Xiaomi 11T Pro review

15 Sept 2021

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-1017154, 15 Sep 2021Yesssss! 120W charging! Just need to beg it makes its way t... moreAnd in half a year your battery life will drop dramatically.

There is a reason Apple, Samsung and Google don't go for these charging speeds.

  • AnonD-1017154

Yesssss! 120W charging! Just need to beg it makes its way to the UK so I can buy it!

AnoniMas, 15 Sep 2021Probably because those companies order much more components... moreYeah, that's a good point

"Realme GT Master Explorer (that name!)"
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
(What a mouthful!)

rizki1, 15 Sep 2021if X70 pro+ was 720 euro it is better choice but lack stere... moreThe X70 Pro+ has stereo speakers (translated from a Chinese page about the phone) and 55W charging for a 4,500mAH battery is plenty.

Sony IMX718 could be the best camera sensor for flagships but no one uses it! every OEM is running after gimmick!!

I don't really get the reason for this phone existence...

  • Anonymous

Sp, poor cameras, OK phone. Why does Xiaomi bother with so many mediocre models? Pretty ugly, too.

  • Kikuki Chamangga

Wish Xiaomi can still make flagships as rugged as LG V60's specs. Expandable. Quad DAC. Headphone Jack and Voice Bokeh /ASMR mode.

I'm not saying that 11T Pro is a bad phone, but for the price I would take Realme GT Master Explorer over this any day.. IF both devices were available in my country, of course.

  • Anonymous

This make me cry better buy 2020 flagship

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi maybe is no 1 brand in sales ,it maybe huawei before but as a company it does not have what huawei have and as a sucessor considering xiaomi is no 1 brand now is very chaotic

Here what huawei offer :

Good stable firmware and performance
Good camera processing
Good batter life
Good segmentation with good device spec and price

Xiaomi :
Gimmick camera software
Bad segmentation
Bad camera processing
Bad ui os / miui

Marco M, 15 Sep 2021Cinemagic, but no OIS, not even on main sensor. I'm... moreWell said my man, well said!

Aierlan, 15 Sep 2021Basically a mi11i with slightly better speakers and faster ... moreProbably because those companies order much more components to make it much cheaper, and then make similar/reusing those same components to make cheaper phones. Just like in the past when almost all Xiaomi phones got Snapdragon 625.

What a let down Xiaomi...€650 and no proper water protection, battery life after 1 year will be poor, no OIS (not acceptable at this price), no headphone jack, no sd card, usb still 2.0?? no under display fingerprint etc
Buy the Mi 11i, it's around €500 much better deal. I bet after 3 months this phone will cost like €450 lol

  • Anonymous

This phone is a combination between Mi11 and Redmi k40/Poco F3, lower than the first and better than other. I would say is just an Redmi k40 pro + with better charging.

Basically a mi11i with slightly better speakers and faster charging. Seems like a good solid phone. The main upgrades from the mi10t pro are the screen and speakers but you get a downgraded camera setup so it's somewhat underwhelming. Seems like many brands (especially Realme/Oppo and Xiaomi/Redmi keep releasing new phones with very minimal changes). Same cameras over and over again. Similar designs too

if X70 pro+ was 720 euro it is better choice but lack stereo speakers, fast charging and less software support.

  • AnonD-1016461

Willywonka, 15 Sep 2021The specs page says it have OIS and the Review says it does... moreSpec page isn't updated

  • Shep

It's a shame that OIS is rarely used outside the flagship segment. Feels like artificial segmentation to make the cameras of the flagships stand out more.