Google Pixel 6 review

17 November 2021

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021please gsmarena. add battery test without high refresh r... moreThey said battery life with 60Hz is better at 14:23, but the thing is if every phone ran browsing test at 60Hz, then Poco F3 and Nord CE would be 18 hrs.

gorpalm, 18 Nov 2021Delightful phone to own and use. Swapped from a S20fe 5g an... moreHow's the app multitasking? Is it faster than Samsung UI? Also is the fingerprint sensor fast? What about the glass back?

Shiny Dave, 18 Nov 2021Indeed, and there are some carrier deals that come in legit... moreWdym, A52s has better camera bump than all other Samsung phones. Just see, it blends into the rest of the back, you don't see that with the S20 FE or S21.

GrahamD, 18 Nov 2021Just another boring phone with average battery life.Well... there are PLENTY of phones with outstanding battery life, GSMArena even has a whole page for them. Do check it out.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021I have the 6 Pro and luminance noise reduction as well as c... moreI want to add that Apple's daylight noise reduction is terrible, too. So, the iPhone camera is not the benchmark.

  • Anonymous

I have the 6 Pro and luminance noise reduction as well as color noise reduction are occasionally extremely aggressive and can produce worse looking results than previous Google phones. Sometimes, the issue is even present in the raw file, but in most cases the raw files help and the raw files really show how unnecessary the jpg noise reduction is. It's very strange because previous Google phones like the Nexus 5x could take great daylight photos without aggressive noise reduction, that's not always the case with the 6 Pro.

Precisely. GSMA had been too kind towards Apple. Pixel 6 photos destroy the iPhone 13 photos hands down. Actually the iPhone 12 or 13 photos are identical and they don't compete with other flagships either.

  • Amin

13 pro camera looks so bad now compared to the pixel 6. Condolences to those who paid over $1000 only to get beaten by a $599 device.

  • Warner

Over 20 hours of local video playback is amazing ! Better than iphone and galaxy ! The other call time and browsing time depends on many things.

  • Mir

Well .. I call it poor battery life.

  • Anonymous

please gsmarena.

add battery test without high refresh rate enabled..

i turn it off.

So the Pixel 6 Pro, despite having an LTPO screen and a much larger battery, has a lower battery endurance rating than the Pixel 6? It seems like I'm in no hurry to get into the high refresh rate bandwagon other than mobile gaming.

Delightful phone to own and use. Swapped from a S20fe 5g and you notice the relative heft of this one. Not missing the zoom - 2x digital zoom is enough, or I walk closer lol. Living in UK so 5g coverage is terribly patchy - even in central London. Instead switch Off 5g and apparently it saves battery - Even w it on, if I'm really spanking the phone all day there's still 25-30% juice in it - If it's been a lighter day (just social media and a couple of phone calls) it'll finish on 45-50% at bedtime.

  • Haplo

Trent , 18 Nov 2021I agree with your assessment. I went for a Pixel 5a though ... moreI don't see how Pixel 6 is a failure battery-wise. It's been improving for me since I got it. It now lasts 2 days of my typical moderate use. Also its capable of 3 days with light use.
Its better then my 3-year old Huawei P20 Pro - which was my previous battery endurance champion (although to be fair, Huawei was even better when new - but not by a huge margin).

Although, to be fair, I guess it probably has significantly less endurance in 5G networks due to its last-gen 5G modem.

  • Anonymous

Garbage battery life very disappointed.

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Why there's zero talk about 4K 60fps video quality? ... moreIm pretty sure most people dont care about 4k in phones and IF, than not in phones sub 1000$ really. If they do, they mostly buy into apple (since their good quality) or sony (you should simply go sony if you want to max out you video shooting). Shooting videos that need higher rez than 720p is rare on phones, shooting 4k is nearly none-existing. If you don't believe me, go ask outside your bubble. Most people don't even know what upscaling is and dont care if they look at 1080p content on 4k's weird, but sadly true.

  • Trent

Fanboy of All brands, 18 Nov 2021My 3rd best phone of the year, just behind Poco F3 and Onep... moreI agree with your assessment. I went for a Pixel 5a though as it is very close to a global LTE phone (it does not have all 5G bands required to say the same for 5G) and has significantly better battery life. Let's face it, the Pixel 6 is a letdown in the battery department. The Nord 2 was the runner up but I saw what it did to they poor guy when exploding. The Poco is a bit large but otherwise a top choice.

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AngryLithuanian, 18 Nov 2021If you're in UK, Pixel 6 goes for just around £500 mar... morePixel retails for for £599 in UK

Here's some questions to the authors:
It says in the article that "Google specs say a 114-degree field of view, which is a rather extreme 14mm equivalent, but that's explicitly when you're shooting RAW."

So is there a way for Google to update firmware so that the phone can save JPEG at 14mm equivalent instead of 16-17mm? If we save photos in RAW+JPEG and post-process RAW, save it as JPEG, we would have a 14mm ultrawide (uncorrected) JPEG?

  • Haplo

AngryLithuanian, 18 Nov 2021If you're in UK, Pixel 6 goes for just around £500 mar... moreI disagree. I mean its cool that Pixel 6 is cheaper. But even at equal pricing, personally I'd never pick regular S21 (or S21+ for that matter) over Pixel 6. My choice was essentially between S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Pro, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
I have chosen Pixel 6 (dislike curved screens and couldn't care less about higher refresh or resolution, issues with availability of the Pro and much higher prices of imported Pixels in my country on top of the already large price difference between them) and don't regret it one bit. Its a fantastic phone. The camera is great and the real-time offline AI features VERY impressive.