Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

25 June 2022

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  • 26 Jun 2022

kramark, 26 Jun 2022Excellent long-term review, GSMArena. I have been using ... moreTotally agree, it mostly happens when the screen is facing my leg, so I try to keep the screen on the front side, hope it helps.

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    • 26 Jun 2022

    Nick Tegrataker, 26 Jun 2022I'd like to add that this is DESPITE A52s' lacklu... moreI bought a52s a week ago and it's so embarrassingly laggy that I'm considering to return it. On top of that screen is too sensitive to touch, misregisters touches consistently and it's a nightmare to use a keyboard on it. If this is supposed to be the best Samsung mid range phone I'm truly sorry for anyone who bought even cheaper models from samsung.

    Oneui 4 made the animations fancier but they are even slower and more sluggish than they were back in oneui 3.x, what is samsung thinking!?!?

      Noneone, 26 Jun 2022I hope your comment is sarcastic lolSarcastic or not, I'm not the only one on this web you can see next time.

      And also GSMArena explain this all what is sarcastic from me?

        Nick Tegrataker, 26 Jun 2022I would say this is still the best midranger that has come ... moreI'd like to add that this is DESPITE A52s' lacklustre real-life performance (I imagine this issue is widespread, since I've seen two of my acquaintances buying S20 FE, essentially a higher-spec'd version of A52s, then later complaining about constant lags and stutter).

        A52s is essentially hardware side almost perfectly done right for a midranger, but with software dragging it down so much so that it lost its chance to become THE best one on the market.. though I would say it's still a great product given the current price.

          rizki1, 26 Jun 2022ahhh hahahah it's lag everywhere, bugs, less features,... moreI hope your comment is sarcastic lol

            A73, S21fe, A52s these phones are not worth half of its listed price

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              • 26 Jun 2022

              BlingBling, 25 Jun 2022Night pictures are very yellowish...hope it is not the same... moreA53 same issue and lower profomance

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                • 26 Jun 2022

                After update brightness of led flashlight not working it stucked in low level any solution?

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                  • 26 Jun 2022

                  We want also Samsung M52 5g long term review...

                    ahhh hahahah it's lag everywhere, bugs, less features, slow fingerprint, charging etc... what? performance is like 720G? LOL for $500 phone!!

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                      • 26 Jun 2022

                      BlingBling, 25 Jun 2022Night pictures are very yellowish...hope it is not the same... moreSamsung Galaxy A53 is good only for selfie others not.

                        I would say this is still the best midranger that has come out of Samsung, and one of the best in the entire smartphone market. Still an amazing value, packed with features some of which are not included in the newer A53 nor the flagship S22 series, not to mention Samsung's great update policy for the A series which will keep this thing alive for a few more years.

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                          • 26 Jun 2022

                          - color consistency and quality are inconsistent
                          - throttling issues (just disable all gaming optimizing apps of Samsung)
                          - screen lags when you switch apps and go to home screen

                            I've tried my friend's A52s and can't help to think that IF they released a down-sized version last year. It would be really nice if they manage to shrink A52s to Pixel 5's size. Google managed to contain a 4000mah battery in a small phone just weighs 151g but they stuck to 765G, it would be really nice to have a mini 778G phone made by Samsung.

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                              • 26 Jun 2022

                              One UI make Snapdragon 778 feels like redmi with miui and Snapdragon 720/730/732. So in the end, one ui makes it phone slower than expected

                                Excellent long-term review, GSMArena.

                                I have been using the A52S since the end of February and I'm quite pleased with the general performance of the device. I love Bixby Routines! The update to Android 12/OneUI 4.0 caused battery drain and heating issues but that has been resolved with OneUI 4.1. I do agree that the vibration motor is bad. My previous device, the four-year-old Nokia 7 Plus, had a much better vibration motor. But perhaps the worst thing about the A52S is how it could trigger accidental touches while in pockets.

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                                  • 26 Jun 2022

                                  Oh I wish it's bootloader could be unlocked without failing the camera!

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                                    • 26 Jun 2022

                                    jason, 25 Jun 2022i have and its best mid range everWhen this phone came out, I got a little mad that Samsung didn't make a version of this with the Galaxy S21 size. Snapdragon 778 on a compact phone would have been battery efficient. This phone was such a good value offering especially for Samsung that I bought one and gave it to my brother as a gift.

                                      Am i the only one that prefers Samsung app drawer and the fact that isn't sorted alphabetically.

                                        +support till android 14 and frequent security patches
                                        +stereo speakers
                                        +120hz amoled screen(no adaptive refresh rate though.Only options are 60 or 120hz)
                                        +3.5mm headphone jack
                                        +Samsung ecosystem(works best with galaxy watch and buds)
                                        +OIS on main camera
                                        +snap(778)5G and not Exynos
                                        +decent battery life

                                        -plastic build
                                        -poor vibrator motor
                                        -15W charger in the box although it supports 25.
                                        -some minor stuttering
                                        -mediocre fingerprint sensor

                                        Overall one of the best mid rangers from Samsung in recent years.