Samsung Galaxy A03s review

20 December 2021

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  • 06 May 2024

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2022Don't buy the A03 unless you have the patience of a Sa... moreI feel the same way. This is the first electronic device that I have ever literally wanted to SMASH! Seriously, after owning this phone, I am reluctant to buy another Samsung device. It truly has a mind of it's own.

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    • 06 May 2024

    I am Unimpressed with this phone.
    I can get over the slow laggy operation and the crappy camera. After all, it's a cheap phone. I knew about that when buying the phone.
    But the touch screen has a mind of it's own. Really bad when you try to put the phone in a case. It becomes nearly unusable. it starts opening apps on it's own, and types random letters and numbers when using the keyboard. Extremely Frustrating.
    Makes me hesitant to buy another Samsung device.
    Had a J series phone before this one and really liked it.

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      • Q$7
      • 21 Mar 2024

      This phone is not good. can't even load subway surfers fast. bad for gaming. not recommended. 3/10

        I have had this phone for 1 year and it is really laggy and slow. It has very little GB (64 gb) and it heats up pretty fast. Very bad for gaming. I dont recommend buying this phone for gaming or high usage.

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          • ILu
          • 24 Dec 2023

          Bought this for my mother for a gift. This is a big upgrade over her old TLC phone that really wasn't reliable. I been into Samsung smartphones for years, I think they're great.

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            • DadJeff1964
            • YaZ
            • 08 Dec 2023

            I've just picked up a Pre-Loved A03. And am wondering what the gaming quality is, compared to my Galaxy S-9+, which is the First Phone I've EVER LOST, since first picking up my first Cell Phone in the early 2,000's.

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              • CGH
              • 18 Nov 2023

              Anonymous, 27 Oct 2023You can change that in settingsI can't have access to wechat. Does this fone support it?

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                • ke5
                • 27 Oct 2023

                Joe, 16 Aug 2023The screen turns off on my Galaxy A03s during a call whethe... moreYou can change that in settings

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                  • 24 Oct 2023

                  Anonymous, 17 Sep 2023Does the ao3 come with what's app and telegram? I was ... moreHi galaxy a03

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                    • IbF
                    • 17 Sep 2023

                    Does the ao3 come with what's app and telegram? I was also wondering if it comes with qr codes already generated for your contacts or is that something you do yourself after purchasing it?

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                      • Joe
                      • 0d9
                      • 16 Aug 2023

                      The screen turns off on my Galaxy A03s during a call whether it's against my ear or on speaker. If you need to hit the numbers while on a call, not your best choice...

                        A03S telephone not worth it. Does not have a plug for the wall. Customer service will force you to pay for a plug. Alcatel is better

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                          • rRU
                          • 10 Aug 2023

                          Think twice about buying Samsung A03S telephone.
                          I did and it comes with USB. Samsung will not send you a free plug for the wall. If you call customer service and hardware support they will tell you this.
                          Then they will offer to send it to you for $15. Unreasonable. It's not that great a phone. My Alcatel at least had a plug.

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                            • I8A
                            • 03 Aug 2023

                            Anonymous, 27 Jun 2023NFC? Nfc near field communication.just means two devices like phone and a payment terminal can interact each other talk to each other.contactless payment.can also use it for smart rings with NFC technology

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                              • Mr ed213
                              • j21
                              • 21 Jul 2023

                              $46 including tax at hsn etc al. WITH a year's worth of minutes + data. You cannot easily get the minutes and goodies for that so this is a near $0.00 true bargain item right now. Sturdy under my clumsy handling.

                              Noticeably slower than pricy phones but still snappy for non-gamers. Memory size limiting. Your notgonna have games+photos
                              +video+music... on this one all at once.

                              Best imaginable phone on a price/performance basis.

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                                • 4qg
                                • 27 Jun 2023

                                Anonymous , 06 May 2023Does not have NFCNFC?

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                                  • Andrew
                                  • R4S
                                  • 16 May 2023

                                  I am about to buy a Samsung a03s, does anyone have any pro's and con's I should be aware of before I buy it

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                                    • f}I
                                    • 06 May 2023

                                    Does not have NFC

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                                      • Nx3
                                      • 30 Apr 2023

                                      Anonymous, 17 Dec 2022Doesn't take screen shots either...:(It does take screenshotso

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                                        • Dave
                                        • X5u
                                        • 04 Mar 2023

                                        The phone is very nice to me