Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro review

05 July 2022

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  • 22 Sep 2022

JustSaying, 24 Jul 2022Two years of software updates is way too low for such an in... morehey no worries, my rog 5 only last for 10 months before everything inside broke down. SIM 1, Vibrate, LR button, bottom speaker, fingerprint sensor all broken and fixed under guarantee. 2 months later most of the problem came back. no more guarantee. so 2 years software update is more than enough..

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    • 03 Sep 2022

    Sin, 23 Aug 2022It's great to people good response in the comments and... moreWhile you can't pocket a pc, I agree with you on the other features like sd card and jack. Gamer phones should be the last ones to remove them. There's too many apple wannabees for mainstream consumers already.

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      • 23 Aug 2022

      It's great to people good response in the comments and smart people
      I know this should be obvious but mainstream people often don't realise

      The asu Rog 6 pro definitely over priced for it's specs
      The 2 android versions updates are a bit of a saw spot and android os support really should be better but honestly it's not end of the would android games run even on android emulator with android 7 it's hardware what matters mostly

      One could definitely build a pc and spec more ram & storage it better for 2000 pound so it does depend on what price the phone is in your market on how worth it is for u

      The 512gb storage small amount given the price tag
      I dislike the lack of built in fans also
      The screen on the back is generally a good thing about the phone one additional feature that other Gaming phones don't have

      but they sure don't make phone like they did in the old days where a flagship was like 500 pound

      And the removal of nice stuff like removable battery's SD cards slots headphone jack etc sucks great see us in agreement here

      Yeah best solution too water proofing or making a phone more durable is a water proof case and screen protector

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        • 22 Aug 2022

        Waste of money for this worst flagship mobile they send software update and damage our motherboard and we have to pay for that

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          • 07 Aug 2022

          Kangal, 17 Jul 2022Exactly. With the progress of technology, it means to manu... moreI agree
          The 512 16 gb ram version of this phone is 4000$
          An rtx 3090 got dropped down to 1000$(500$ if you dare try to get it on ebay)
          You could get a pc with way better specs than this

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            • 07 Aug 2022

            You guys actually gonna pay 4000$ for this?

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              • 24 Jul 2022

              Two years of software updates is way too low for such an investment, 4 years and they would have a deal with me

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                • 22 Jul 2022

                Aka, 14 Jul 2022Are all USB c port(include aero active cooler) can connect ... moreYes you are capable of doing so. Also you can charge and play at the same time... And plus side, the 4 extra triggers you get

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                  • 19 Jul 2022

                  It Looks like the reviewer is so angry in the photos .
                  That he wanna kill the camera

                    yalim, 07 Jul 2022I read and already wrote 60Hz results of all phones in my c... moreyou really dont know how LTPO panels work. They can go down from 120hz-1hz. For example when you dont interact to your smartphone, the refresh rate will go down to 1hz instead of 60hz. Though LTPO panels dont work well if the software doesnt know to handle it. And if you are wondering why phones that use a flagship chipset, its bcos every year flagship chipsets gets more power hungry than predecessors but has better perf/watt(i mean they increase their power by a small margin but squeezes more performance than their predecessors)

                      Sin, 16 Jul 2022Yeah Removeable battery & SD card slot Would be mass... moreExactly.
                      With the progress of technology, it means to manufacture phones are always getting better and better and cheaper and cheaper. So why is it that, we now pay A LOT more per phone, and the phones are far LESS capable.

                      2014 was the peak of the phone industry.
                      You had chipsets like the: Kirin 925, QSD 801, QSD 805, Exynos 5433. And phones had everything like: User Removable Battery, Headphone Jack, FM Radio, microSD slot, DualSIM, IrDa blaster, Notification LED, Extra Button (Shutter/Programmable), Physical keyboard.

                      Notable devices were:
                      Apple: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+,
                      Other: MS Lumia 930, Jolla Phone, BlackBerry Z30, Blackberry Priv, Panasonic Lumix CM1,
                      Android: Samsung Note 4-Exynos, Samsung S5-Active, Sony Z3 Compact, Sharp Aquos Crystal, Moto X Style, LG G2, HTC M8, OnePlus One, Oppo Find7, Huawei Mate 7 Ascend and Xiaomi Mi 4G.

