Testing the brand new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

20 May 2022

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Now that's a true upgrade from snapdragon 865 series of chips.

    Anonymous, 02 Jun 2022No way! Burnout benchmark is now being used :O If the ph... moreofc they confirmed it has headphone jack. But you could dream about a phone having an expandable storage. Samsung A52s both have headphone jack and expandable storage

      Reyzz, 03 Jun 2022I hope they put plus 1 more processor for camera. Like othe... morethere is one and its called hexagon series

        Rs, 03 Jun 2022Now snapdragons 8plus gen 1 have no heating issues because ... moreit will throttle less than sdg1, sd 888 and 888+ but it will throttle a bit more than sd 865 and 865+ and 870 bcos sd 8+ gen 1 still have the powerhog cortex-x2 core

          Rs, 03 Jun 2022Now snapdragons 8plus gen 1 have no heating issues because ... moreit will throttle less than sdg1, sd 888 and 888+ but it will throttle a bit more than sd 865 and 865+ and 870 bcos sd 8+ gen 1 still have the powerhog cortex-x3 core

            Mi Myself and I, 16 Jun 2022Can't wait for one plus to use this chipset. 1+10 Pro... morethen they gonna throttle it to the power level of helio g95😕

              Sin, 20 Jun 2022So the new asu rog phone don't even have a built in fa... moreoptimization on rog phones and software updates is better on rog than any gaming brands tho. If you full screen gsmarena's sustained performance test, redmagic phones runs cooler bcos they are clocked lower while Rog phones runs at the highest clock and throttles less.

                Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022How pitty, just this year many phones sold with Gen 1 and n... moreThat's not accurate.
                The QSD 800 was a great chipset, and released earlier than anticipated (Q4 2013). The QSD 801 is the same thing, just a slightly better/tweaked model and was released for the devices of the following year. No strong competitors for those chips from Exynos, HiSilicon, MediaTek, RockChip, Unisoc, VIA, AMLogic, or Allwinner.

                Whereas the QSD 805 was a different chip all-together. It used a new core type. The Krait 400 above were a modified core from Qualcomm, and you can see them as a slower but much more efficient Cortex A15-like core. The QSD 805 used a new architecture, and it was more advanced, and perhaps more efficient, but it's faster performance was handicapped on the old 28nm node. So it couldn't clock to it's potential, and if you tried; it would throttle down back to normal levels. Not a bad chip in anyway, but overall, it was a small upgrade from the QSD 800 chipsets.

                The QSD 810 v1 and v2. Absolutely nothing to say or do here. The first version sucked, and the second version sucked. If you were lucky you were barely getting faster performance than the QSD 805, but for many people, you were getting slower performance than the QSD 800. That's how bad they throttled.

                QSD 820 / 821. This is where you might have a point. There was a notable difference. But I don't think the difference was large, so nothing worth getting angry about. The only place it made any real-world difference was OnePlus. The early OnePlus 3 models had to clock a little lower, and they came with less RAM and less Storage. The OnePlus 3t was $50 more expensive, but it gave you more RAM and more Storage, clocked higher, and used the QSD 821 processor. Which was a very good value-for-money at the time. Since the original 820 was very efficient, there wasn't a detriment to battery life with the 821. For my readers, I instructed them to buy the new-3t, and give their base-3 to family / hand-me-down (unless they bought the superior ZTE Axon 7, or the Samsung S7+ with Exynos 8890).

                QSD 855 vs 855+. Again no difference. The 855+ was faster because it clocked higher, thus wasting more battery. Same deal with the QSD 865 versus QSD 865, which weren't good upgrades over the previous. Again the same thing with the QSD 888 versus the QSD 888+ and also were bad upgrades over the previous.

                The QSD 860 and QSD 870 was Qualcomm's response to the pandemic. It was to ensure a healthy supply for OEMs in the times of a chip shortage. The QSD 860 was absolutely the same as the QSD 855 and QSD 855+. However, the QSD 870 was slightly refined version of the QSD 865, I was impressed since it not only used less power than the QSD 865+, but also of the 865, 780, 778, 860, 855+, and base-855.... and did so while running faster than all of them. The first proper upgrade since Q1-2019 (QSD 855), albeit a small upgrade. The QSD 888 and 888+ use a lot more power than the 870, while barely running faster, and then throttle hard. The QC 8g1 is even worse than the QSD 888+ in this aspect.

                The latest QC 8g1+ is a substantial improvement over the 8g1, 888+, 888, 865+, 780, 778, 860, 855+, and 855. It's definitely an upgrade over the QSD 870 I just mentioned above. So yes, I agree, that if you bought a phone with the regular-8g1 you SHOULD be angry to miss out on the new-8g1+ ....BUT THAT'S YOUR FAULT. If you did your research you would've realised that the 2022 chipset (8g1) isn't a good upgrade over the (855) 2019 chipset. They have barely caught up to the iPhone 11's performance (A13-Bionic) at the expense of efficiency. Whilst Apple hasn't upgraded their A13-performance, but iterated over it with the A14 and A15, and simply improved efficiency. So while the 8g1 might look comparable to the A15 performance, it's not, and the efficiency gap is pretty huge. Apple is a full 1-generation ahead. Qualcomm will catch up to the A13/A14/A15 with 2023's chipset, thanks to TSMC's 4nm and ARM's Cortex-A730 cores. But by the time that happens, Apple will announce the A16-Bionic which is due for a new architectural upgrade, so they may still be 1-2 generations ahead of Qualcomm. We will see.

