Motorola Edge 30 Ultra review

15 September 2022

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  • 7tR
  • 18 Mar 2023

Hi friends
Can I use mi 120 watt charger? Because lost 125 watt during journey for edge 30 ultra without any issue.
Plse reply

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    • mFd
    • 19 Feb 2023

    Anonymous, 09 Dec 2022Motorola edge 30 ultra or iphone 13 mini?Iphone of course.

      schlunggi, 15 Dec 2022you do realize that image detail not only relies on the amo... moreEveryone knows this and no one cares.

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        • schlunggi
        • JJ3
        • 15 Dec 2022

        Edward , 03 Dec 2022The 200M Ultra Resolution, when taking landscape under good... moreyou do realize that image detail not only relies on the amount of mp? for comparison: my little 20.1mp canon g5xii takes WAY more detailed photos than my galaxy s22u in full 108mp mode (detail enhancer on/off doesn't matter).
        on my g5xii i can take a photo of whatever i want, crop and even get a more detailed picture whith only 50% of the og photo than on my s22u.

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          • KjD
          • 09 Dec 2022

          Motorola edge 30 ultra or iphone 13 mini?

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            • Edward
            • 2Ia
            • 03 Dec 2022

            The 200M Ultra Resolution, when taking landscape under good daylight, brings enormous amount of details never seen with whatever full frame camera. Albeit plenty of artifacts and colour fringes. But the amount of details was unseen with anything else.
            I owned it the first week it's announced, loved it since then.

              Compared the edge 30 ultra with OnePlus 10 pro, the Moto is absolutely better. Edge makes better photos with more accurate colors, the pics are sharper too. Don't understand why the cameras on OnePlus is still sh#t.....the OnePlus 9 pro is better in photography than 10 pro.
              The Moto is faster compared to the 10 pro and the os is cleaner (no addware as OnePlus switch, community etc).
              The display of the OnePlus is better but is miniscule.
              Fingerprintscanner on the Moto is extreme fast, a bit faster than 10 pro.
              And than the speakers; the Moto sounds amazing and loud, very good for listening to music or watch movies on it.
              The 10 pro sounds good (not so loud) and a bit dull, i'm not impressed with it.
              Whats bad aboud the Moto; no water/dust resistance, and thats a shame for a 900, euro flagship.

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                • Daniil Medvedev
                • nt0
                • 23 Nov 2022

                Alex, 22 Nov 2022Moto edge 30 ultra the best phone. unmatchable excellent qu... moreAre you honest with us Alex? Because it's hard to believe ;)

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                  • Alex
                  • FYk
                  • 22 Nov 2022

                  Moto edge 30 ultra the best phone. unmatchable excellent quality in photo. I have been using Motorola from Moto G3, Moto one Fusion +, Moto edge 20 pro . & now Moto edge 30 Ultra. No other mobile phones at this price ranges can compare with Moto edge 30 ultra. Price is very cheap

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                    • Kuldip
                    • fCC
                    • 15 Nov 2022

                    Price is too high in this quality. Don't purchase this phone camera quality is very pathetic.

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                      • Kuldip
                      • fCC
                      • 15 Nov 2022

                      Don't purchase motorola edge 30 ultra. Camera quality is very pathetic in this price.

                        Anonymous, 04 Nov 2022x30 pro or edge 30 ultra?X30 pro. Should come to the ultra though once it's on the Chinese version

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                          • 04 Nov 2022

                          Aierlan, 04 Nov 2022The latest update has added 4k stabilised video to the ultr... morex30 pro or edge 30 ultra?

                            The latest update has added 4k stabilised video to the ultrawide and telephoto cameras

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                              • 8nT
                              • 31 Oct 2022

                              How does this compare to the moto G5 stylus 2021

                                Super Android 22, 25 Oct 2022Just wondering but how is this one of the best flagships wh... moreI don't see where it get's beaten by the Snap 888, on they got about the same battery rating, with the Find X5 doing better in normal tasks, and the Moto battery in gaming. During peak performance, the Find X5 takes 93% more energy.

                                The Moto got twice the Storage write speed, around 200cd higher brightness, is 5°C cooler during load. And avarages in games with about twice the Framerate of what an S22 archives.

                                It also happens to be on par with Framerate and energy consumption with the iPhone 14pro max, while playing Genshin, and is heating less than the iPhone.

                                It also has USB 3.1 + Ready for.

                                The phone is on the lower half of efficiency when it comes to easy tasks though.

                                  Just wondering but how is this one of the best flagships when it's getting beaten by my find X5 with a SD 888? (not the pro, the standard one). The motorola has worse camera performance, worse battery endurance (with a more efficient SoC), worse in built features, worse colour accuracy, charging is literally the same with 45w more and very slightly smaller battery, worse build quality, less network bands, throttles badly even with the more efficient 8+ 1, no AoD display some "alternative", not the latest android even though its just been released while android 13 is available (Samsung and Oppo have updated their flagships to it) but runs a higher price.

                                  Also recommending the Oneplus phone that snaps in half which is essentially a lesser Oppo phone (x5/X5 pro) with older android version, who is writing these reviews?

                                  Get either Sony Xperia 5 iv for camera features/support and battery, Samsung s21/22 series for the "safe" choice or a Xiaomi 12 series or Oppo x5/X5 pro for just better featured phones with Oppo having best colour accuracy (12 series have 12 bit panels and dolby vision support). I don't even rate Sony or Samsung phones but would happily choose them over the Moto phone. This is America only choice and nowhere near a best flagship lol.

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                                    • mpK
                                    • 23 Oct 2022

                                    Really outstanding phone.No issues.So smooth running. Camera are outstanding.

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                                      • DMX
                                      • 8xX
                                      • 18 Oct 2022

                                      Akhilc777, 13 Oct 2022I am typing from Motorola edge 30 ultra So far all is goo... moreBy far it is the best high-end of this year!

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                                        • Prabhunath
                                        • GRQ
                                        • 15 Oct 2022

                                        256gb 12gb ram