Realme GT Master review

30 August 2021

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I can confirm that 64MP is OV64B from omnivision because only OV has half inch with 0,7ΓΉm , yeah maybe for cutting price, but somehow the photo taken especially with night mode in low light is great

NickDroid - Interesting , it means Realme Dialer is selective region based , some have some dont as per govt. equations / Regulations , Realme GT Master here is Google Dialer since atleast going back to 7 pro , Realme C11 , Realme x3 SuperZoom Days.

MobileMann21, 12 Oct 2021NikiDroid - is it Realmes default dialer or google dialer ... moreMy phone, Realme GT Master Edition, Indonesia region, uses Realme dialer and it is not Google dialer. So, when I am receiving incoming calls, I could see the recording sound there inside the dialer.

NikiDroid - is it Realmes default dialer or google dialer with call recording announcement.

I have tried 4 top apps one is working "Some~What" but otherside volume is 3 x lower & if otherside talk something in lower voice its barely heard , while ours is high ( As it should be ) , again it gives garbled numbers to recording ( Random records ) making it less trustworthy.

Lack of call recording has taken advantage out of android vis - a - vis iOS.
Most other apps just record first 5 etc. making it cumbersome to keep tally , the OEM Call Recorder i find the best in the business.

MobileMann21, 11 Oct 2021can anyone do call recording on this mobile , please confirm .On my Realme GT Master, Indonesia region, call recording available when I am in calling someone or receiving income call in progress.

I have tried 3rd party apps , for call recording , so far they work 50 - 50 , some record first 5 calls and then dont , have tried boldbeast , cube acr , does anyone have a reliable 3rd party call recorder for this realme GT ME.

can anyone do call recording on this mobile , please confirm .

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RAJAN, 28 Sep 2021Is Realme GT master OTG supportable? yes

confusedGuy, 03 Oct 2021Should I buy Realme GT 8gb 128gb for 19,999 ? or S20 FE 5... moreI believe Samsung is better. But do you like slow charging? If you dislike slow charging speed, then Realme GT Master Edition is your choice.

Arunabh Saikia, 03 Oct 2021With 100% battery it gives backup only up to 3/4 hr while w... moreMy Realme GT Master Edition is running Android 11 baseband version RMX3363_11_A.06. Right now I saw my phone had been used for 7 hour more, battery is still 39%. I use the most is watching movies on Disney+Hotstar.

  • Arunabh Saikia

With 100% battery it gives backup only up to 3/4 hr while web browsing, experienced it.

  • confusedGuy

Should I buy Realme GT 8gb 128gb for 19,999 ?
or S20 FE 5g for 34k ?

worth spending extra for display, security, os updates ?

Currently using Realme XT 4gb after android 11 update free ram is only 1gb so can't keep more than 4-5 apps in memory


Is Realme GT master OTG supportable?

Have been used Realme GT Master Edition, daybreak blue.

So far I have no many complaints for the phone. But, every phone has disadvantage and advantage. I love the Super AMOLED LCD, even it is still 1.080p. The design is rather compact and size is good compared my Poco X3 NFC. I seldom press power button for do restart phone if there is no issue.

While for software and UI, the UI is good, and better than my Poco X3 NFC, personalization, AoD with pattern option and also there is edge lighting will light if there is incoming notification while the phone is in standby and where the screen is off.

Realme GT Master Edition had complete features, fingerprint under display, dual 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, jack audio 3,5 mm, 120 HZ refresh rate (I use auto).
The performance is good so far I use. I can type using Gboard with my daily use in fast typing. Gaming I only tested Arena of Valor for Android game. The graphics can be set till maximum right position.

I have no issue for incoming calls, calling, WhatsApp calling, internet, camera, video, Bluetooth.

The issue that I found from my Realme GT Master Edition:
1. If you open WhatsApp and would like to make a status and the status you want to share your photo with selfie take. The image will look pressed from above and bottom. The pressed images is happen onlye when you open selfie camera using WhatsApp before send pictures

2. WiFi internet slow. I think this is software bug from Realme, because my Poco X3 NFC never experience slow WiFi internet speed.

By the way, for my opinion and my daily use, Realme GT Master Edition is still good phone for daily use.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021Does it aggregrate 4G+ bands?Yes, it does.

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Does it aggregrate 4G+ bands?

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bulbulito.bayagbag, 17 Sep 2021Whenever you see a new Oppo phone, you will definitely see ... moreAgreed. In fact most of theirs flagship are just copy of another. If you look closely to oppo find x3 pro and oneplus 9 pro screen design, you hardly notice any different. I guess they're doing this to reduce manufacturing cost and they can use the same part for different phone.

Rvgr12, 19 Sep 2021Bought it, loved setting it up... It's features and th... moreIt should be work if the phone released on your region. My Realme GT Master Edition on my region works for all SIM Indot operator network.

Bought it, loved setting it up... It's features and the fact that it has a headphone jack! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Then I noticed that my sim wasn't working... Not on Verizon πŸ˜•

NikiDroid, 13 Sep 2021Yes, it looks like Reno4 design.Whenever you see a new Oppo phone, you will definitely see it on a Realme for sure. Along with OnePlus and Vivo. Sharing the same production lines since these are all owned by BBK Electronics.