, rather than a notch below 2020 top dogs.
Whoever doesn't favor much taking pictures/videos Will be more than happy with what fold3 provides. Only US very geeky folks who pixel-peep every little detail Will make it sound Like it's the End od the world

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I preordered the fold 3. It’s interesting how a top notch camera system from a couple of years back suddenly is just “ok”. Happy I’m not a spec sheet fanatic and see the bigger picture. Given all the extra stuff Samsung throws in for those who preorder, and given the fact that the fold provides an excellent tablet experience that fits in your pocket, the price asked is to me very reasonable. Actually I ditched the idea of getting the iPhone 13 PRO Max for the fold 3 because I rather back up a company that takes risks and innovates than the other alternative. Well done Samsung!

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Its a novelty technology demonstrator as of now.

To really succeed it needs to be two things, a phone and a 9 inch tablet all rolled into one.

Robustness - MILT STD 810 G plus a 8000 Mah battery ???

AnonD-1014095, 26 Aug 2021Epic fail No 18gb ram No s21 ultra camera No 6000mah ... moreLol

  • K

Its a good phone. If they had to add a higher capacity battery phone would have been even more thicker.

  • AnonD-1014095

Epic fail
No 18gb ram
No s21 ultra camera
No 6000mah
No 5x optical loseless zoom
No ceramic glass
No xenon flash
No 4k screen
No 700ppi
No sharp edges, like Note series but ugly curve design
No S888+

And asking £1500


Go away Samsung

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Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021Most people buying this won't be bothering with bootlo... moreMost people complaining here don't even have the cash to buy something like the Z Fold 3.
It's just another case of sour grapes

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IpsDisplay, 25 Aug 2021Still a bad test.. they don't have same processors ... moreBattery consumption is higher during web browsing because of non black background.
Afcourse this can be fixed with dark mode inside browsers

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Software > siftware

Aspros, 25 Aug 2021Coming from Z fold 2, i call this a huge disappointment! M... moreHow can you see 1B colors?

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Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021Snapdragon 888 is a curse just like 810 was. It would be... more
People want mobile cpu with power of desktop, 120/144Hz, screen brighter than the sun.
But with battery endurance of feature phones.

You can have power or larger battery endurance. This is why midranges and low ends last way more despite using chips of weaker litography like 7, 8 or 10nm.

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Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021Samsung yet again cheapening out on cooling on their flagships It is almost as big as ipad mini.
Cooling should not be necessary considering larger body loses heat much easier.

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Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021Most people buying this won't be bothering with bootlo... moreYou do not know if samsung has done on purpose or if it is a bug.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021You do realize that the screens are 30% brighter overall ri... moreStill a bad test.. they don't have same processors

Battery savings on these OLED screens are negligible

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No information about mi mix fold as an alternative. The only other foldable on 888.
And no, mate x2 was not a paper device, you can still buy it on the official site for the announced price. There are tens of thousands reviews there, people are actively buying it.
Very poor comparison

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Josh V, 25 Aug 2021That large black bar when watching videos is a big No for me. Agreed, the square aspect ratio makes NO sense