Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review

05 October 2021

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  • alkaline

The fruit company still hasn't had enough with applying vomit inducing clarity filter and color NR, hasn't it? Colors just look so fake and it's been like this since iPhone 7! A sky is so saturated yet intricate details are so dull and unnatural. On top of that, highlight control is just awful. Ringing is everywhere. Walking people are a blotchy mess. Apple should straight up fire all the employees working on SmartHDR or whatever and get a licence for HDR+ from Google in a future product bhahahahaha!

SizN80, 06 Oct 2021Lol, android fans say this every year and every year their ... morethe thing is ios cant do anything with that powerful chip inside. Like no splitscreen multitasking, no dex, no otg, etc. Its like an old nokia phone fitted with flagship processor lol

  • Lol

120Hz refresh rate not widely available in third-party apps at launch.

Lol its the dumbest cons i ever read. Its not fail Apple.

JaiHind69420, 06 Oct 2021Please buy a real camera and experience real photography; n... moreYou have real cameras? Please, share with us your knowledge. 😳


iOS user will stick with it anyway 🤷🏻. Go on, upgrade your ancient iPhone 6 already 😆

  • Anonymous

Apple’s performance is still the king. No other chip comes close.

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Rallying behind a person / celebrity is far FAR less sad than vitenighting behind a trillion / billion dollar megacorp who wouldn't pess on you if you, their ardent customers, were on fire unless the cameras were rolling for a PR stunt.

Some paid posters aside, it's really sad to see the other deluded posters in such threads. All objectivity and fact based discussion goes out the window when crazies come out screeching, "My daddy pilot!!!".

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Oct 2021Keep on running, but again, random insults can't cover... morePlease buy a real camera and experience real photography; not through reading online articles and memorising all highfalutin terms. :(

  • Anonymous

The artifacts due to moving people are really terrible. Google performs much, much better in this regard.

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena, it would be nice to see a comparison with the iPhone 13 camera.

I love it when people are fighting and slinging epithets online over billion dollar firms' honor which hardly give rat's rear about them. Their profits and shareholders are paramount for these firms. Customer comes later somewhere in the line. Yes, I'm talking pointing here not only to Apple but also Samsung and others as well.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 202113 Pro is counterpart to S21, not 21 ultraIt's not to the s21 actually. It's to the s21+

Android-Authority, 05 Oct 2021IPhone 13 pro Max will be irrelevant soon as Snapdragon 898... moreLol, android fans say this every year and every year their latest snapcrap chip is beaten by the older Apple A series 🤣 even worse not a single Snapdragon has even managed to catchup to A13 in all areas let alone A14 or A15🤣 and forget about any snapdragons touching the 3 year old A12X or A12Z and it will be years before Snapcrap touches M1. 😁

Thanks kiddo, try again next time!

  • Anonymous

Impressive battery life ... Apple nailed it this time ...

But personally, It still hard for me to go back using ios .. cost is one of the major factor, plus freedom in Android is something I value the most.

Just using a phone as a phone, scrolling socmed, watching video, browsing, checking email .. I dont really find the reasons to justify myself to spend $1100 on a freaking iphone..

But kudos to Apple for making a great phone like this.

JaiHind69420, 06 Oct 2021You can't keep pretending forever. It's not too l... moreKeep on running, but again, random insults can't cover your lack of fundamental photographic or imaging knowledge that long.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Can't you see from his user name how absolutely impart... moreOh absolutely, no hint of bias there at all 🤣

[deleted post]You can't keep pretending forever. It's not too late to learn about photography, so that you don't have to pretend anymore. :(

  • Anonymous

DaFink, 06 Oct 2021I’m guessing anybody that doesn’t share your point of view ... moreCan't you see from his user name how absolutely impartial he is?

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Oct 2021IMX718 is highly likely exclusive to Huawei just like every... moremoney can bring any sensor, you just need to wish or you can order a similar sensor

LOL, 06 Oct 2021fight fight fight i love when its apple release some stuff ... moreCorrect!!!!

I am an iOS and Android user too, both has pros and cons, both are great but nothing is perfect. No use fighting over it.