Android 12 review

4 October 2021

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Lyrienne, 04 Oct 2021Ehh... As the author(s?) said... it's a "love it ... moreOh you're right! Google focused so much on Privacy and "Material You" so as to remove attention from the fact that .apks are now obselete.

Scooped Storage with Android 11 and the death of .Apk with Android 12, Android is now becoming a far cry from the convenient to use android it's been all these years.

I understand the many many positives of .aab I really do but I still believe the simplicity of unified .apk was much better.

holy shit it's ugly the new look!!!

Cartooncheese, 04 Oct 2021What dessert is this?Snow Cone

Like others suggested, I suspect Google made massive changes to the UI because it finally made changes to the hardware. It wants more market share. Personally, I don't like the new look. I'll continue to enjoy ColorOS/OOS on my Nord 2 and will run LineageOS v11 on my 4a 5G to avoid Android 12.

  • Lyrienne

Ehh... As the author(s?) said... it's a "love it or hate it" thing...
I mean. Many of the features I love. but that Control panel. I really detest it honestly and prefer ye olde style.
Another "complaint" I have. (if you can call it like that. I am not sure it's even considered a complaint) is the ability to toggle "Material You" feature. What If I want the wallpaper but keep the stock appearance? Or just have it dark mode with somewhat bright wallpaper? these are my concerns.
THIRDLY. Goodbye APKs. As far as I am aware. (and I MIGHT be wrong here.) Android 12 doesn't support APK anymore. using a new app format called .aab (Android App Bundle) which means most of the 3rd party stores MIGHT NOT work with android 12. (If android 12 DOES support APK. just tell me it supports. don't bash me. please~?)
I hope vendors will design a better control panel+notifs than the stock AOSP build... for the mercy of it's userbase.

JustSomeRandomGuy, 04 Oct 2021at first, I was so excited for Material You. but after the ... moreI agree, makes me happy that OneUI won't follow this silly design language.
Google wanted to re-design just to make some hype around the new version it seems.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

at first, I was so excited for Material You. but after the hype, I realized this "redesign" is absolutely garbage. Google pastel the heck out of everything. it's like it's been bathe is sunlight and bleached until all colors are a dull washed out shade

also, why is everything so damn huge? the Quick Tiles are so abnormally big. this Android version is like designed for toddlers

Android is much better then iOS, but still horrible and full of Google nonsense! Google wants to control everything, like Apple, no matter what the user wants! The worst is killing apps in the background, which brakes how they work! For example, Android was killing my RunKeeper which prevents it from recording my run, and I had to go manually through a lot of menus and crap in order to stop Android from killing it - what fascist idiots! When is Microsoft going to make a real Windows for phones, and destroy Android and iOS? It's like, they don't want to do it on purpose, for some reason!

  • Anonymous

I honestly hate this all big & rounded elements/UI! In fact it should've been more rectangular given that the Pixel 6/6Pro are shaped like the Note series unlike previous pixels.
But you can always tweak it, since it is android after all & anyway most OEMs have their own take & won't bring this design over, so that's good for me as I'm using realmeui

Hope to see this on my Moto G100!

  • AnonD-1016461

cyber, 04 Oct 2021very plain and distastefull,samsung one us vision is a lot ... moreOne UI?
It's the must regular and so_soish AOSP rom

It seems that google took many ideas from MIUI 12.5...

What dessert is this?

  • Anonymous

I didn't get any Android updates till now. When Redmi note 10 pro get Android 12 update?

  • Mr

Every year update is making android boring.
Totally lost interest when new version come and go..

quick setting tiles is disappointing. Why does anyone need such a big bar? wasting screen space. Google focusing aesthetics over functionality i guess

cyber, 04 Oct 2021very plain and distastefull,samsung one us vision is a lot ... moremmmmm...those sour grapes taste yummy?

  • cyber

very plain and distastefull,samsung one us vision is a lot more better