                      Then 2015 happened, and it was mostly a bad year due to unoptimised software, and low-efficiency chipsets, some devices even lost features. But 2016 was a huge improvement, especially with the: IP67/68 waterproofing, Aluminium unibody designs, and new chipsets like the QSD 820, QSD 821, Exynos 8890, Kirin 955, Kirin 960. Things started progressing slower and getting worse from 2017-onwards, and here we are with the marketing being not very healthy.

                      I agree with your point about waterproof case. However, these are very rare and only come for a few/famous devices. Even then it is not a great solution. If you have a phone with a User Removable Battery, placing it into a waterproof-case, will give it IP67-like protection. It is still somewhat vulnerable. But the dealbreaker is that this case covers the whole phone, that means you get a "plastic window" for the display, and it feels bad for your fingers, and scratches easily.

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                        • 16 Jul 2022

                        Kangal, 08 Jul 2022You want to live in the past? Because of the pandemic? A... moreYeah
                        Removeable battery & SD card slot
                        Would be massive improvements

                        Just when anyone suggested such good idea everyone gives weird look like what are you thinking

                        Why 0.0 u guys like not being able replace battery or store games on sd card etc what's wrong with normal mainstream people

                        They sure don't make phones like they did in the old days but people pay more too have everything taken away from them :(

                        Personally I want asu too have dual headphone jack also

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                          • 16 Jul 2022

                          Kangal, 13 Jul 2022What was the point of that suggestion? The ZTE/Nubia RedMa... moreWater proof case is what you need

                          Therefore asu lenovo Nubia still better

                          It's easy too upgrade water proofing
                          Not the same with hardware

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                            • 14 Jul 2022

                            Are all USB c port(include aero active cooler) can connect to headphones? No one review headphones user function

                              Anon, 12 Jul 2022If you want removable battery so much then why not buy the ... moreWhat was the point of that suggestion?
                              The ZTE/Nubia RedMagic 7 (or any of them) don't have User Removable Battery. Having the ability to charge the phone changes NOTHING. And to make things worse, they also don't have IP68 waterproofing. Worse of both worlds.

                              The best "pocketable gaming device" is NOT any of the ASUS ROG, Nubia RedMagic, or Lenovo Legion, etc etc. The Sony PS Vita Slim-2000 comes pretty close. I think the actual Best Pocketable is actually the Samsung S10+ (QSD 855), Custom ROMs, and the Razer JungleCat. It'll run games as good/better than these expensive devices, simply because it actually fits in your pocket AND has much better controls.

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                                • 12 Jul 2022

                                Kangal, 07 Jul 2022I generally don't recommend Pixel phones. At least in... moreIf you want removable battery so much then why not buy the red magic 7 that can play straight from the charger without the need to use the battery charge?

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                                  • 2mA
                                  • 12 Jul 2022

                                  This one is best phone to play switch games. Cool

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                                    • j6r
                                    • 10 Jul 2022

                                    You mentioned that the ROG Phone 6/6 Pro has an inferior thermal design. Genuine question, how is it inferior?

                                      Anonymous, 09 Jul 2022How come you didn't mention the ip68 rated Xcover Pros... moreI didn't mention them, because we are talking about "gaming" on phones.
                                      There's the Sonim XP8 and CAT S61 as well. But these as well as the Samsung Xcover 4, 4s, 5, Xcover Pro and Xcover 2.... they're all pretty slow devices. Otherwise you're looking at options like the Samsung S8-Active and Samsung S7-Active, and these guys are pretty old at this point.

                                      The upcoming Samsung Xcover Pro 6, is rumoured to use the QSD 778, so that's pretty fast and would qualify. But until it is actually released, it's a no-go. I have found the Xcover series of devices kind of hard to buy or find, if anyone is curious.

                                      Besides, no-one has address one of my main points; ergonomics/controller. There's really nothing pocketable out there. The ancient PS Vita (Slim/2000) from 2012 era still seems to be a competitive option, besides the Retroid Pocket 2+ or the PowKiddy RG 10 Max (v1/slim).

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                                        • 09 Jul 2022

                                        Tuun, 06 Jul 2022it aint curvedOf course it isn't. That is why I am asking the other commenter why he wanted a dumb curved screen on a gaming phone.