Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra long-term review

26 November 2021

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  • Anonymous

Android.Authority, 27 Nov 2021Also that tech tablets review is operating on global ROM. O... moreHis videos are always on newest ROM. Stop trying to defend Xiaomi. Unless you watch popular Youtube reviewers which tend to be biased.

ABF Media, 27 Nov 2021Once you sit inside a Mercedes cabin, would you feel the sa... more"Don't like" and "not being able to live without" do not have the same meaning.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021Why do people always come up with claims like "once yo... moreOnce you sit inside a Mercedes cabin, would you feel the same inside the cabin of a budget car?
Once you get a mileage of 25kmpl out of your car, would you be happy going back to 10kmpl?

It's simple... People don't like downgrades of any kind.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021"Shutter lag on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is a problem, u... moreHalf truth is always dangerous.
Didn't You forget to write what Gsmarena said in their next statement in that paragraph??

"But you can set the volume button to take an immediate photo".

If real life usability was getting sacrificed, he was wouldn't have stayed on Mi 11 Ultra.

"The cameras are what keep me using the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and not going back to the Galaxy S21 Ultra or switching to an iPhone or a Pixel."

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021"Shutter lag on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is a problem, u... moreA one second shutter lag in a phone at this price is completely unacceptable. And makes the phone unusable if you are taking photos of kids or pets who move quickly. That together with the mediocre battery life and software bugs has ruled out this phone for me. The only real alternative would have been the S21 Ultra but I can't Samsung's bloatware and UI. Guess I'll have to wait for the 12 Ultra or hope Huawei manage to sort out their ban

  • Anonymous

"Shutter lag on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is a problem, unlike on the Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro. You have to be mindful that there's a second after you've tapped the shutter before the Mi 11 Ultra will capture the scene."

aka "how to get better DxOMark score while sacrificing real-life usability"

After seven months as a daily driver it seems this Ultra is a favourite among GSMA's reviewer,ok...
Well,it can be found online(with delivery over EU warehouse) for as low as €800.For that money this must be the best smartphone you can buy right now.

  • V

You can get Mi 11 Ultra from China (customs duties included) for around 720-880euros (880euros for 512gb version), which in my opinion is an amazing deal for this type of phone. Yeah, You will need to apply xiaomi.eu custom rom, but it takes up to half an hour to do so, and is completely free + you can remove some integrated google stuff (like You can remove YouTube app, and install YouTube vanced instead).

I have it, but use CH device. Much cheaper, gets monthly latest updates and is a bit quicker than global/EU version. Does not get warm.
Real pleasure to use this device.
And sadly, even xiaomi did good with its camera processing this time - real quality stuff for photos is accesed with right gcam mod (and tunned), at that time no other phone can match it (tested vs S21U/ Pixel 6 / I13PM.
For videos truly unveiled via mcpro24fps. Amazing!
Time for cons:
-battery. My other Mi 10 Pro lasts much longer. Especially with camera.
-speakers. They're amazing, but does not come close to Mi 10 Pro.
-vibration motor also seems more effective, even in past with regular Mi 11 or Mi 10 Pro.
-automatic brightness. More or less I have to adjust it manually, because in low light conditions it turn to dimmest.

  • Anonymous

Android.Authority, 27 Nov 2021Well SOT is completely subjective. I get around 8hr SOT wi... moreWhy do people always come up with claims like "once you have fast charging, there is no way back" or "once you have a 120+ screen, you can't go back"

I go between all of them all the time, people that "can't go back" have a different type of issue in my opinion, they take stuff for granted too much...

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Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021"Xiaomi is only popular in poor countries." Me... moreI love how ignorant that guy is, even while I don't have a Xiaomi, I do know a lot of people having one.

And this in a country where the minimal wage is above €1600 a month...

  • Anonymous

This was the only Xiaomi I ever considered getting.

It was officially "launched" in my country, but most stores got like 1 batch with 10 units at most, that of course sold out in seconds.

That thing never came back here...

  • Jile

I've had it, was hoping that the phone is supreme according to all the specs but after a month using started to irritate me those software bugs from xiaomi, battery draining etc. Now using honor magic3 pro plus, now that's a flagship and that's how u suposed to make a smartphone!!!

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Anonymous, 27 Nov 202175% of sales are phones below $350. How many above $600? ... more"Xiaomi is only popular in poor countries."

Meanwhie, Xiaomi recently became no.1 in Europe.

"Xiaomi users use xiaomi because they cant pay for iphones."

Meanwhile, in the real world, the iPhone 13 pro Max and MI 11 Ultra cost the same.

Bobbylechat, 27 Nov 2021I’m very skeptical about your battery life. I easily take 5... moreWell SOT is completely subjective.
I get around 8hr SOT with 120hz and 1080p+ resolution.
The resolution is just a personal preference as I don't notice any difference.
The miui 12.5 enhanced edition update gave me a maximum 20min increase in SOT.

The charging on the other hand is a game changer.
Once you get used to charging things in under 25 minutes, there is no going back.

Nick Tegrataker, 27 Nov 2021I'm afraid in that video I preferred Mi 11 Ultra'... moreAlso that tech tablets review is operating on global ROM. Only in his comparison, the MI 11 Ultra didn't do well as expected for whatever reasons, could be an outdated software version... I don't know!
Just like Gsmarena's sample here is also operating on global ROM.

I am on China ROM, that's what it shipped with. Didn't bother to change as China ROM is ahead of global ROM by around 4-5 months.
The camera quality is certainly better on China ROM. The rear screen can be used for videos, etc. that feature is still not available on global ROM yet.

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Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021There is a private video from TechTablets that explained th... moreApple and Samsung have more control over the tech media than all brands combined.
Google too. They are shadow banning reviewers who don't give positive reviews for Pixel. Happened to Frankie tech, suddenly all his videos are betting extremely low views after his pixel 6 review.

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Mart, 27 Nov 2021For me the camera is a dissapointment. The closer look on t... moreAre you sure you are looking at the same images and not some other phone's??

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021Surprised by how many people still cant digest that their f... moreIt's not about the Samsung flagship getting dethroned that is not sitting well with them,
It's the fact that a Chinese manufacturer dethroned them...That's the thing they can't digest.
A Chinese flagship wearing the crown, that is their source of hatred.
If Samsung flagship was dethroned by another Korean or American brand, their response wouldn't be so harsh.
I always get surprised how many people here hate some company, just because of their origin in China, they just can't shed this stereotype about Chinese brands, even though their products are far better from what we used to get ten years back

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021This review is obviously biased at least about the camera. ... moreThat's because this is a long term review and experience of clicking pictures over 5 months with the device.
Those other reviewers only go out for a day and click pictures.
The results heavily depend upon software version running at the time. They don't account for updates either.