Testing the brand new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

20 May 2022

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  • 30 May 2022

Anonymous, 27 May 2022Benchmarks say the a15 scores higher and games have better ... moreyes power of a15 to play candy crush saga or other shitty games, on android you can even launch pc games like skyrim or ps2, switch emu

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    • 40yoVirgin
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    • 30 May 2022

    Anonymous, 22 May 2022I don't get it either. The only game I play on my phon... moreI'm not playing games on my cell phone either, but do I think those who play are just a bunch of stupid kids? People these days want to do on their smartphone what ever its capable for. Smartphone is like a swiss knife, it can do everything but not the best in everything. There are far more precise navigation products, or camera, or gaming, or whatever. But that's not the point of smartphone to have the best possible experience. Smartphone biggest atribute is his practicallity and he's always with us. Even when we have to go to toillet lol... Who brings their laptop or PC on toillet? I think you're completly missing the point od smartphone. It's not meant to be compare with devices who are specially designed to do one operation but on highest possible level.
    Smartphonea are like jack of all trades but master of none.

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      • 28 May 2022

      Anonymous, 27 May 2022Benchmarks say the a15 scores higher and games have better ... morePlease don't mention apple here.

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        • 27 May 2022

        Nabil233, 25 May 2022I don't know why u don't learn about how Gpu and ... moreBenchmarks say the a15 scores higher and games have better graphics settings and higher fps. Maybe time for you to get out the dark and read the results and start accepting the truth.

          r3c, 26 May 2022The point that the xperia xzs is from 2017 does blame nowad... moreI stand corrected.
          I recently had some (non?)quality time with Mi 11x, enabled with Snapdragon 870, 8GB RAM and tried the 1080p960 mode. And it was fake. The rotating fan was spreading colours all over the place.
          Hell, if it screws even a constant 2 colour scenario, the rubbish feature doesn't even deserve to be there.

          My own LG G8x on the other hand, tops out at 1080p240 (also 4K60) and however less it may seem, its 100% genuine. So, I thought every phone works like this. I was wrong.
          Sad to say, but misinformation spreads from official spec sheets now.

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            • 26 May 2022

            Samath N8 808 owner, 21 May 2022Come on, the phone you're quoting is from 2017. I reme... moreThe point that the xperia xzs is from 2017 does blame nowadays Phones even more.

            Fact is that there are only the xzs and some galaxy s9 variants that use that cached cam sensor that can do REAL 960fps.

            ALL other phones at the market to this day make maximum 240-480 fps , rhe rest is quirky ai nonesense that produces unreal extra frames. And for small things like rain or fire or dust it looks crap in comp to my 5 yr old xzs.

            Yes ufs 3.1 and new snapdragons could do it , its just people buying new phones like stupid anyways. So the manufacturers have no reason to make better features and software.

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              • 26 May 2022

              its great job for asus for use just 8+ gen1 note 8 gen1 like red red and black black

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                • 25 May 2022

                I think I`ll get the asus rog 6 coming from rog 2 among the upcoming flagship phones just because they`re qualcomm`s partner, which means they`ll fully utilize and optimize the chipset for every component of the phone just like the rog 2 back then

                  Nabil233, 25 May 2022I don't know why u don't learn about how Gpu and ... moreNabil, I agree with you.
                  However, the Apple A13-Bionic which came in the 2019 iPhone 11 is impressive. It was a full 1-2 generations ahead of Android which at the time had the QSD 855 chipset.

                  In order for Qualcomm to catch-up, they've simply been making their chips hotter and hotter in these 3-years. Which is actually bad in my opinion. I do not care about Synthetic Benchmarks, but it is good marketing, that is why Qualcomm focuses on it. So maybe they caught up with the QC 8g1, maybe not. You can look at the geekbench if you want. Meanwhile, Apple hasn't really upgraded the A13-Bionic in performance, it has been focusing on efficiency with the A14 and A15 chipsets (they run cooler and longer, but have thirsty-5G modems and 120Hz displays).

