Back to iOS after years of Android use

31 December 2021

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  • Anonymous

After many years with Android flagships (latest two were from o OP) I kust got tired with the erratic updates and bugs that were always there and made it difficult to live with them as work phones. I took the leap to a iPhone 12 and now I know what stablity and it just works means.
For casual use and games android is fine but for a work phone I would never go back

I have been on the look out for a nice Smartwatch. Samsung and Apple watches work only with their phones. Fitbit works well, not does not have all the functions I need. I finally see that Huawei Watch D has all the functions, you may want to read some reviews.

This is the first year (2021) where I seriously thought about switching to iPhone. I know the iPhone is the best overall phone this year. And I love the fact that I can get high-end in a small phone (iPhone 13 pro), BUT (night I add) my past phones have been pixel 5, Huawei mate 20 Pro, Samsung S8, Samsung S6, Pixel/Nexus... Bla bla bla.. an iPhone and my first smart phone being a Google Nexus. in fact, I even bought the OnePlus 9 Pro, before returning it... As I was saying, BUT, my problem iPhone is I know all of these annoying quirks will about the life out of me. I had hoped that the addition of widgets would mark a change but no it hasn't. What keeps iPhones working seemingly so well are the freedoms I'm unwilling to give up. Here's hoping Samsung bring out a small top quality phone (they won't), or Huawei can get back in the game (they won't), so o guess I'll just bide my time before switching back up iPhone again.

Is this a news website or a personal blog?

SHAME ON YOU .. You switched to even more boring software and not even max?? how can be this 6'' best size?? I is little ! I have 7,2'' and I want 8'' phone now
And don't lie u been using both

  • ME

Android users will never go "back" to iOS ... do not believe your story.

  • Tosinx

And the "cult" approach to these drawbacks in the comments isn't even making it look good (or healthy). Have you tried to dial a name out of your keyboard on the iOS? They say, Oh! You have to use the "Favourites" tab. Too little control or options. Last time I had this feeling was moving up the Windows OS generations, but at least you still could find those options if you were desperate enough. The iOS UI can be regarded as counterproductive for me with respect to the Android. Too many limitations with the keypads and navigation especially.

Funny, I'm in a similar situation. I had the iPhone 3GS but also had the iPhone 4 as well. Then I switched to the Google Nexus 6P and I stayed with Google for 3 generations. My latest phone has been the galaxy Note 10+ which has been a solid phone. I'm looking at the Android lineup and nothing is particularly exciting me. One of the main reasons for wanting to go back to Apple is the Apple watch. I've had several smartwatches over the years. Used to be Garmin's and the vivoactive HR. I swapped that out after a good few years of use for the first gen TicWatch Pro. I've had 2 TicWatch's and 2 galaxy watches in that time and neither have been that good. WearOS being a bit too utilitarian on the TicWatch but having Google assistant (which is by far the best) and playstore, or the galaxy watch which has a better OS but Bixby is just awful and hardly any apps in the galaxy store. The Apple watch looks by far the best smartwatch and I'm prepared to take iOS and the iPhone to get one. I may regret it in a few months time but I don't think I will.

  • Anonymous

I guess it's like one of those reality shows we're someone goes back to the 1800s and has to live without any of the modern features of today,you'll be back to android once you realise that it'll always be apples phone and never yours...

  • Dude

Honestly, just pick whatever YOU like. Both Iphones and top of the line Androids can pretty much do anything 99.9% would ever want or need a phone to do.
Its a good thing we have choice between ios and android...

Envy that you still have perfect eyesight.

  • Orthopod

Strongly agree to the line that i hate iOS with passion.

But in one section you said iOS has option to take screenshot edit and send and delete from one screen which is missing in android phone. But this is not missing in androids as i have been using it in my OnePlus 7pro from long.

  • Anonymous

Nice article.

But statistics show that number of people move to Android (samsung) because of Z Flip 3 is bigger than number of people move to iOS because of iphone 13.

  • Anonymous

Jasonx, 31 Dec 2021Ive been using androids for over 10 years. but since iphone... moreHow can you expect a mid-range smartphone to compare to a latest-gen flagship?

  • H.

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022We try to find pleasure in something so shallow and so we a... moreThank you for putting out there some seriously wise words. Know that at least some people appreciate them and agree.

The cursor thing you mentioned when trying to correct the typing mistake annoys the hell out of me.

Seems like most of your complain about iOS UI being dumb I call smart.

  • MrGrumpy

Excellent article apart from two flaws:

1. The iPhone 13 Pro is in no way remotely compact. You must have big hands. If you're looking for a compact Android, why didn't you try the Xperia 5 or 10 range? Or Zenfone 8? Or even an older S20?

2. Are you sure about the battery life? Even GSMA own battery test gives the S21 93H over the 13 Pro 85 hours. Our office iPhone 13 battery is no better than previous iPhones in that it barely lasts a day.

  • Anonymous

I did the same last week, but I've returned the iPhone after seeing its limitations.

I'm back with my s21 ultra

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022If you are heavy user (like I am), "lacking half baked... moreyet apple's profit is bigger than most company's revenue.

anyway I don't care if apple or any other company makes profit or loss. I care about what I want and if I have the capability to buy it.