Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 long-term review

9 May 2022

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  • Anonymous
  • XBx
  • 13 Apr 2023

The fold cannot be protected thus the screen gets damages and ink spills . It cost over £370 to replace the screen and its likely to happen again ..

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    • Linzi
    • gKa
    • 02 Nov 2022

    Couldn't take screen shots after approx 8 months of owning the phone. Then massive dark line across the fold line. Wouldn't switch off. Then completely black screen, lost all my photos & everything else. Been sent to service provider & Samsung who say its physical damage & want hundreds to fix it ( I can't afford) so now I'm left with 11 months of contract & no phone. Beware

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      • g%Q
      • 17 Oct 2022

      Amazing phone but I Wouldn't Recommend it for people Who are clumsy this phone is pretty easy to Break its a huge upgrade from The flip 1 and 2 the battery life last for about the hole day I'd give it a 8/10
      The back screen is pretty cool to see the time and Notification

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        • Dave T - from Canada
        • k9X
        • 27 Jul 2022

        I am not the biggest user of phones throughout the day but I do notice my Flip 3 is drained to 50% by mid-day.
        Have had my phone since August of 21, almost 1 full year and no real problems.
        Screan still looks great and no scratches - updates are every 2 months, it seems, and these updates typically fix any issues.
        Only real issue I have had is phone freezing, but it restarts and everything is fine.
        Am looking to update to the Flip 4 in the next couple of weeks.

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          • Anonymous
          • HX6
          • 12 Jul 2022

          Awful battery life, no SD slot, average cameras and a small cover screen that is mostly useless after the novelty of closed phone selfish etc wears off. Cover screen os app was supposed to make it more usable but just introduced myriad glitches. I could go on n on re flaws. Not for gamers at all. It's basically Samsung's most basic phone possible with a flip. The screen protector has started coming away at the crease which makes it something you can't not focus on if you watch or read something, and little green blown out pixels have started appearing all over, I can't figure out why.
          It is still under warranty so I can get it fixed or replaced but I don't want this phone anymore so i ama about to pay 250 to upgrade to the S22, hopefully ultra as the s pen function on my Samsung tablet s7 fe (which, for a fan edition, is actually really great except for only having 62 or so g storage and 6 ram. But SD card helps that. Camera socks too but the mic is OK for song ideas and interviews). But the moral of all this is to wait until the 6th or 7th iteration of flip and fold products comes along. Or betray brand loyalty and get the oppo equivalent which apparently owns fold3. Don't buy the flip3, it's a glorified pocket calculator at best. 2 out of 10 stars.

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            • Widge
            • B{a
            • 16 Jun 2022

            I am on my 2nd repair with the ‘blue screen of death’ issue. The phone tells me I have an update and would I like it now or later.. click now and boom. Blue screen of death! Also, the phone crashes ALL the time, just switches off and in the middle of the night will switch off unbeknownst to me and the alarm does not go off, a very annoying feature! 1 last thing- it deletes my online banking info all the time meaning I have to register as a new device… all the time! Same with the Wi-Fi, just disappears!! Wish I stuck with apple

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              • Anonymous
              • T3q
              • 15 Jun 2022

              Nadia , 15 Jun 2022Dont waste your money . These phones are poor qualityAgreed, scratches easily and generally not ready for prime time, stick with regular phones for at least ankther 3 years

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                • Nadia
                • C9a
                • 15 Jun 2022

                MaleedWoo, 23 May 2022Really? And I’m planning on buying oneDont waste your money . These phones are poor quality

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                  • Nadia
                  • C9a
                  • 15 Jun 2022

                  Do not buy this phone. It's prone to screen braking. My Z flip only lasted less than 6 months and Samsung doesnt cover anything by international warranty. They charge me in the cervice center 600 usd, just because i bought it in another country, even the person in the shop was telling me that samsung has international warranty.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 49f
                    • 01 Jun 2022

                    Toad, 20 May 2022If you are considering a flip z 3, don't! I had the or... moreKeep an eye out for a potential mention of lawsuit for this issue. Samsung may not listen to one of us but if we all file a petition and show in numbers they would have to fix it then. Just keep check online

