Asus Zenfone 9 review

28 July 2022

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  • 28 Jul 2022

Hell yeah! Compact phones are the best. It remindes me of Z3 Compact - one of my top 3 favorite phone of all time - but with 2022 specs, even more! ( AF for UW camera and Selfie, IP68)

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    • 28 Jul 2022

    I was really looking forward to a smaller phone with all the features, but no wireless charging is a deal breaker. I'll hang on to my Samsung S10e for another year I guess.

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      • 28 Jul 2022

      The pricing hike really bugs me. I could get the Zenfone 8 for 550 euros, which is quite a bit of savings...

        SAMSUNG S22 is the same as compact but much better in every aspect

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          • 28 Jul 2022

          For everyone complaining about wireless charging.
          "Adding the induction coil would have increased thickness further, making the handset more of a chonker, or it would have eaten into the battery capacity, and neither was an option."
          With 108h why would you need to charge wireless during the day anyway?

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            • 28 Jul 2022

            Impressive on a 4300Mah cell

              I had Zenfone 8 and after 6 months the Wi-Fi stopped working and I had to stop using it. I don't trust Asus after that experience, only time will tell if this year they made it better with this model

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                  • 28 Jul 2022

                  YUKI93, 28 Jul 2022I'm glad that ASUS still keep the Autofocus for the ul... moreYup. 108h is absolutely incredible for a phone of this size and with a proper flagship processor. This has made this very exciting.

                  It's just crazy how this goes against so many industry trends right now -

                    I'm glad that ASUS still keep the Autofocus for the ultrawide camera since that is one of my favourite features of the Zenfone 8. What really impressed me the most though is the battery endurance rating. Not only it's way better than the Samsung Galaxy S22, but it's also better than most phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that has a larger screen and a bigger battery capacity. If Sony won't release the Xperia 5 IV, then this will be my top alternative choice.

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                      • 28 Jul 2022

                      I'm obsessed with design, it looks so good.