Samsung Galaxy M52 5G review

12 January 2022

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  • K
  • Keanu
  • vgM
  • 13 Jan 2022

No wireless charging no buy.
No headphone jack no buy.

Then just don't buy phones MF

    Are you sure its has one ui not one ui " core " . M series always has core ui and some of A series too has core ui .

      The M52 5G is pretty good for the price. The Snapdragon 778G is high mid range, and if you aren't a gamer, not that far from flagship chipsets in non intense real life use. The 120hz AMOLED screen is also somewhat flagship like in real life use.

      It's good for the price. Though because it only has a 5000mah battery instead of a 7000mah in the M51, it no longer has a unique selling point. The A52S 5G has the same chip, screen, camera (plus depth sensor), but it also has IP67(water resistance is rare outsude of flagships), better speakers and monthly security updates (which is rare outside of Samsung S and Z flagships).

      The only bonus for the M52 5G now is a slightly larger battery and screen. It's a good phone, but if it had a bigger battery, it would be more unique. In the end though, if you find one at a good price, an M52 5G is still a decent option.

        • T-T
        • 56E
        • 12 Jan 2022

        cyber, 12 Jan 2022not worth it,same price as a72,no ip rating,no ois,not avai... moreThis phone is specifically targeted at Indian people who buys phone online, why would they even bother to launch in Europe?

          • P
          • Pete
          • 7P3
          • 12 Jan 2022

          No wireless charging? A "must" nowadays...

            • c
            • cyber
            • S2D
            • 12 Jan 2022

            not worth it,same price as a72,no ip rating,no ois,not available in most european countries

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Lj$
              • 12 Jan 2022

              2.000mAh taken away? WTF?