ZTE Axon 40 Ultra review

11 June 2022

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  • 11 Jun 2022

no,agsin dissapointment.
cant use that phone sunlight,only cloudy day and inside house,reason...under 700 max,i repeat,max bright. its lausy!
battery life is also lausy...reason is thouse screen high hertz..useless trend.
60hz is enough.
sound id might ok...
no.not my phone...
i give score 7.5

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    • Lkg
    • 11 Jun 2022

    Well , 104h is low for phone with FHD + 5000mAh ..

    Axon 40 Ultra = best phone ZTE has cmes with 1/1.76", but Nubia 40 Pro has 1/1.3" 😒

      Panino Manino, 11 Jun 2022Unfortunatelly the software is still not final, too many up... morewow, the ultrawide lens is amazing, no corner softness at all.

        Unfortunatelly the software is still not final, too many updates still being pushed and they are removing and adding features (in the camera).

          I tried my friend's Axon 40 Ultra before it went global in China. Overall it's a very nice high-end smartphone. I love the design though it is quite similar to my Note 20U. I really hope ZTE can bring back IP68(as they did on Axon9) to make it a fully-packed flagship.

            wow that 64mp ultrawide cam is really amazing, great design, amazing screen with no holes but why brightnes only at 600 nits zte?

              slow motion in 4k?? amazing