Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra long-term review

26 November 2021

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  • Anonymous

I didn't know edits could make such a big difference in photos

  • Anonymous

Overhyped phone with overhyped cameras. The power of marketing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021The low-light performance of the periscope camera would be ... moreWhy did you answer your own comment to disagree with it?

  • Anonymous

walkman8, 26 Nov 2021What's the point of excellent hardware if poor softwar... moreBest of all. This device gets security patches only every 3 months.
When should be monthly.

This thing still costs a thousand dollars? After almost a year of leaving, I do not want to imagine the 12 ultra ultra pro ultra when it comes out

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021Only 12.5 megapixels is a missed opportunity. Yes, there is... moreThe low-light performance of the periscope camera would be worse with so many megapixels, but that's not a real issue in my opinion. In my opinion, the daylight tele performance is far more important. For example, there are several travel zoom cameras on the market. They are all supposed to be used in good light conditions and yet they are worth buying. For example, I don't take photos of distant birds at night..

  • Anonymous

Only 12.5 megapixels is a missed opportunity. Yes, there is a high resolution mode, but I assume, you can't get high quality 50 megapixel raw files due to the Quad Bayer array. So, camera enthusiasts need to buy a large camera, if they want good raw files with more than 12 megapixels.
So, I would have chosen 16-24 megapixels for the main camera and a 30-64 megapixel Bayer sensor for the periscope camera.

What's the point of excellent hardware if poor software optimisation barely touches tip of the iceberg of its potential? Secondary screen- to this day still used only for selfies, date/quick notifications, music playback. Revolutionary gn2 sensor- only a tad better than last year sensor on mi10u, terrible night mode. Ultrawide is too wide for its own good, barel distortion corection does nothing to remedy the Effect. Periscope video recording is unusable due to Huge jitteriness. 5000 mah battery sips juice like on cheap iPhones. S888 chipsets gets so unusually hot that it may cause sensation of burn during prolonged gaming Sessions or while charging it.
Updates happen on quarterly basist.

Etc.etc. I'd say nothing about the aforementioned flaws if the phone costs 700-800€. But with 1200€, you asked for it- you have to be best of the best BOTH hardware AND software. I'd rather invest that money in S21Ultra or 13ProMax.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 26 Nov 2021Main camera sans dynamic range, is inferior to 808. And tha... moreAh, good old nokia days. I agree on daylight , old big sensor nokias do well until today. I still have my lumia 1020

  • Hein

Even though Xiaomi isn't native here in South Africa it's still almost $100 cheaper than the s21 ultra which is native. That being said, it still costs the equivalent of nearly $1.8k. So it's a no-go for me, I am happy with my mi 11.

  • shethsa

It's a great phone but my SOT barely stretches to 6 hrs without battery saver mode - not bad but could definitely be better. Time and again I get tempted to purchase it's peers - pixel 6 pro, vivo x70 etc but this one has held its own as an overall package. And all this at USD 930!

Main camera sans dynamic range, is inferior to 808. And that's not subjective opinion. I have 808, my friend Mi11U and we did pretty lengthy shootout. In good lightning 808 beats it in almost every aspect, especially detail.

  • Anonymous

Good long-term review. Thanks.

I considered the Mi 11 Ultra, but went with the Pixel 6 Pro instead. I personally like the images from the Pixel 6 Pro and the iPhone 13 Max better for the same scene, but it's a limited experience. I'd put the Mi 11 Ultra on par with Samsung's flagship. But my experience with Xiaomi's software has been frustrating, mostly due to bugs.

Sadly the Pixel is a bit buggy right now and I am returning it tomorrow and going with the iPhone 13 Max.

  • Papi

The phone is not Strong to fall and drop it will easily broke

  • Mart

Friends, are you so happy about the photos´s quality as the author of this article is? I do not like what I see when I zoom a bit..

  • Anonymous

First photo has green spot. Just like people has seen on iphone 12 series.