OnePlus 10 Pro review

31 March 2022

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  • 31 Mar 2022

mobileman, 31 Mar 2022hmm,dissapointment. looks good phones not coming anymore... moreGive me a break with i13! This one is a good phone but not better than 9 pro.

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    • 31 Mar 2022

    This seems to be one of the most strongly worded reviews I've seen in a while on here, yet it's awarded over 4 stars?

      Lol inside this phone the S8G1 performs worse than the Exynos 2200

      Add this to the obvious rigidity flaw of the design and the now iOS-ish UI, that's a no

      Also the real OnePlus deal will be coming later this year with a S8G1+ manufactured by TSMC and hopefully some meaningful changes regarding software & hardware.

      Gorgeous but useless piece of tech

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        • 31 Mar 2022

        I have the OnePlus 8 pro and 2 generations later the OnePlus 10 pro is pretty much the OnePlus 8 pro

          Doesn't really feel like a upgrade compared to the 9 Pro

            This year's early flagships have been a bit meh. Basically, this is no improvement from the OP9 pro. The Xiaomi 12 series didn't really improve on the 11 series. The find x5 pro didn't really improve on the find x3 pro. It seems like all the major Chinese brands (maybe apart from Honor who launched their ultimate model) are waiting for the new snapdragon SM8475 chip to launch their super flagships.

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              • 31 Mar 2022

              Very good review, it delivers all the important point concisely. The OP10 Pro isn't a bad phone (far from it), but it fails to show it's any better than the predecessor. If we bear in mind how low that bar has been for years (i.e., the latest flagships usually are only slightly better than the previous model) the fact this phone fails to pass that bar speaks volumes of the (bad) direction that OnePlus is going.

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                • 31 Mar 2022

                Ouch! Quite a critical final paragraph. OnePlus has definitely lost its techie fans! Deserved criticism though.

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                  • 31 Mar 2022


                  looks good phones not coming anymore, except max pro 13.

                  pro 10 itsl ike pro 9 and pro 8...

                  bye oneplus

                    As reason to get this over the Galaxy S22 Ultra and I don't like Samsung.

                      IP rating missing