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                  • 28 Jun 2022

                  How pitty, just this year many phones sold with Gen 1 and now %10 overclocked version in same year out.
                  Qualcomm busted its customers, AGAIN...
                  That is why you should buy SD chip phones at least in 3 years and must be Last Quarter of that year.
                  Qualcomm always same, it releases first Pre-cooked buggy version then after a few months releases good one (At least better than alpha)
                  Dont belive?
                  Look at these chipsets.
                  SD 800 / SD 801 / SD805
                  SD 810 / SD 810 v1/v2
                  SD 820 / SD 821
                  SD 855 / SD 855+ / SD 860
                  SD 865 / SD 865+ / SD 870
                  SD 888 / SD 888+

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                    • 20 Jun 2022

                    So the new asu rog phone don't even have a built in fan

                    This passive cooling system nonetheless

                    Much prefer lenovo legion y90 or nubia red magic 7 pro
                    is far better too have a aggressive active cooling system

                    at this point a built-in fans are the standard for a gaming smartphones

                    but the
                    asu rog is a passive phone :(

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                      • 18 Jun 2022

                      See misc performance detail section, higher watt and temp, it def will better a bit better than the vanilla one for sure

                        Can't wait for one plus to use this chipset.
                        1+10 Pro+ SD 8+Gen1
                        Sounds like a physics formula.

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                          • 06 Jun 2022

                          Anonymous, 24 May 2022The only game I regularly play on my phone is chess, you ar... moreSo according to your argument, there is no point of handheld consoles like PSP, PS Vita, N-Gage, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Switch because they are small. But that's the reason why they exist. The point is that handheld consoles/smartphones are small and portable gaming systems.

                          Emulating Windows to play old AAA games is no different (besides the higher CPU usage) than emulating PSP or other platforms. Emulation is necessary just because the developers never ported the games to Android. If old AAA PC games are ported to Android, then you can play them without emulation, like GTA San Andreas. These are popular, not tiny/niche.

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                            • 06 Jun 2022

                            Anonymous, 25 May 2022That was just an example, i wasn't talking about the 8... moreYes, you were talking about 80s, now you're denying it.
                            I'm talking the truth that you can't accept.

                              Rosso, 02 Jun 2022Look I don't like Apple but saying they have average c... moreThank you.
                              Truthfully, the phone with the best camera is actually the iPhone. And I don't say this as a fan, it is just a fact. It doesn't have the closest macro, or the widest shot, the sharpest standard, or the longest zoom. And it doesn't have the best contrast, brightest night-mode or the best settings.

                              So if it doesn't do any of those best, why would I say it is the best?
                              Because being the best is in the context of a "phone camera", and this gadget has a different target performance, than say a "Filmmaker/Cinematography" or "Slow-Motion/High-Speed" or "DSLR/Mirrorless". What an advanced camera-phone is intended to replace or compete with are what we call "compact cameras" also known as a Point'n'Shoot.

                              Having all those Manual Mode settings in the LG or Sony phones, means you can get way better results, but after you have tweaked the shot to perfection. And this can take an hour, or at the minimum a couple minutes. Which is fine for DSLR for professional photography. But it is not acceptable for Amateurs in the real-world with a Point'n'Shoot target.

                              For a Point'n'Shoot target it needs to be: responsive, consistent, fast, sharp, featured. The iPhone scores the highest in those first-three important attributes; it is the most responsive, the most consistent, and the fastest. It isn't as sharp as the competitors. And it lacks many features they have. Despite that, the iPhone is still competitive when it comes to sharpness/quality on Macro, Wide, Zoom, HDR, and Nightmode. It isn't the best in any of those categories, but one category it is known best for is in Video Recording.

                              So overall, the Apple iPhone is the best "Point'nShoot"-type camera on the market, and it is the best "Cinematography" camera on the market. Both LG and Huawei were the best "DSLR"-type camera on the market, but not anymore. That crown goes to Sony in the Pro-I and the Mk.IV whereas Samsung is not as good in either category but still a great option for most people. BBK (OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme), Mi (Redmi, Xiaomi), Lenovo (Lenovo, Motorola) and others have some ways to go, with some closer (OnePlus 8pro) to the top-performers than the others (Moto Edge 30 Pro).

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                                • 03 Jun 2022

                                Now snapdragons 8plus gen 1 have no heating issues because it made by tsmc .so we can easily play heavy games like fortnite,pubg,call of duty and many android games😃😃

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                                  • 03 Jun 2022

                                  I hope they put plus 1 more processor for camera. Like other flagship to avoid heat.

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                                    • 02 Jun 2022

                                    No way! Burnout benchmark is now being used :O

                                    If the phone has a headphone jack and expandable storage then I will consider it

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                                      • g8$
                                      • 02 Jun 2022

                                      Anonymous, 01 Jun 2022Apple have average cameraLook I don't like Apple but saying they have average camera is just incorrect.

                                      Maybe in context of high end flagships, which yeah I can see, not bad compared to other flagships but nothing special, and even that depends on circumstances, but in context of all phone cameras it's just incorrect.

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                                        • 02 Jun 2022

                                        xyz, 30 May 2022yes power of a15 to play candy crush saga or other shitty g... moreRoger we got him !