Oppo Find N review

22 December 2021

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good design,price and battery life.happy to see it addresses some (not all yet) of foldable problems.I think the main reason for find N lacking international avaliability is problems with 3rd apps (non-chinese apps).it is not easy to convince developers to adapt apps for find N's UI.many youtube reviews mention 3rd party apps not working with popup or split screen features properly on find N.so,it will remain exclusive to China and compete really well with this price as well.

in general,foldables have to have less drawbacks compared to flat phones.they are still at early adoption phase and still lot of room for 3rd party app support side.app developers should also modify their apps compatible with foldable gestures and interfaces.official release of android 12L will fasten foldable adoptions for sure.I personally look forward to see better compact foldables (like samsung flip) and laptops (like lenovo x1 fold) rather than foldable tablets.

People complain just to complain. The best thing is when someone says he misses some feature - but never had tried it, ever. Specsheet warriors FTW!

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi mix and oppo find N both have Google already installed just need to go into settings and activate it. Only Huawei doesn't for obvious reasons. Using the fold3 but I saw the find n in store and it's quite nice!

Hmm I don't think you know smartphones and how they operate all those specz in a foldable? No it's impossible even a high end flagship doesn't have that. Or can you telle the mame of a smartphone that had all that even of it's a flagship.....?

  • Ykk

The new OPPO Find x3 is no long user friendly. No instruction in the box everything is online
Some of the apps are hidden, and sometimes the icon disappear on the main screen especially the call icon. This should never happen.
After connected to Auto mode and when disconnected the mobile will not return to the home screen

Nokia8800, 23 Dec 2021No 16gb Ram No sd card No 3.5 Jack No 500ppi No NVME me... moreAhahahah we are complaining about no 16Gb of ram on a phone now? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Probably only you. This phone is smaller than most phones. ... moreBut it looks ugly with curved display and design.

Prefer the boxy looks off note 10

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Am I the only one think this big fat sandwiches ugly? Howev... moreProbably only you. This phone is smaller than most phones. It's only 132.6 mm tall.

  • Anonymous

Am I the only one think this big fat sandwiches ugly? Howevrer hardware is ready not software....

  • Nokia8800

No 16gb Ram
No sd card
No 3.5 Jack
No 500ppi
No NVME memory
No Highend camera
No 5500 man battery
Epic fail

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Maybe he thinks that Apple invents rounded squares.Nasty hideous ugly are rounded corners.
This should've had boxy sharp edges pure rectangular like the
Samsung note 20ultra
Sony XZP or Sony Z design

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2021The prices.... lmaoIs this a joke?

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 23 Dec 2021”MIUI has the same rounded squares of iOS” OneUI 3.1 has t... moreMaybe he thinks that Apple invents rounded squares.

Why only 33W charging for such an expensive phone?
OPPO already gives 65W charging on their budget phones.

  • Anonymous

SinAndroid, 23 Dec 2021This is a very good design which is compact and handy, if n... moreRead the review, it doesn't have a crease in the middle of the large display. And why mention Duo 2? It doesn't come close to a proper foldable.

  • SinAndroid

This is a very good design which is compact and handy, if not for the crease.
Not many phone is one hand operational this day.
If Duo 2 is improved on the hinge gap, it would be a great phone.

  • Anonymous

The Flip, 23 Dec 2021I thought about this myself but you really can't compa... moreAmericans are so short on options that they have to consider Duo 2. No sane person not living in the US is going to buy that.

  • Gaby

I just did not understand how the price went up from $ 1200 to $ 1700

this makes me think about a google foldable. Wish had done the same thing pixel 4a. A pixel 4a dimensioned foldable with 6000 mah battery and pixel 6 pro chipset n cameras could beat this and samsung phone easily. As ultimately the software is equally important on a foldable if not more (than hardware).

The Flip, 23 Dec 2021Yup. But even Xiaomi and Huawei ripped off iOS for many yea... more”MIUI has the same rounded squares of iOS”
OneUI 3.1 has the same rounded squares for all the home screen icons as well, albeit arguably curvier. Android skins from major Chinese manufacturers (Xiaomi, BBK, Huawei), Pixel's customised version of Android 12 and OneUI 3.1 all look much more similar to each other than they do to iOS, which is a good thing IMO.