ZTE Axon 40 Ultra review

11 June 2022

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stanley77, 14 Jun 2022no it isnt! check kimovil website there is clear evidence t... moreI think it has now been established that it is a 1/1.73" type sensor. Before launch it was rumoured to be a larger sensor but after the launch in China many sources stated it's 1/1.73". I've copied a translation from a Chinese source below which provides more details on the sensor.

'The IMX787 used this time has a 1/1.73-inch 6400W camera and a 35mm focal length. The bottom of the CMOS is not very large. Although the specifications are similar to the IMX686, it is not the "vest version" of the IMX686. The new IMX787 Support full-pixel focus, can output 4K 120fps video natively, IMX787 native high-sensitivity ISO has 12800 (Nubia secondary gain can reach 25600), IMX686's native high-sensitivity ISO is only 6400, 787 microlens is the same as 766/789 The model is 2*2 OCL, while the 686 is 2*1 OCL. From this point of view, the Axon 40Ultra is indeed "Ultra" enough, whether it is the photosensitive image quality or the focusing speed compared with the previous generation. type sensor.'

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    • 17 Jul 2022

    I have new Nubia Z40 Pro , it's a same phone?

      Anonymous, 10 Jul 2022I've been using the Axon 40 Ultra for a few days now. ... moreI don't experience any of these problems. Apart from the weakness of the selfie camera, it's a very good phone!

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        • 10 Jul 2022

        I've been using the Axon 40 Ultra for a few days now. Great looking phone. Really cool. Unfortunately, the navigation swipes are terrible. Misses a ton of swipes. I find myself right swiping to go back multiple times. And up swiping to close rarely works. And the phone does not work on MetroPCS or T-Mobile networks. So while a great looking phone, ZTE pretty much slapped this one together just to get it out the door. Shame. And given the lack of updates ZTE tends to provide... I would assume the issues will never be fixed.

          FatShady, 12 Jun 2022here we go again with that bullshit "once you try 120h... moreI mean, I am only echoing what the majority thinks, myself included.

          What you described sounds like a "you" problem, as already indicated by everyone who responded to your comment.

            Anonymous, 11 Jun 2022All phones that can go beyond 60Hz come from factory set 60... moreNo, I am pretty sure most manufactures have it set to variable refresh rate by default, which fluctuates between 60hz and 120hz, but mainly staying on 120hz unless playing a video or a game that's capped to 60hz.

              Anonymous, 12 Jun 2022When I got my last phone which had a 90hz screen, the diffe... moreMy current main phone is 90hz, and I use many 60hz phones alongside it.

              I find that over time you get used to the 90hz and it doesn't have that "wow" factor like when you first used it. However, after trying out a 120hz phone in-store, I immediately noticed a difference in smoothness compared to my 90hz phone.

              So in my case, 120hz is definitely noticeable. I think beyond that, the difference becomes less noticeable.

                I would just get a Samsung S22 Ultra and get along with life. No need for unnecessary headaches.

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                  • 22 Jun 2022

                  Canna, 21 Jun 2022I really don't understand this opinion. I have never ... moreLol. Okay

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                    • 21 Jun 2022

                    Whatwhatinthemargine, 12 Jun 2022Your comment sounds just as wrong and doing the exact same ... moreI really don't understand this opinion.
                    I have never carried out any tests of the ZTE or even read about others, apart from this one from gsmarena, but having tried the vivo x80 pro, I think it is the best interpretation of hardware and software integration on Android in terms of cameras.
                    And the strong point is the software.
                    It does better than s22 ultra, better than xiaomi ultra and oneplus and x5 pro ..
                    As a photography there is nothing better; finally someone has taken up the legacy of Huawei.
                    You have full manual controls, perfect editing integration and top out of the box images, without going crazy with postprocessing to get the best out of your photos.
                    Again, this is not the opinion of a smartphone user but of a photographer.
                    Only as a video it is not on par with others, but it is still a top of the range.
                    There is no integration of features with third-party apps, but the fault lies with google and how it manages the APIs, not with the manufacturers of android phones.

                      Is it available in India?

                        Is it available in India?

                          Looking at camera performance some more, it got actually the best looking stills, be it super wide, normal or tele. There are some phones with hi res modes that reveal a lot detail, but not so much as this one in super wide in normal mode.
                          It's colors are close to Xperia but processing is natural and 64mp does leave some detail to explore.
                          It's serious Axon40u vs 1IV battle.

                            I love ZTE phones but after being burned on the 10 pro I don't see myself buying another, much less the Nubia or Red Magic brands. If I knew that I would get more than 1 major update that may change down the line but for now I will wait and see

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                              • 15 Jun 2022

                              Hei you all, stop bashing wrong innacurate data.
                              The camera HW info app shows exactly what sensor size is, because pixel size is 0.8um and diagonal size is 9.25mm. focal lenght according exif is 7.43mm (to Fullframe eqv its 34.7mm). So everything is correct, the sensor is same size as imx 686 (1/1.72 type").
                              Nubia Z40 Pro shares same sensor, just I have suspiction that lens could be slightly different on Nubia (but not focal lenght).

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                                • 14 Jun 2022

                                stanley77, 14 Jun 2022You have wrong info about senzor size main and ultrawide ca... moreWrong , it's using 1inch sensor imx677, that was used on Sony Pro-i

                                  Anonymous, 11 Jun 2022Main camera of this axon is 1/1.76" as well. It is ... moreno it isnt! check kimovil website there is clear evidence that it has sony IMX787 1.37´´ senzor both cameras main and ultrawide!

                                    You have wrong info about senzor size main and ultrawide camera has 1/1.37´´ size sensor its sony IMX787, not 1/1.7, its wrong info!!!

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                                      • 14 Jun 2022

                                      alirezaasol, 13 Jun 2022please add thermal throttling test to your reviewsThey do that already..

                                        please add thermal throttling test to your reviews