Samsung Galaxy A22 review

29 December 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2021Is OIS and 90hz AMOLED really that expensive?, this phone i... moreThis is business. You won't buy the most expensive model if everything is crammed into budget models.

  • Anonymous

unxpctd, 31 Dec 2021I know this is a low-end phone and all, but I really dislik... moreDon't buy it, simple. Those who buy certainly see value in it.

PS: I'm typing this on a 3.5 year old Samsung, which too was highly underspecced in its time, or an "e-waste" in your words. Surely I produced less waste than someone who buys the latest flagship every year or two.

  • Anonymous

Is OIS and 90hz AMOLED really that expensive?, this phone is priced near x3 pro, redmi note 10s, and realme 8, which lacks 90hz AMOLED and OIS, but is better in every aspect.

regs, 30 Dec 2021Ancient junk with ultraslow eMMC memory. Xiaomi, Huawei, BB... moreNewer xiaomi phone at same price range redmi 10 has same Emmc storage, same refresh rate but use lcd, Almost same soc, etc.

Ana at these price range bbk would use sd 460 or Mediatek p22/G25/G35

  • Yumi

My a22 is fine but when i talk about SS thing why do my a22 have it! like i searched a thousand times in the settings but it isn't there so i had to download additional app for ss but that isn't fine the inbuilt ss capture is the most finest to use so i want all samsungs to have inbuilt ss system so that no one will regret after purchasing it
Thank you!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2021*because anything I had in my hands this year is really goo... moreNOTHING IS GOOD I MEAN NOTHING

(I should create a account here someday, no edit button is very annoying)

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Anonymous, 31 Dec 2021In my opinion there are two types of e-waste phones. The... more*because anything I had in my hands this year is really good = considering how fluid my phone still feels and how little upgrade all brands give you for the money vs my old phone.

  • Anonymous

unxpctd, 31 Dec 2021I know this is a low-end phone and all, but I really dislik... moreIn my opinion there are two types of e-waste phones.

The one like this

And all the yearly releases of "new" phone (and some companies even going as far as releasing 2 flagships a year)

There is a stagnation at what makes sense, for the first time even I see no reason at all to upgrade my current SD855 phone, just because anything I had in my hands is really that much better.

Because we need to consider the price too.

Anyhow it is what it is.

I know this is a low-end phone and all, but I really dislike phones like this. I call them e-waste because that's exactly what they are. We don't have unlimited resources on this planet, but phones like this just ignore that fact when their materials could be used to make something better or more full featured.

Who asked for the LTE only version of an already low-end phone?

  • A buyer

Ok, I bought the A22 5g which was at the Max of my budget, great phone, I love this thing. I'm normally a very techy person so I was looking at other phones when my family convinced me to go more streamlined and get a samsung, it was kind of an impulse decision even thought I I spend around 2 hours looking at videos on 'is it good?' And among others. I knew there was a 5g and 4g version but I didn't know you needed a new sim plan to use 5g, so I'm stuck running 4g and no 5g with a slightly worse phone and no macro camera that actually annoys me slightly more than you would think. It's a great phone either way don't think it runs slowly it doesn't I just think take more time than I I to choose, because if you know your specifically going to use 5g, get the 5g version, if not, get the 4g

  • Anonymous

APPLE-FOREVER, 30 Dec 2021OMG. Huawei Nova 7i Clone. Poor Samsung XDMost cheap phones look the same.

Heck even expensive ones often do.

But I agree this looks a little bit too much like that Huawei

  • Anonymous

*me* looks like a fine phone

"sees the price of it"

*me 5 seconds later* I take that back...

  • Anonymous

In my country a22 is priced near note 10s, although 10s amoled is a bit downgraded, 10s has alot faster storage, a lot faster gpu, faster cpu, stereo speakers, higher resolution screen, faster charging, 4k video recording & playback, Bluetooth 5.1, and IP53 rating to compensate

OMG. Huawei Nova 7i Clone. Poor Samsung XD

  • fydif


No doubt the best alternative to this Samsung Galaxy A22 could be Nokia X100 and Nokia 5.4

  • AnonF-1009694

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021MediaTek CPU. Low resolution screen. Slow eMMC storage. No ... moreBro this is a budget phone

Ancient junk with ultraslow eMMC memory. Xiaomi, Huawei, BBK offering UFS memory for that price.

  • James

Hi guys.

Thanks for the review.

I've bought A22 for my wife recently on Christmas sale for around 190 (shipping included).
It was a no brainer since A22 5G was offered for 210 and A32 5G was selling for insane 275. Unfortunately A32 (non 5G) wasn't available in my country (Croatia) at that time and afaik it won't be anymore. Everyone's selling 5G model only. Also, used A32 4G models could be found but for not less than 235 so yeah, that's just how it is here.

My wife is used to Samsung UI and absolutely loves it, so everything else was a no-go for me.

So far, she's perfectly happy with it: screen is great (720p is perfectly acceptable, while 90Hz is very noticable), exterior design and overall grip is perfect for her, battery life amazing so far. One UI feels like home. Mediocre camera doesn't bother her since she doesn't care too much about photographs on mobile phones, and overall sound is meh but alright.

Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

  • Doqnxnfhaowvfjd7482b

In my country 64gb version costs around $230 so it's very good choice, Redmi 10 64gb with it's trashy dim IPS screen costs the same. So A22 good device for this money.