Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on review

26 October 2021

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So, if I understood correctly:
It has 12mpx and the 1.0 type is actually a 1/1.31" with 2,4um

The Pixel 6 is 50mpx 1/1.31" with 1,2um that's an 2,4um at 12mpx

And If you take the S21U with an 108mpx and 1/1.33" and 0,8um, you get 12mpx with 2,4um effectively.


  • Rumi

I think Sony just wants to create hype with this pricing in the market.
build quality and design seem old-school. you can compete in the market only with this slightly better camera and sensor especially with this price. It is like they just got up from a hibernation sleep, they did not survey the market and they made this phone and set a price.

  • HutHutHut

God... How I wish this phone was released before I bought my Mi 11 Ultra... It supports my beloved micro SD cards... How I wish Sony would once again expand globally to all the major markets... Instead of only focussing on a few countries only and limiting their market share & growth potential in the process... That main camera is just outstanding... But it's no surprise really considering it has the same sensor as the RX 100 VII... I think Sony just took a huge pound of flesh out of Samsung's upcoming S22 series...

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021A) I own Xperia 5.2 so I know first-hand that Sony is garba... moreAbsolutely true. I compared the photos taken by my Xperia 5 II with my wife's iPhone 11 Pro Max and was shocked how poor the quality of Xperia photos is. And PhotoPro app didn't help. I believe that this is the result of ingoring of computational photography which is the only thing that can help to deliver excelent, true-to-life photos via ridiculously small lenses. It doesn't matter how big the sensor is and how many MP are. If lenses are tiny nothing but computational photography will help.

  • LOL

This is a pointless phone, because it is an overkill and too expensive, and will probably be released in limited quantities. Professional photographers are perfectly happy using their equipment and they do not need this. Think of this phone as a 'see what we can do' science project by Sony.

Fans of Sony phones should hope that some features trickle down to next year's Sony flagship phones: Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV.

  • Cancelled Haters

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021A) I own Xperia 5.2 so I know first-hand that Sony is garba... moreReally you own 1? You don't even know how to write it or say the model name. FYI it's spell as Xperia 5 II or Xperia 5 Mark 2 not Xperia 5.2, maybe you bought clone one. LOLZ

AnonD-1024244, 27 Oct 2021but they need money tooEven if the company pays them, they still deliver honest reviews..... Not one of their reviews I have found to be biased.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Don’t talk trash when you don’t own it A) I own Xperia 5.2 so I know first-hand that Sony is garbage when it comes to camera software (every objective reviewer confirms it)
B) You don't even need to own the phone to see the comparisons from review. You would have to be an ultra Sony fanboy to consider the Xperia's photos in this article better than iPhones. iPhone's photos are better, simple as. Stop being a fanboy, you are not doing anyone a service.

I am wondering if dxo mark will give sony xperia pro i a bad rating or not, time will tell if they are ranked 1st in terms of photo quality or not.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021USB 3.2 Gen 2 = 10Gbps USB 2.0 = 0.4 Gbps LOL !!!!! And not like 10gbps ssd exist.

  • AnonD-1024244

beep bop boop, 27 Oct 202112 inches?! for a smartphone?it's not that big
better than 6 inch

  • AnonD-1024244

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021GSM Arena team has reviewed tons and tons of phones already... morebut they need money too

  • MOPO3

But there's a catch: only a central section of that 20MP sensor is used to output a 12MP still (or 4K video).
It's not the first time we've seen a 1"-type sensor in a smartphone: Panasonic did it with the oversized CM1

With an F2 lens, we calculate that the main camera is then roughly F7.1 full-frame equivalent. For perspective, the iPhone 13 Pro's 1/1.65" sensor with F1.5 lens makes it F6.8 full-frame equivalent,

  • Steve

Fanboy of All brands, 27 Oct 2021"Sony is also using the power of image stacking, HDR, ... moreJust watch the full res pics. iPhone pics are looking like something that came from a 10 year old hardware than the sony 😀

Does anyone know when the preorder starts? I want to get one.. moving from an S9

  • James

Still too expensive. I can see in broad daylight, it won't gain many sales.

High quality images, high quality low light video, high quality 4k 120fps. -

Yes, its a compromised 1" sensor from Sony (marketing purposed tricks), but man, those samples alone talks a lot. Besides the price, love this new Xperia. I'm one of a kind that like it, but wont buy it 😂

  • Anonymous

SmartCamera i guess, it is not smartphone anymore.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 27 Oct 2021After seeing numerous positive previews with photo and vide... moreSame sensor as rx100, yet only uses 60% of the total area 😢

A good way to bait in pseudo pro sony fans but can't trick real pro photographers and videographers that use expensive gears for their jobs, look at how disappointed folks are over dpreview, reddit, and so on........

After seeing numerous positive previews with photo and video samples on can only conclude, this is a gamechanger camera smartphone.
Photographers and videographers overall conclude this is not just a smartphone camera but a real pro level camera in a smartphone indeed.

The price tho, is debatable, but seeing it uses same sensor as their proper most popular appreciated standalone RX100 camera worth 1300 €, its understandable I suppose.