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                      • Unhappy customer
                      • 49f
                      • 01 Jun 2022

                      MaleedWoo, 23 May 2022Really? And I’m planning on buying oneDo not buy this phone or any Samsung Flip phones! Read other detailed reviews about the black line of death! Samsung will not back their faulty devices! This is a known issue and they won’t repair them unless you pay for it of course! The fold gets a black line without water damage or physical damage. Phone under 6 months old in a case and screen protector was denied. Samsung phone rep sends you way off to their BestBuy site for repair- the Best Buy rep states there is No reason your warranty should be denied you have basic wear no other issues but Samsung sent you to a site that isn’t set up for flip phone repairs yet-just call them and mail it in they will cover it.When you mail it in- they deny the warranty, suddenly. Wow how that changed overnight. Check online MANY PEOPLE #SamsungSucks #DontbuySamsung #DontbuySamsungFlip3z

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                        • Toad
                        • bJx
                        • 23 May 2022

                        MaleedWoo, 23 May 2022Really? And I’m planning on buying oneDon't waste your money. If something goes wrong with it samsung will put you through the ringer wasting not only your money but also your time.

                          Really? And I’m planning on buying one

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                            • Sandy
                            • 4rX
                            • 22 May 2022

                            This is the best phone I've ever had. Light, great speakers, easy to handle and type

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                              • Toad
                              • HXH
                              • 20 May 2022

                              If you are considering a flip z 3, don't! I had the original flip z and loved it. I then upgraded to a flip z 3 and had several issues. The battery was only lasting half a day. You no longer get a charger or head phones included with the phone. The phone itself always got really hot when on charge, whether wireless or plugged in, it made no difference. The phone then woke me in the middle of the night as it was on fire!! This is when I burnt my hand and had damaged property also as a result. I attempted several complaints to samsung, not only because i was injured but to also bring it to samsungs attention to prevent it happening to someone else. Samsung made it clear this was not a concern, nor were they willing to replace my faulty 1 month old phone. I had to jump through hoops and escalate my matter outside of samsung inorder to have my phone replaced. The external agency not only managed to have my phone replaced and upgraded to a much better phone, but also my partners, as she too had a flip z 3 and felt unsafe with it. Bottom line is flip z 3 are a flop z 3 and samsung are very unsupportive when it comes to their phones actually putting their customers at serious risk. Think twice about whether you really want this phone and or brand.

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                                • Mel
                                • n{0
                                • 19 May 2022

                                I've had it since August 2021. So far I've had the screen changed twice, half the phone stopped working so they had to change the screen again and the battery changed once. I don't use it much as I work most of the day. So can't say it's from over usage. I do not recommend this phone !!!

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                                  • Bob
                                  • xGD
                                  • 19 May 2022

                                  I've had it since launch. I love it. The small form-factor when folded is amazing. Tho, after about 6-7 months the factory installed screen protector started to crack at the seam. I removed it and nothing negitve happened with my screen at all. I've been using it since without. And because its closed 99% of the time it's laid down, I've had no issue with it. Few scuffs on the edges of the smaller screen, but all in all, really sturdy. I love the metal body. First phone I've had in decades with no case, and I couldn't be happier. I'm definitely sticking with the flip series.

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                                    • Rona
                                    • I@H
                                    • 18 May 2022

                                    I have no problem wirh my zflip 3 even with the battery. As an android phone user, I can say its the best phone of samsung so far.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • F@i
                                      • 17 May 2022

                                      Screen at centre fold coming off.
                                      Bought the phonec8 months back.

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                                        • Flipper
                                        • YeQ
                                        • 16 May 2022

                                        Traded in my S20 and got my Flip for 199.... At this price point I cannot bash the phone. Had it 3 weeks and yes battery is a factor but it's plugged in for AAuto when I drive and wireless charger at my desk. This is a phone for a certain person and happily I can flip that into my life. Love the phone and happiest I've been with a phone in a long time. (flips phone closed and is done)