Realme GT Neo 3T review

07 June 2022

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Vipxpert, 25 Oct 2022Guys if you're enthusiastic about speakers and screens... moreThanks for this honest review! Speakers and screen ain't enough to justify the price, and appears that there are more disatvantages all over.

    A big notice that you have to disable show pointer settings or it'll be terribly lag. I've just notice this after a few months using

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      • 10 Dec 2022

      After 2 months of Usage

      Quick charge


      Battery backup (12 hours)
      Performance not good ( phone just froze for 30 minutes when I was just watching insta reels)

      Even simple games like shadow ninja 3, phone sometimes just get hang

      Overall 2/5

        Guys if you're enthusiastic about speakers and screens then this phone is good for you. The speakers are superb for the price and the screen has much better white accuracy than many other devices. There is a Chinese variant of this phone at just below 300$ named Q5 pro

        There are things that are bad about this phone:

        No 120Hz gaming

        Multitasking is bad

        No 960fps camera slo-mo

        No NFC on the Chinese variant

        Zooming on the main camera is better than the Macro

        No OIS or optical zooming

        Gamma is inconsistent in Vivid and Brilliant mode. Other modes are too yellow

        The battery is usually at 39 Celcius degree even on normal usage though the body is still cool

        The battery performs worse than what a 5000mAh battery usually does

        A lot of bloat-ware

        Recent updates remove MEMC for absolutely no reason

        It's not comfortable to hold in hand and it goes wobbly on the table because of that thick camera

        Absolute no water resistant

        That's almost every con I can find on this phone. Everything else works out nice or even excellent

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          • 15 Oct 2022

          Bought this phone, received it 2 days ago and battery is nowhere near what is shown on this analysis. They state that the tests are done at the phone's maximum refresh rate and even with only 60hz activated on this pone, I get less than 12hours of use on social media. For comparison, my previous phone (Mi 9T) had a web browsing time of 11:35 hours and could stretch it to up to 12. With GT NEO 3T I'm getting 12 hours on 60hz mode when the review says an approximate of 14 and on 120hz mode.

            Will it be a good device if say with all Bank offers and exchange I'm getting it for 210eur??

              Anonymous, 08 Jun 2022How long do realme support their devices?? If only one Andr... moreUsually I guess would take around 2 years major software update. It ths phone running Android 12, I guess it would get till Android 14.

                Master, 11 Jun 2022Stop lying dude ,am playing on snap 888 ,nothing throttles... moreOn Snadragon 855 with 6GB RAM, I'm doing an easy 60 fps in medium-high quality (1080p+) in PUBG without any fan or heating on my palms.
                The way you said, "it needs a fan just like any other phone need it". It only proves SD888's problems are genuine... no sir, other phones don't need a fan.

                Secondly, enough videos exist where side by side same content is being generated on both Snapdragon 870 and 888, and in the latter, 10-12 seconds later, an error of overheating pops up. You check youtube and let me know what you find.
                And like the guy before me proved, 888's issue is genuine.

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                  • 13 Jun 2022

                  Master, 11 Jun 2022Stop lying dude ,am playing on snap 888 ,nothing throttles... moreAt snapdragon 888 u need a fan, but on snapdragon 870 u there is no need for fan for 120 fps games because it can run far more stable. I have tried 2 device with snapdragon 888 and the power was a "MEH", only won at benchmark, but snapdragon 870 have better performance (try it on Realme GT vs GT Neo 2, GT Neo 2 performs more stable and cool, and try it on Poco F3 and Xiaomi 11T Pro, Poco F3 was more cooler and stable).

                  If u don't trust me, play Atom RPG at 120 fps and ultra graphic, i wanna see how snapdragon 888 hold their performance. I'm using that game to test almost 30 chipset, including dimensity. (And of course i bought it myself, the invoice from the 30 phones i bought was still in me) LOL.

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                    • 13 Jun 2022

                    bulbulito.bayagbag, 08 Jun 2022Samsung S21 FE is a better choice overall, you also get the... moreyeah Samsung has the longest os support in the android world. But the "you only get 1 os upgrade, 2 if you are lucky on chinese brands" is not true. Xiaomi and Oneplus(this is the brands that i've heard) offer 3yrs OS support and 4yrs security patch

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                      • 13 Jun 2022

                      Anonymous, 07 Jun 2022How A53 has worse performance than A52? That new exynos is... morebut the soc is not reliable bcos it shows many issues

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                        • 11 Jun 2022

                        Samath N8 808 owner, 09 Jun 2022888 is known to cause errors caused due to chip overheating... moreStop lying dude ,am playing on snap 888 ,nothing throttles on 40 fps ,if i use 90 120 fps in games then i need fan behind phone just like any other phone need it

                          jdrew98, 09 Jun 2022It could've been the 888 tbh. SD8 Gen 1 is a hotass ch... more888 is known to cause errors caused due to chip overheating.
                          Play same game on 870, nothing happens. Play on 888, within 10 minutes it crashes and you get overheating message.
                          Throttling is ok, but apps crashing, would you say its tolerable?

                            zodiacfml, 08 Jun 2022why did conclusion did not include the Poco F3 or Blackshar... moreProbably too old by this point.

                              Samath N8 808 owner, 09 Jun 2022"And yes, we believe the GT Neo 3T's Snapdragon 8... moreIt could've been the 888 tbh. SD8 Gen 1 is a hotass chip so screw that.

                                "And yes, we believe the GT Neo 3T's Snapdragon 870 is still a viable option in 2022."

                                "STILL" a viable option, eh?? Please don't use such words GSMArena. We're not talking obsolete hardware here.

                                When your cooling systems are stuck in stone age, surely you don't expect us to use Snadragon 888 and later, right?
                                As long as cooling systems are in stone age, Snapdragon 870 is the proper flagship, not "still a viable option".

                                  Samsung S21 FE is a better choice overall, you also get the longest software support from any android manufacturer, OS updates are the weakness of chinese oem's, where you get 1 update, 2 if you are lucky lol. How the heck can that beat 4 years of os updates.

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                                    • 08 Jun 2022

                                    "The module itself protrudes quite a bit and causes the phone to wobble on a flat surface." This statement does not ring a bell in the ears and minds of phone manufacturers! Why can't they put it in the middle?

                                      Hey That design Zenfone 8

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                                        • 08 Jun 2022

                                        Is That Zenfone 8 design hehehe