                  Later in 2022 the iPhone 14 is supposed to come with the Apple A16-Bionic, and this time they are using a new architecture (ARMv9 ?). So I expect there to be a significant performance increase over the A15/A14/A13. That means Apple will once again be another 1-2 generations ahead of Qualcomm. On top of this, the A16 is being developed alongside the new Apple M2, M2 Pro, and M2 Max chipsets, so expect great performance there too.

                  Again, max speed isn't everything. Stability, efficiency, latency, features, and so many other factors are more useful for the users. On top of that, there are many aspects to a phone than just the chipset; I would choose a Samsung A52-s always ahead of the Moto Edge X30.

                    Anonymous, 23 May 2022it's not in bar even with A13 lol.I don't know why u don't learn about how Gpu and CPU works.. I really feel sorry for you.. even 888's peak Gpu and CPU performance of higher than a13 . Stop being in dark . Ignorance is curse

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                      • 25 May 2022

                      Anonymous, 23 May 2022it's not in bar even with A13 lol.I don't know why people just don't learn about how cpu and Gpu works. Even 8 gen 1 is way powerful than a13. Even 8 gen 1's Gpu is more capable than a15 Bionic's Gpu. The problem is it's not stable. Just learn what is peak performance and what is stable performance

                        Kangal, 25 May 2022Yes it can. The Remastered ("better") version of... moreGreat!
                        Since makers started to address the efficiency part lately, all we need now is some porting, environment support and system compatibility to enjoy those sweaty pixels on a portable machine! 🌟

                          forhad-61, 24 May 2022Oh? Can your ARM run Crysis, lel. Yes it can.
                          The Remastered ("better") version of Crysis 1/2/3 is available on the Nintendo Switch. And the Nintendo Switch uses a weaker ARM CPU and GPU.

                          The latest QC 8g1+ is far above it, and even beyond that is the Apple A13-Bionic (iPhone Max) and going further there is the Apple A12Z (small tablet), Apple M1 (tablet), then the M1 Pro (ultrabook), M1 Max (laptop), and M1 Ultra (mini-desktop). Then there's the Amazon Graviton3 (64 core, Cortex-X1 based) and the Ampere Altra Max (128 core, Cortex-A76 based). That's if you want to go for full-blown cloud servers/super-computers.

                          At every segment, ARM seems to have some advantage over x86.
                          Even below the 4W-6W level of Large Phones (Cortex-A78 / Avalanche-cores), there's the 1W-2W level of Small Phones (Cortex-A53 / Blizzard-cores), and then there is the Sub-1W level of Wearables too (Cortex-A35 / Exynos W920 / Apple WS7).

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                            • 25 May 2022

                            Yes Sd855 is more than capable my Reno 10x is run very smoothly with latest color os 12 update

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                              • 25 May 2022

                              Anonymous, 24 May 2022No, it's nothing like that. I'm not talking abou... moreThat was just an example, i wasn't talking about the 80s specifically.
                              Have you tried Elden Ring or something? There have always been good stuff, bad stuff, and everything in between. YOU'RE the one here who can't accept the truth

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                                • 25 May 2022

                                Kuba, 24 May 2022Go with anything with SD 865 and 870 - best chips to date. ... morefor daily usage, even that old 855 is enough.

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                                  • 24 May 2022

                                  Anonymous, 24 May 2022The only game I regularly play on my phone is chess, you ar... moreGamepads for smartphones exists... you know?

                                    77, 22 May 2022These CPU are equivalent too Intel i7 in power off all 8 co... moreOh? Can your ARM run Crysis, lel.

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                                      • 24 May 2022

                                      I just hope the new chip will not as hot as the predecessor

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                                        • 24 May 2022

                                        Anonymous, 24 May 2022The purpose of a smartphone is to be a pocket size, portabl... moreThe only game I regularly play on my phone is chess, you are right, old games are *much* better. All that trash that came out after the 17 hundreds is just not that good.

                                        I just do not see the point. Smartphones have tiny screens and awful controls. If you want to have fun use a PC, so much better in every regard. Although, again, i could see how a gameboy emulator might be fun.

                                        Then again, the other guy wants to emulate Windows to play 10 year old AAA games, that certainly is a very tiny niche...