Xiaomi 11T Pro review

15 Sept 2021

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  • miki

It's a shame that Xiaomi doesn't understand how huge piece of market the loose just because their phones are not waterproof.
I was really close to buy one, but only 11 Ultra has this certificate and I refuse to throw that much money for a cellphone.

I have almost the same device in my pocket. It's called Mi10T Pro. Bad bad Xiaomi! we're not fools.

  • Graz

I'm just bored.
Phones are all the same these days, clones of each other- hardly any innovation.
And Mi OS is pretty terrible.

Android-Authority, 15 Sep 2021Only the black version of Poco F3 gets fingerprints on the ... moreBruh, that's literally what I said. LOL

"...like the black poco f3...."

  • NICK

I thought i would be a flagship killer phone, but it is itself a half flagship phone with this price tag.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Guys! Just wondering... It's as if "lower" s... morePossible to see this serie again.

  • Anonymous Life

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021Please stop posting such fake nonsense. Apple, Google and ... moreIts true i bought a xs max over 1 year ago and also this march i bought an poco f3. iphone 97 % battery health and poco f3 also 97% . Im using poco just maybe 1-2 hour a day and iphone is my daily driver says everything. I charge poco maybe 2 times in the week because i dont use it regularly and iphone every night.

  • Anonymous

the HM2 vs old hmx

the hm2 is slimmer with 0.7 while hmx is 0.8um, off course without good processing the full resolution in hm2 obviously will be oil painting. The trick here is hm2 can get 2.1um 12mp photo compared to 27mp 1.6um photo, yet i prefer the 27mp from hmx because it stablized with OIS and big pixel res,the 1.6um pixel already good enough. In here xiaomi destroy the only 1 advantage of hm2 sensor the 12mp 2.1um pixel sensitivity have bad processing as per review LoL

another clue :
vapor chamber still used the same thin like mi11
they downgraded the performance to make sure 888 not overheat
also 108mp sensor except mi 11 all have bad detail level compared to 64 and 48mp res
speaker quality is meh again all the trademark but the module i bet is the same as mi 10t

  • Anonymous

Yuri84, 16 Sep 2021Camera that makes photographs look more like drawn pictures... moreI compared the regular A52 and the Poco F3 (Redmi K40), and the Poco blew away the A52. Ofc when we are speaking cameras Samsung has a better camera but the overall fluidity, fast charging, and the general experience is way better. And for the price of 300 euros (sometimes the Samsung is more expensive even tho it has a crappy plastic build) is totally reasonable to not have the best flagship stuff, but the line is so blurry that you might just go for the F3 and install Google Camera and have a more or less a flagship phone for half the price. And the IMX 582 is still more than decent for the price.

Camera that makes photographs look more like drawn pictures than actual downscaled photos, lack of OIS and lack of headphone jack... disappointing.

I was hoping to see something noticeably better than A52 5G, but oh well. I guess A52 is just too good.

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021Lol there is a very very very big difference in soc , a dif... moreAnd price, don't forget the difference in price.

Amdre, 16 Sep 2021No difference with redmi note 10 pro except 5g? Really? :)) in terms of camera, there is really no difference

But the main cam does NOT have OIS??? Sure???

  • Anonymous

Vinz2k, 16 Sep 2021If this is camera centric device, they could have added at ... moreLol there is a very very very big difference in soc , a difference in the display , difference in sound quality, difference in charging speed

  • Amdre

Vinz2k, 16 Sep 2021If this is camera centric device, they could have added at ... moreNo difference with redmi note 10 pro except 5g? Really? :))

  • Anonymous

Guys! Just wondering... It's as if "lower" specs (especially cameras) with relatively high prices were meant not to overshadow the coming cc11 pro/Xiaomi note 11 pro.
Hoping here not to be disappointed too by this upcoming serie

  • Anonymous

Fanboy of All brands, 16 Sep 2021Glad i bought the Mi 10T Pro. It has an better cameras. Bet... moreSurely do. They downgraded this series in the exactly most important parts: camera and price.

  • Cheapy

Kraken , 15 Sep 2021For the price except for the charging speed, alternatives l... moreYeah, the s20 fe has the same processing power, battery and charching speed as this one???

  • Aloop

So the image processing gets more artificial each gen from the Mi 10 Pro.

If this is camera centric device, they could have added at least 3x optical zoom, 16mp ultrawide cam.. the rest is fine.. no difference with redmi note 10 pro.. except for 5g